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What is the Meaning of The Tarot Goddess?

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Throughout the centuries, we have come to accept the ancient myths and stories of the legends passed down intending to pass wisdom and provide peace of mind.

Life is full of uncertainties and challenges that could be overwhelming and confusing at times. The stories of the goddesses convey a different feeling and perspective of what life has to offer. We become the first people to identify our flaws but do very little to solve the problems even though they lie right in front of us.

What is the Meaning of The Tarot Goddess?

Goddesses who have been honored throughout history and around the world reveal the many aspects of our female mind through a contemporary understanding of their mythical and admirable past. The goddesses try to shade some light to eliminate any confusion by giving us important information about the intuitive nature, innate dignity and the hidden magic of women.

The stories on the cards speak loudly for our souls and reveal the state of our psyche today. Our normal day in day out experiences are well put into perspective for better comprehension through the revelation of our state of life and what revolves around us.

Women who are in search of a better and deeper meaning of their lives can admire the epitome of true women’s power. The tarot goddess is the perfect way to relate to strong women as well as another avenue to provide a better understanding of a woman’s natural experiences, knowledge, and instincts.

The tarot deck contains 78 cards divided into 22 primary Arcana cards and 56 secondary Arcana cards. Each main card represents a goddess alongside her mythical story. The reading is a mirror that symbolizes all the crucial aspects of the journey of life which makes it ideal for empowerment.

The Goddess Tarot Has A Lot More In Store For You

The symbolism of the goddess tarot reading may represent any recurring topics or significant changes depending on the situation under scrutiny. Some tarot readers believe that capital letters contain the wisdom of the world. Each card contains the image of the goddess and an explanation of its meaning, including the reverse positions.

Women who place their faith and hope dreams do come true can rely on this tarot deck to get a deeper meaning and understanding of your current state of mind, the future, some aspect of the past that are inseparable and part fo your life journey. It may also offer a friendly guide that may help you forge forward as you try to kick all the negative aspects and embrace the positive aspects and thoughts. A goddess tarot deck would help tell beautiful stories and imagery that would depict traditional tarot symbolism that addresses women’s contemporary needs that are clearly exhibited through observation of key details.

It would be fair to say the goddess tarot is a mark of celebration of the divine feminine. It draws inspiration from the goddesses that have been there ever since time in memorial that is known to have an admirable history all around the world. The goddess tarot depends on the imagery and myths of the goddess to achieve the traditional tarot symbolism. It reflects and acknowledges the contemporary needs of women in conjunction with her mythic past.

The tarot card readings are labeled as a potent archive that holds deep experiences within our psyches. They can also be identified as soul pictures that could portray our present, past and future state and condition. They seek to give answers to the unseen and unexplained experiences that revolve around us. As it was the tradition in earlier times, myths and stories were used to provide a learning experience by imparting wisdom and knowledge to all generations.

The goddess myths are a way to empower a woman since they carry a perceptive that tries to deviate our thinking from the original women’s stories. These stories have to empower messages that help us reflect on our collective past. They also seek to reveal a woman’s inherent dignity, divinity, and magic. The main goal of the creation of the goddess tarot was to help come up with a tarot deck that would speak and has an impact on women through stories. It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the helping hand of the archetypal power and symbols of the tarot.

A tarot reader with prior experience of using the popular Rider-Waite deck could give them an easier transition when they decide to use The Goddess Tarot deck. The deck gives a tarot a deeper experience as they seek to understand the divine feminine. However, the decks are easy to understand if you are a novice and a lover of goddesses and mythology. It doesn’t matter whether you are affiliated to a tarot expert or goddess aficionado you will still enjoy your reading. The goddess tarot reading will surely have an impact in your life since its a symbol of the reclamation of the Divine Feminine.

There are many differences in reading tarot. Choose a card spread that suits our needs and requirements so that you can achieve enlightenment, simplicity, complexity, or versatility.

If you try to better understand the way of life through a goddess tarot reading, you can recognize aspects of your inner strength that you did not know existed in you and allow yourself the strength of positive energy throughout your life. Make sure you are settled and concentrated before you go ahead with the tarot reading. You start by working with a simple ritual like lighting a candle or closing your eyes to create a responsive atmosphere for information that can be shared with the cards.

Let Us Look At Some of the Most Common Goddess Tarot and Oracle Decks

Motherpeace Tarot.

It is the very first round of deck cards that inspired a lot of women for many generations. The deck of motherpeace tarot revolves around women and the energy is only centered around them with representation like The Emperor card. If you advocate for super feminism then the card is ideal for your use.

What Is the Major Arcana of the Motherpeace Tarot?

The major arcana in a motherpeace tarot deck is known to possess 21 cards which represent 21 life lessons that your soul needs to master before you realize your full potential. You can pick your desired lessons but some are directed to you as a challenge. Surely, not everyone will experience circumstances as shown in the card. However, when a major arcana card appears in your reading you should take it very personal since it is an indication that something important will happen in your life.

The Major Arcana takes a look at the last twenty-five years of an individual and the time is commonly known as “The Fool’s Journey.” There are only two positions that are famous when making a tarot card reading which is upright ad reversed. The Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck is a bonus since it adds the left and right positions. When making reading and a card leans to the right it is an indication that the revelation is intensely felt. On the other hand, when the card leans to the left the feeling is diminished and the intensity is felt less.

What Is Goddess Tarot?

It closely emulates the Rider Waite style since it depicts goddesses with close imagery. The deck has a brown color monotone with trimmed borders and it provides good energy during the reading.

What Is Dark Goddess Tarot?

It is represented by the dark shadow of the feminine. It is advisable to get this deck alongside its book so that you get insights that are well articulated since they are rewarding. It a great deck that provides an enticing reading that helps you face the many challenges of life.

What Is Triple Goddess Tarot?

It a newly invented deck of cards that comes in threes. It is good for women who need to gain wisdom through three aspects of their lives. It is a good deck especially if you want to learn more and engage in self-development work as well as personal growth. It is easy and simple to use and understand.

The Dark Goddess Tarot contains a 78-card deck with each card containing a different goddess. The imagery has a diverse representation of powerful, revered and divine women from different traditions and cultures. The good thing is that it accommodates the wisdom and magic of hags, witches, spirits, demons and wise women.

You may use the usual tarot reading system so that you get a better understanding of the varied archetypes. They are ideal for ritual, altars, invocation and shadow work. The dark goddess may possess different characters some that are pleasing like beautiful and loving or some that are not like horrible and wicked. They may possess powers that could be disturbing to some extent, for example, the power of sex, death, sovereignty, suffering, mystery, transformation, violence among many others.

Universal Goddess Tarot

It mimics the Rider Waite style and it appears appealing and pleasing to the eye. It is easy to read and interpret since it uses the powerful art imagery of women to define certain situations.