How Astrology Can Change Your Life

changing life with astrology
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Everyone has one’s own definition of life. To some, it is the art of serving others and, for the others, it is a process of continuous struggle and betterment. Most of you, almost all, want the best out of it, both financially and emotionally. Likewise, almost everybody loves surprises. Oh! Wait, pleasant surprises. But no one can be sure of what a surprise life has to offer.

They can be both be good and bad, for most people, unpleasant. The element of liking gets controversial here and we all start wishing to be knowing, or, at least, predicting what is about to happen in the future. Here is where astrology comes into play.

How Astrology Can Change Your Life

Astrology, as its name illustrates, is the study of movements of celestial and heavenly bodies and their relative position as being influential on human affairs and the natural world. It differs from astronomy in the way that it is only theoretical or theological and not scientific.

It only relates to your faith and beliefs of either agreeing or disagreeing with its existence. While most of the scientists and scientific thinkers criticize astrology, many take it as an authentic tool for studying and predicting their future. Although its agreement is controversial, yet it is regarded as to be able to change the lives of many.

There are two main kinds of astrology, each having its own areas of operation. One of the two is Natal Charts Astrology.

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Astrology Is Life Changing

What Are Natal Charts In Astrology?

Natal Charts Astrology: Genethliacal astrology is being used these days for determining your personalities and paths in life by constructing a natal chart based on exact date, time and location of birth. This form of astrology is very popular and is promoted by every single medium, tarot reader, medium and light worker.

One thing very important to note here is that astrological studies of human nature has been being studied in every religion and culture like Babylonian, Hellenistic, Islamic, Western, Hindu and Chinese etc. following is a natal chart constructed for January 1st, 2000. Once constructed, it is studied as a tri-phased process i.e., noting the important features of the chart, chart weighting and chart shaping. It is so influential as it is being considered as a pseudoscience.

It is said that natal astrology helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to, more simply, understand yourself and the people around you, understand their shortcomings, and powerful areas. It gives you the ability to have greater self-awareness. We all have a self-care routine, but astrology has made us meet self-awareness. It is something that gives you a strong positive vibe of self-acknowledgement. If you are self-aware, you are:

  1. Confident as you know what certain things are beneficial if you opt them or let go.
  2. Productive as you are aware of your and fellows’ strengths to be utilized and your foes weaknesses to exploit.
  3. Predictive about the future and that would make you be proactively prepared for anything that may become a problem otherwise.

Consider a scenario in which you are driving a car and the road is new to you, i.e., you are going that way for the first time. You will be scared and hesitant on going that way even if that is going to be a straight one, but you are unaware of that. Now, consider another scenario where you are to drive your car on a familiar road. Despite this one is steeper and narrower than the one in the previous scenario, you will be more confident and mentally prepared for this as you are familiar with it. Natal Chart Astrology gives you this kind of a self confidence boosting your productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

What Is Predictive Astrology?

It is a name commonly used for a variety of ways to look at the future and, unlike Natal Chart, it also investigates the past events. The ways contain “fortune telling” or just random prediction about the future of a person. For an astrologer, telling about your future is a piece of cake through transits, solar returns, progressions, and solar arc directions.

Transits are usually the forces that make you change in your life with the passage of time. This can make you bare your darker side too, sometimes, as the changes can be both positive and negative. It also informs you about the repetitive patterns in your life that occur after every fixed interval, helping you grow better in your life and reshape who we really are.

This is also based on the natal charts that I talked above about in Figure 1: Natal Chart on page 1. As the birth chart is as unique as a thumbprint for a person, the fortune of every individual can be judged individually by it. As in these charts, your fortune is affected by the movement of the planets in the sky.

For example, if you have your sun in your birth chart in 25 degrees Virgo and if Saturn is moving in 25 degrees Gemini then this would be called transit which is Saturn square the Natal Sun. You have not got it. Have you?

Let’s make this easier for you to interpret. Predictive astrology lets you know about how and when certain actions taken can prove to be fruitful at certain times and when the same actions should be avoided. The natal chart alone can tell you what to do but predictive analysis can answer “when”.

Let us again consider an example of a man driving a car on the road at night with the headlights off. He knows that the road has some turns to be taken but don’t know when he reaches those turns. He will, eventually, either refrain from turning and head to a dead end or take an early or late turn and roll his car around. In both the situations, he knew what to do (make a turn) but did not know when.

Considering the same person driving along at night with the lights on knowing that he will have to make a turn and when to do it because he can see the turn now. He would cater that situation without a problem. That’s how important it is to know “when”.

What Can Astrology Give You?

Astrology, both Natal Chart and Predictive, give you immense knowledge and confidence to face and, sometimes, improve the future happenings of your life as:

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Astrology Predicts Love, Money And Career
  1. Who you really are: Whenever you have any kind of vibes which you are being unable to comprehend, visiting an astrologer is useful as he can explain those vibes to you and tell you about what is coming based on your past that particular feeling. It may not give you the exact scenario but an indication of what is going to happen and how it can be avoided, if it is bad.
  2. When to begin: New venture set-up is crucial for any businessman just as a new course enrollment is important for a student. To get to know when the right time is to start something and what tools or prerequisites to be completed is like getting half the way paved and bringing yourself near to success.
  3. How to reach your destiny: Having an astrological map of your plan of action, you become able to know properly what career path you should follow. For instance, you get to know what your true abilities and what is the key thing or skill that separates you from the rest of your competitors. Astrological reading helps you choose the career path that can, most likely, make you succeed.
  4. Vigilance: This is the most important “when” factor. Its so astonishing how some astrologers become able to say everything true about you even before you start opening up to them just by reading your start sign, place and date of birth, and the location of the Sun. So, with the same technique, they can also determine places that you can go to carelessly and those you should refrain from going, when to take a step-in life and when not to.
  5. Healthy lifestyle: For everything, there is a time when its written to go good naturally. If you are unsatisfied with your health conditions and want it to be improved, there sure be a time for that too. Astrology can determine that time for you. Sensitive treatments like surgeries or operations that always have chances for turning bad can be predetermined by correct astrological reading.
  6. Acknowledge your weaknesses: There are cases in which personality traits and habits are affiliated with a specific star sign. There are scenarios in which a person is regarded as stubborn and angry in nature just because he is a Leo. This and many other habits are, in one way or the other, associated to the star signs. But, with psychological astrology, these traits can be removed, and nature can be changed. People can be transformed.

With this and much more, astrology is really pushing the society towards progress by illustrating, through the celestial studies, that right thoughts at the right time can make the upcoming things right. It can even be used for character building. No wonder we will be studying astrology as a behavioral study in the future.

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