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Where To Find an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading?

Where to Find an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading?

The gift of psychic ability is not easily explained since it has been questioned by science and psychological professionals unmercifully. As long as the argument has persisted, the ability to find a legitimate psychic is not hard to find. In this article, you will learn how psychics can be spotted and why they are overshadowed by a flood of bad imposters.

You will also have an in-depth look at what a psychic reading is all about. And why a reading can be beneficial to your life. There will also be sections that detail what an absolutely free psychic reading is meant for. Thus, by the end of this commentary; you can possess better confidence in finding a reliable psychic.

Who is Working in a Trained Psychic-Related Field?

The psychic is an expert in their field and will often be supported by an alternate job that they work from. Not every psychic does this, but many in this field also specialize in these job titles. This is your first clue where you can inquire locally, through the internet, or by telephone for free psychic services. Here is a listing of specialized psychic professions.

  • Hypnosis therapy
  • Dream analysis
  • Aromatherapist
  • Bach Flower therapists
  • Theta Healers
  • Holistic Healers
  • Crystal and mineral experts
  • Aura readers
  • Psychic health practitioners
  • Chiropractors

It is important to address these positions further since the so-called professional scientists and doctors of medicine discredit these fields. Words such as pseudo-medicine and alternative therapy are meant to mock and dismiss a profession that does help people. Interestingly enough, the Bach Flower therapy was invented by an English doctor in 1930.

This list of professional positions will no doubt be a good starting point to inquire about their extra services. In turn, the type of psychic ability they offer for free may also involve products that they work around. This method is a longer time-consuming route on your behalf but isn’t the only method you can use at first.

How Should I Find an Absolutely Free Psychic?

Before setting off in one direction there is a word of caution that you should know about. No matter where you begin a search you cannot jump into a field without understanding the difference between the real psychics and the ones who are fakes. In recent decades, there have been numerous scams that ruin the reputation of gifted individuals.

Some are easy to spot, while others are very good at keeping their cover. This next section details the exact nature of false psychics and the methods they use to trick people. Without understanding the illusions they use, you could be placed in a worse situation. Since many people will be suckered out of money for services that provided false hope through a scam.

What Methods Do Fake Psychics Use?

• Hot and Cold Reading

The best example of cold reading is John Stewart and Mark Edward who use an audience to throw random situations to gain a reaction. The common ruse is asking a large group that they see an image of something or are being told something directly by an unseen force. Then they ask the group if that means anything to them.

These questions include statements such as: “I’m being asked by a man in a white hat about Judit”, or random statements such as “I’m hearing someone ask me, who is Freckle-face?” There is always at least one person who has an immediate reaction. As random questions as this may be, this type of reader will then claim; to be addressing the crowd only.

They will then talk directly to the person who reacts in the crowd pushing more defined cold read questions. These are based on their gender, clothing, reactions, and body language. It’s not just used on TV, and many fake psychics will use a similar method to coax information from a client. They will use random statements and images to provoke the desired reaction.

Hot reading is different since it requires information that the psychic already knows about you. Former faith-healer Peter Popov used friendly questionnaires before his sermons that gathered fresh info before his sermons. He also wore a hearing aid that was a radio receiver that fed him the desired information.

He would then follow-up with similar cold reading questions using the included personal data. This is the reason that phony online psychics have questionnaires or questions that lead people to reveal personal info. Never make this mistake by giving personal info first. Real psychics will sense what a possible problem is a moment when they meet you in person.

• Shot-Gunning

Much like the cold reading technique, this method targets a client with random statements. These tend to be emotional or health-related by nature. A statement such as “I see a presence of heart problems in your family” or I sense some kind of darkness in your body” These can include cancer, tumors, and life-threatening illnesses.

These fast-paced questions are also fed by your emotions that relate to family or friends. Until the false psychic gets a reaction from you, they will continue to scan the list of possible signs. Preying on personal guilt they also use general first names of people that you might know. The stage is then set when you reveal your fears of something that is bothering you.

• The Forer Effect

This was termed back in the old days when P.T. Barnum had a stage show in the early 1900s. It was called the “Barnum Statements”, and included open-ended statements that could apply to anyone. These are designed to bully people into an emotional state from how the statement is presented.

These usually start “You never got-over your fear of dogs as a kid” or “You still have a box of unopened letters from your Ex!”

They are highly relatable and often get quick attention from those they affect the most. Since they’re based on emotion, you’ll get suckered quickly. Barnum often quoted about suckers being born every minute. Was he right?

• Warm Reading

This is a favorite for scam artists who are exceptionally gifted at using psychology to get their information. It combines the skill of cold reading but blends the Barnum Statement to push their way into a response. This approach preys on the widow or widower who will be in mourning. These people are highly prone to an emotional response in their state.

Often this scammer will pose a question to inquire if they carry a piece of jewelry or personal item. Something like “You never stopped carrying their ring with you since they passed?” It opens up a dialog that the scam artist will use to their advantage. Not only is this form of trickery, but it’s also treated as sincere comfort to the client. It always results in wasted money in the end.

• The Rainbow Ruse

This trick uses a combination of conflicting statements blended to force an answer. The question is also dual-sided but meant to include emotions that can be general for anybody. It also works too often since these are emotions that a person will experience at least once in their life. Once you hear a sample, the rest of these statements sound similar.

One example is “There are so much light and energy around you but I see there’s darkness in you very recently”. It is psychology-based too since it follows the ‘stroke and stand’ statement that corporate employers use to push their workers. This usually sounds like “You’ve been doing great so far but we’ve fallen behind half-a-day and we need to catch-up”

• Non-acclaiming Psychics

Some con-artist psychics use a form of psychology that leads clients to believe their ability doesn’t need to be psychic. This impressive display of tricks will look and sound like a legitimate reader but is relying on cold reading techniques. These abilities are often the type that has experienced a gift that was given after traumatic life experience.

It can include a foreign war conflict, surviving a deadly car crash, or some life-changing incident. This con-artist works their way into your confidence using special powers that give them a connection to the other side. Your trust in them leads to plenty of money lost in vain.

• Sub-conscious Cold Reading

Still, with so many phony readers out there, it can happen that some non-psychics unknowingly use their cold reading tricks. It can be a cultural attribute or passed-down through family mediums too. Carnival and circus mediums learn these tricks without knowing they don’t have psychic abilities at all.

These cons are easily passed-over since they just aren’t professional at their craft. Yet some well-established mediums in big cities are perceptive at getting your info revealed quickly. This sham-psychic is slick but does not show any ethical treatment toward other mediums unless they are related. This is how you can spot these types of hoaxers without a doubt.

• Faith Healers

Any psychic that claims they can heal sicknesses or cure disease through their power is lacking credibility! These are major scammers who prey on the hope of those who are desperate to find a cure. They use social media to set up their web and will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

In the past, the back pages ads of low-end news publications such as Weekly World News would feature faith healers. You need to avoid these phony services at all times. If they know that you are sick they will pester you until you give up. Often using twisted religious quotes that only serve to prey on your beliefs.

• The Confidence Trick

This is a tow-fold swindle and the mediums and psychic hustlers use these scams to their benefit. It all starts with a funeral or hospital visit. A shill who is friends with the pretend psychic will search for public funerals to befriend a suffering family member. They can also snoop around hospital recovery wards swearing they have an uncle there.

These shills then convince a victim into being a client, claiming they went through the same hardship. They then introduce their psychic who is fed information about the victim’s family. The result is a con game that leaves a grieving or sick family member with false hope and empty pockets. These con-artists will skip town and move onto the next sucker.

What to look for?

When you begin looking for an absolutely free medium reading, there are qualities that will stand-out immediately. We’ve assembled legitimate psychic practices that you can look for while you are searching. Each one of these practice methods is considered ethical business traits unto their clients. Every self-respected member in the psychic world follows them.

• Divination Methods

Not every medium or psychic will employ multiple methods for their abilities. Some will use tarot cards while others will use numerology and astrology to interpret your personality and relationship compatibility. A medium will use combined divinations to help you understand your past, present, or future.

• Intended for guidance only through your free will

This is a disclaimer that is given since the information a psychic provides can only be used by you. You can take what they have to say, and use it to your advantage or not. Any medium that tells you to follow a strict guideline is unreliable. Whatever energy they use to help determine what is best is always your choice to follow. No exceptions to this rule.

• Reputable psychics give their information in good faith

This is similar to the disclaimer but also allows a psychic to retain their standing in good faith. They stand by their word on the service they provide, though they cannot be held responsible for your actions. In other words, they use their ability for good and provide the solution that you can follow. What the client does afterward is their responsibility.

• A clean and tidy work area with few tools of the trade on a table

A medium table that is cluttered with objects is not a good sign of their abilities. It just doesn’t show professionalism. And though reading can involve many tools, a reading table should be presentable and tidy. Always look for a psychic that keeps their working area that has plenty of room to begin a reading session.

• Professional and polite, not engaging until the client sits down

Your medium also is much more sensitive to energies and vibrations around them. They sense the energy and feelings that travel through the air. It’s not uncommon that a psychic will patiently wait for you to sit before starting any kind of reading. This is so they can take in the energy you give-off and better climate themselves to helping you.

• Their policies on recording or taking notes of the reading

Whether you choose to take notes or get out a recording device during the reading should be specified beforehand. Some psychics are not overly sensitive to electronic devices and won’t mind either way. A phony psychic will forbid taking notes and personal recordings. This is a sure sign that they are hiding something they won’t want others to see.

• One that specializes in a specific skill and will refer to another if that is not their area

Not all of the community is equal in their abilities, and special gifts of this kind are not sticking to the same reading ability. If you present a type of reading they cannot perform the psychic will happily refer you to someone who knows how to help you best. If they are not trained to help in that field, they will know someone who can.

• A responsible reader that does not encroach on other professions outside their abilities

You might see readers living side by side to each other, but in the profession, they don’t overstep their bounds. These are gifted skills that are not always equal to all. It depends on how they can strengthen them but they’re respectful to those who help mentor them. Competition is only seen when sham mediums are competing for business reasons only.

• One that notifies a client that psychic readings are not a game

Another sign that a client should know is telling a client that their services are not general entertainment. They are sharing a part of your energy that can give them a reason to have this kind of disclaimer. Especially on matters of health that rely on your cooperation and advice they provide. Your medium needs you to take their craft seriously at all times.

• Those with psychic ability wish to share that connection with others

For some, a psychic gift can be a burden or a celebration. Those who fully understand their talents will be happy to let everyone know. Some are born with these skills and some develop them later in life. A reliable medium will want to share their skills to help others. Psychics will devote their craft to help people overcome the pain and distress of all kinds.

• Some psychics will rely on written or traditional tools to interpret their ability of reading

Just as you learn any trade, the tools change from job to job. Some are intended through the feelings they encounter when reading tarot cards. While other psychics and mediums will use special techniques and sensory abilities to help you. Experience levels will vary depending on the type of reading that you are looking to have performed.

• A psychic that does not use spells, incantations, or trinkets to command an effect

Your medium and psychic will only help to influence a positive outcome for the client and others. Spells and incantations are essentially witchcraft and Wiccan traditions. Don’t be confused with the two, witchcraft and Wiccan beliefs have no place in the psychic community. If trinkets are used they represent positive energy only in the form of crystals.

• Avoid money cleansing

There is no known curse upon a person to give them financial misery. Unless the money is coming from an illegal source then it becomes a legal issue. No rational medium will perform money cleansing for any reason. In the case of having a reading for horoscope wealth, the interpretations are intended for the client based on their positive attitude towards wealth.

• Curses are forms of mental anguish and fear

There are plenty of cases where people have been cursed from spiteful enemies and con artists. A psychic that knows how to sense these fears can help remove the worry and negative energy that are passed-on. Many of these fears affect the body through stress and can also develop into deeper emotional baggage if not cleansed.

• Cleansing psychics who help remove negative energy for their client

Not only mental-curses are treated but all forms of negative energy that come from being around the down-trodden. Living in a big city will have negative effects at select times. The winter holidays especially are a time when depressive behavior is the highest. A talented psychic will know how to deal with these stressful energies and find ways to ward them off.

• Legitimate psychics do not charge for their work

The only reasons would include traveling costs, extra research outside of a reading, and reasonable expenses that are not part of the services you are seeking. It is simply a no-strings-attached commitment to aiding your problem. Once again this is why many who have these special abilities also have a legitimate day job they commonly work.

• Total transparency of services offered

Psychics are very clear that there are no guarantees their advice will work 100%. Only what the client does with that information after their services are performed. What makes this ideal is that all the foreseen reading and information that’s presented is provided with good faith. A real medium and psychic will be honest about results that may or may not occur.

How to Find an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading Phone Number That Works?

What is tricky about this service is that a reading doesn’t cost you any money unless the number is charging back to you. Some numbers are set-up to apply charges by the minute. Many of these services were popular in the mid-90s and early 2000s. These were usually the 900 or 976 prefix-based numbers. The last 900 based number in the US ended in 2012.

But that didn’t end the services for psychic numbers you could call. The prefix simply changed to 900 to 800 prefix settings. Many of the pay-per-minute 888 and 866 prefix numbers are still out there. Keep in mind that no actual psychic is charging for their services, so it’s best to be aware they’re scams.

This is not to say that you can find a legitimate number that is listed online. They are hard to find but not impossible. The first method you can try is by contacting the organizers of local psychic fairs. They will list the psychics and mediums that attend their functions. You can ask them for a contact sheet for the attendees who are visiting.

These phone numbers will be for their business or personal line and should not have a 888 or 866 prefix in front of them. These would simply be a local service call directly to them. From that point, you can inquire about these psychics about what they offer. If they are legitimate they will agree to talk to you with no charges ever asked.

Psychic Readings Through Live Internet Chat

The internet has opened door to online forums through social media and is incredibly popular. But how can you trust the groups or individuals that aren’t looking to lure you into a deeper lair? Ask questions in the group for information on real qualified mediums. The response will be easy to spot who is recommended and who you should contact.

Social media sites such as Facebook will have plenty of groups dedicated to crystals and healing power. Avoid the psychic groups since many of these are looking to make money. By doing a little extra research you can find gifted people who are sharing their gift with the world. Use keywords such as horoscope analysis, psychic ability, and gifted medium.

Tarot Card Reading in the Digital Age

Many mediums like to use tarot cards to forecast a future or interpret a past but the feeling they encounter in person is directly from your energy. Don’t fall for online reading that claims to feel your energy. It cannot be felt through the internet and certainly cannot work through a digital connection.

A live reading must always be in person where the client has direct contact with a psychic or medium. What once was considered a practical reading of a person’s energy is now being passed off as an entertaining thrill for the internet generation. If you want a realistic reading you need to be seated with an actual psychic sitting beside you.

The Physics of Astrology Online

Astrology is a powerful tool that is both science and the active study of the stars. A personality can be tracked down to minute changes in the planet charts themselves. It is also based on the timing of birth dates and the exact moment you were born. From this information, your personality can be traced and a detailed report can be issued.

While astrology and psychics often go together you can further check legitimate astrology sites from Facebook groups to see who is recommended for relationship readings, love readings, and money house readings. The connection between these two professions will also make it easier to contact those with psychic powers much faster.

How Skype Phone or Smartphone Chat can Connect You to Psychics

Now you can connect to those who are gifted across the world using digital media to talk face to face. The global community is becoming smaller through technology and smartphones now offer programs that allow live video chat. Skype also allows free chat and video chat. Those who you do meet through social media may have global friends too.

These calls can help you in matters that relate better to astrology rather than actual reading. But the psychic may have a bit of luck being able to see you and any possible energy you give off through expressions and emotions. They cannot feel you through the video image but do their best with what is visually provided. These kinds of readings are possible.

What Is Your Best Bet to Finding an Absolutely Free Pychic Reading?

Be persistent in searching and they will be found. It’s a sad reminder that so many online sites are for profit-making only. But that doesn’t mean you have to wade through these murky waters either. The real psychics are out there and many people are afraid of powers they cannot explain. This is the reason the profession is turned on its ear so often.

If most of the world knew that these abilities are real, it might set the mentality back another300 years. Back when mass panic about Salem witches was the way to deal with Pagan midwives. The internet now is similar in opinion with strawman arguments about how many genders there are. We should be thankful mediums help to keep us grounded.

Parting Thoughts on The Issue of Absolutely Free readings?

Save your time and money and do the research that is listed here. Depending on where you live you can also search for the jobs that psychics are working in your local town or city. You can also contact the local promoters of monthly psychic fairs and have more potential luck there. As if the internet is hard enough to navigate, we recommend you do the required searching.

If there’s an easier way than this, it wouldn’t be possible without being informed about the frauds out-there already. You have the right to know what a real psychic does for a living and how they conduct themselves. This way when you do make contact, you can be more assured that their abilities. This can only be more beneficial to your needs and finances.