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Dark Tarot: Are You Going To Die?

Dark Tarot: Are You Going To Die?

What is the Purpose of Dark Tarot?


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The term tarot was originally known as trionfi and then tarocchi and tarock until modern times when it is now widely referred to as Tarot. Tarot is a deck of playing cards that can be traced back to the 15th century.

At the time, the cards were used for playing various games, including Italian tarocchini, Australian konigrufen, and French tarots in different parts of Europe. Some of these games remain today, but the essence of the tarot cards had been dynamic. Nowadays, tarot cards are read to foretell the future, for divination and occultic activities.

What is the Dark Tarot?

A dark tarot is the variation of tarot decks that possess a dark, somewhat frightening, and gloomy theme. Although the traditional imagery of the Tarot is maintained, the depictions on the dark tarot cards are scary, sad, depressed, and gothic. Also, the dark Tarot reads into the more negative meanings of tarot cards, discouraging the reader from pondering on the positive sense of cards.

What Is The Purpose of the Dark Tarot?

One will wonder why the dark moon tarot deck was created in the first place or even more why they have become really popular among readers. The reason lies in the purpose of the cards. Dark tarot cards aren’t designed to scare. Instead, they help to reveal more in-depth and more daring intuitions and meanings. Here are some of the importance of reading dark tarot cards;

•Dark Tarot is a Pathway to Deeper Divination

While it is natural for one to desire happy and positive readings, it is vital to venture farther away from illusions and face the truth about any revelations the dark tarots bring our way. Truth is bitter, but having a dark tarot reading helps you face the truth head-on and deal with it. Reading dark tarot cards helps to clear doubt and builds in readers a strong feeling of confidence.

Helps Develop Readers Reading Abilities

Besides helping to find deeper meanings, dark tarot cards also help the reader to enhance their card reading abilities further. Reading with dark decks enlightens the reader and opens your mind to possibilities you never knew or never even wished existed. Being able to see into and withstand the mysterious meanings of tarot cards helps one become stronger. Furthermore, it allows readers to get creative in relating their findings to clients in ways that can be more acceptable and beneficial instead of frightening.

•Could be an Adventure for The Card Reader

Sometimes, reading the traditional imagery tarot may become a little less exciting, and you desire something more fun and challenging. The dark card deck provides the adventure you need in times like this. The dark goddess tarot, for instance, features 78 goddesses and mythical female figures with the standard 22 and 56 major and minor arcana, respectively.

The dark goddess tarot decks are challenging and will help you gain more card reading wisdom. Though the images are vivid, you need to look beyond and search your inner mind to find the hidden meanings of each dark card.

•Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

Traditional imagery hardly allows the reader to dwell on negative and unhappy cards, but the dart tarot cards give freewill to the reader to ponder on their fears. This way, you can conquer whatever your fear is by drawing strength from it. Reading with dark tarot deck means you dare to unlock the hidden scary meanings behind each card, embrace the negative interpretations, and then find the strength to overcome the dark parts of you that have been revealed.

More interestingly, reading with dark tarots deck isn’t something you have to commit to. You may read once and never come back or find yourself building long term relations with dark tarot decks. Whichever, the purpose of dark tarot decks remains, and they are worth giving a try.

Are There Different Types of Dart Tarot Cards ?

There are many different dark tarot decks available. Some of the most popular dark tarots include the dark goddess tarot, the dark angels’ Tarot, dark moon tarot, and the Gothic Tarot. The steampunk tarot is a quite unpopular type of dark tarot card deck but also exciting to practice dark tarot reading.

Each of these decks has its number of suits and spreads, and each card pulled has its meaning.

What Are Dark Tarot Card Meanings?

Although the imagery and names of dark tarot cards have been manipulated from the traditional tarot card imagery, the dark tarot decks maintain their specific meaning that can be deciphered by the symbols the card represents.

•Dark Goddess Tarot

This deck of dark cards is based on feminine goddesses, witches, and hags that depict the dark sides of tarot revelations, including imagery of death, ferocity, suffering, mystery, and deep mythology on each goddess. There are different suits associated with the dark goddess tarot. There are the dark goddesses in the major arcana, dark goddesses in the suit of fire and goddesses in the suit of water, air, and the earth. The dark goddess tarot is useful for shadow work, altars, and invocations and can also be used for regular Tarot.

The card depicts a combination of different powers and wisdom, like the powers of death. The check includes the card of the Hierophant represented in a feminine version.

The Hierophant has several meanings depending on the aspect of a person’s life that is being read. In a general sense, the Hierophant usually suggests that one follows a laid down method of finding solutions to an issue. It advises one to avoid taking risks or go with the flow. In relationships, this may include a bid to see a relationship or marriage counselor or get the counsel of an experienced person or a teacher. If the person is concerned about personal matters, then they may do better to see a therapist or a mentor.

Sometimes, the hierophant card may also suggest seeking some spiritual help or engaging in a religious activity like baptism or confession. This may also mean consulting a spiritual leader. In matters of love, the Hierophant signifies that one needs to be patient as a wedding ceremony may be close. While waiting, you are advised to let your spiritual belief or conscience serve as your compass and lead the way.

However, in reversed hierophant reading, the card suggests a deeper and more daring meaning, like questioning the status quo and building a new order. It depicts creativity by breaking the rules and creating a new law, being original, and trying to find new ways of achieving things different from old traditional methods. The Hierophant tarot card favors challenging the existing rule and seeking freedom. It advises the individual to take control and leadership responsibility.

•Dark Angels Tarot

The dark angel tarot cards are a dramatic gothic tarot deck that features a bleak, post-apocalyptic world with subtle gory imagery of dark angels. These unearthly creatures depicted in dark angel tarot decks communicate to the reader throughout casted angels and mysterious images.

The dark angel tarot cards include a set of 78 cards of beautiful dark angels shrouded in a bereavement theme, including imagery of bitter passions, faint hope, and strange solace. The chariot card, for instance, is a major arcana card that depicts a high level of celestial influence. A figure inside the chariots carries the crescent symbol and is being driven by black and white sphinxes.

An upright chariot may mean that an individual is about to overcome challenges or attain succession in an endeavor. It may also suggest that one has control of one’s surroundings and confidence to overcome and hurdles. The upright chariot promotes being confident, respectable, making the right decisions, and maintaining a balance either in your love life, career, or relationships.

However, the dark reading or reversed chariot meaning goes further into the individual’s dark emotions and personality. Exploring your misplaced will power, lack of will, and checking any form of aggression is the purpose of this card. Reversed chariots may depict an unhealthy obsession with a goal or target and a person acting on impulse. The card points out a lack of control of one’s emotions, actions, and life purpose. For instance, in a person’s financial life, it may mean that the person is overwhelmed by impulse buying and cannot control their spending.

In life generally, a reverse chariot reading suggests that a person takes life with levity and allows external factors to determine their directions and decisions in life. It advises mindfulness and self-consciousness in pursuing one’s goals. The reversed Chariot card challenges the individual to take up the courage to control their growth and avoid being aggressive in decision making and actions.

There are several different types of dark tarot deck cards. Each one fascinating to explore and with the ability to build the reader’s confidence. However, a dark tarot doesn’t necessarily spell doom. Instead, it allows the individual to embrace their innermost fears, opens their eyes to their shortcomings, and advises taking the courage to overcome these weaknesses.

What Do Tarot Cards Do to You?

What do Tarot cards do to you? The first step is to learn to read the deck. Then, you can begin to ask questions. Be sure to look at all the cards carefully and notice how they make you feel. Try to use your intuition to answer questions, as well. By using the pictures and symbols, you can gain a deeper understanding of your situation. The more you practice Tarot, the more intuitive you will become.

The next step is to understand the tarot’s significance. Most people don’t realize that a deck of cards has 78 different meanings. Some people interpret the meanings of these cards according to what they want to hear. This means learning 78 new interpretations. But, as we know, tarot doesn’t give precise answers. The cards aren’t meant to be read literally. Instead, they’re meant to be used as a guide to help you make the best decisions for your life.

The tarot’s significance is derived from the fact that each deck has different meanings. The cards that represent certain aspects of life can represent things such as money, career, love, or general path. They can give you insight into your personal life, as well as reveal the bigger picture. In addition to their inherent meaning, the cards are also a guide to your future. You can choose the way you live your life based on the information they provide, and this can help you make the best decisions in your life.

When you’re reading tarot cards, you’re usually looking for an insight into the future. If the cards reveal your fate, they can reveal the possibilities for the future. While they can give you insights into what is happening in your life, they don’t give you the answers to life or the future. A tarot reader will not tell you what you’re going to do or what your choices will be, but they’ll let you know which options will be most beneficial for your future.

One of the most important topics in tarot is reversals. The upside-down cards have a completely different significance. For instance, if the top card reveals a positive outcome, you might be happy in your life. But if the card reflects a negative event, you should stay away from them, and consider them as a warning. They can be a sign of a negative situation.

Tarot cards are like a picture book. They show you what’s happening in your life. The tarot is a visual representation of the future. It allows you to see the past and present. It can give you a vision of the future and guide you in making choices in your life. It can also help you make better decisions. It is like a roadmap for your life.

The tarot is a picture book that helps you visualize your life. The images of the cards are a reflection of your personality. These cards reveal what you’ll experience in the future. You can change the future by changing your actions. If you’re interested in reading the tarot, you can find a psychic near you who will give you a personalized reading. The tarot is a tool to guide you in your life and help you make the right decisions.

If you’re asking the tarot to give you answers on your life, you’re trying to get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in your life. It’s important to remember that Tarot cards can’t answer questions that involve the future. They can help you understand what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. When it comes to interpreting the tarot, the most important thing is to focus on the upright meanings of the cards.

When you read the tarot, you’re opening yourself up to deeper problems. You’re opening yourself up to direct demonic oppression, obsession, and possession. By using tarot, you’re inviting demons into your life or into the lives of people you love. The cards in your deck are a mirror of your inner wisdom and your desires. It’s not easy to tell what’s going to happen in your life.

What is the Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card?

The devil represents a new path or the beginning of a new adventure, depending on the situation. In reverse, the Devil suggests a change in awareness and willingness to accept new perspectives. Its half man, half goat aspect is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn. The devil’s meaning can range from warnings of impending disasters and ill health to a sudden rebirth or a change in direction.

The devil is often a caricature of a misunderstood spirituality. Reversing the Devil in a tarot reading can mean a close call with a relapse or a breakdown. In a reading, the Devil can be a sign of an abusive relationship or a mental health crisis, and the reverse of the card is often challenging but beneficial.

If the Devil appears in a reading, you’ll probably want to consider a career change or an unfulfilling relationship. Having a job that you hate may make you unhappy and the Devil can indicate that you need to make a change. A new job may be more fulfilling but will require more work. If you’re unhappy with your current job, the Devil may be calling you to change it.

If you’re struggling in your love life, the Devil could mean a relationship in trouble or the need to change. You may feel jealous or codependent, or you may need to work on yourself to improve your mental health. The Devil can be the bully we don’t know but a person we don’t want to have to deal with. The Devil is always the enemy.

The Devil can also symbolize the negative aspects of a relationship. When the Devil is in reverse position, the reverse of the same card suggests a time of transition or change. The Devil can be the opposite of the first and second cards in a reading. If you’re in the middle of a relationship, the reverse of the devil can indicate an upcoming career change or a career change. It can also mean that you’re not making progress.

Inverted, the Devil is a warning against toxic relationships. In contrast, it can also represent the urge to hide behind one’s feelings. It represents a desire to hide in excess. This can be physical or emotional indulgences, such as binge drinking or overeating. This tarot card warns that you shouldn’t be with such people. However, it’s better to face the devil than to live in fear of the consequences.

If the Devil appears in an upright position, it indicates that you’re caught up in an unhealthy relationship. Perhaps you’re unable to quit an unhealthy habit, but it’s a sign that you’re in a situation where you’re being controlled by an abusive person. You may be dealing with the consequences of this behavior, but there’s no need to worry. The Devil can help you break the cycle of bad habits.

The devil is usually depicted as a man or woman with bat wings. It’s the name of the devil in the satyr form. He’s half human and half goat, and has horns and an inverted pentagram on his forehead. He’s on a pedestal with a naked man or woman chained to it. The latter is a woman, and has no horns. These images suggest the fact that he’s being held captive.

In a general reading, the Devil can indicate jealousy, dominance, cheating, or an abusive relationship. If you’re single, the Devil can indicate an unsatisfactory sexual encounter. If the Devil appears in a general tarot card, the tarot reader should keep this in mind when interpreting your love life. In a reading, the Devil can also indicate an unloving person.

What is the Most Powerful Tarot Card?

The Fool is the most powerful tarot card. Its upright meaning represents the desire to be free and the desire to be in charge of your life. When the Fool is upright, it encourages you to take risks and make the necessary preparations. The downside to the Fool, however, is that he does not like over-preparation. The Fool is best when it is placed in the present position, when the opportunity for adventure is at hand.

The Swords are one of the four minor arcana suits and comprise fourteen cards. In French decks, Swords are referred to as Spades. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a tarot reading, the Swords are one of the most powerful suits. In many ways, they represent both happiness and success. The Swords suit is the most positive in the tarot, and can be used for guidance and protection.

The Fool is a neutral card. It is a great choice for any spread, as it signals open-ended meaning and great potential. The Fool begins the tarot deck and ends it. Change can be a great thing, but only when it is brought about by the strongest forces. The Fool is the most potent tarot card, but there are fewer cards that signal change as effectively as the Fool. You are always at risk, and you must make a decision.

While there is no definitive answer to the question of which tarot card is the most potent, some cards hold more power than others. The Major Arcana cards carry symbolic and numerological meanings, so certain cards may be more powerful than others in certain spreads. The best way to learn how to read tarot is to seek a psychic reader who has the appropriate training and experience.

The Fool is a powerful card. It signals open-ended meaning and great potential. This card starts the tarot deck at the very beginning and ends. The Fool is one of the few cards that can bring about change. Choosing a new direction is always risky, but it is the right decision for your life. The Fool has the potential to be very powerful. Nonetheless, you should consider your options carefully before taking any action.

The Fool is the most powerful tarot card. Its symbolism is inextricably linked to the Fool’s rucksack. The Fool’s rucksack is not too heavy nor too light, but it is full of all the essentials. The white dog, in the meantime, follows the rucksack, representing the lessons he has learned. In the tarot, the Fool signals the possibility of change, but there is always a risk involved in his actions.

The Fool signals open-ended meaning. It is a powerful card and can bring about change in the world. Its position is at the start and ends of the tarot deck. Among the cards, the Fool signals invention and optimism. The Fool is the most popular card in the tarot and is the most versatile in the tarot. It is also one of the tarot’s most versatile.

The Fool is a card with an open-ended meaning. Its position in the tarot deck is an important factor. Its positioning signals that the change is a big step. The Fool is often drawn in the early or late of the tarot deck, which means that the Fool can appear anywhere in the tarot. When drawn, the Fool is the most likely to bring about a change, and is most frequently positioned in the middle of the deck.

The Fool is the most versatile tarot card. It signals open-ended meaning and the greatest potential. It is also the most likely to be drawn by people. In tarot readings, the Fool is the most powerful tarot card. The only drawback is that it is also the most vulnerable, which is why it is important to be cautious and to avoid preconceived ideas.