New Age Tarot Card Readings for Beginners

New Age Tarot Card Readings for Beginners

Many years ago, the tarot was seen as something negative by superstitious people who related it to the occult, black magic, and witches. Luckily, over time, this thinking has changed a lot (although there are still those who choose not to believe). People look for answers in the tarot cards and turn to people who have the gift of interpreting them.

Although there are those who know how to read these cards, today, anyone who is interested in learning to read them can do so. However, it may be a bit confusing at first, here we offer you an informative guide on everything a beginner has to know to learn how to read New Age Tarot cards.

A Short Introduction of Tarot New Age

These cards have a long history as they date back to the XV century in Europe, where they were mainly used for playing games and not for predicting. Also, they had a different design, and over the years, their size and appearance changed, even their meanings.

Recently, from the 19th century on, tarot cards began to be used to predict the future by creating cards that had printed specific symbols and that were related to the signs of the zodiac and the Egyptian signs as well. In this way, those who had an interest in the tarot began to write books, which became part of the occult and the mystical world.

This interest continued to develop as the years went by, giving a new beginning from the 70s as a new methodology for its interpretation and known as the New Age Tarot with the creation of unique designs.

Tips To Consider If You are a Tarot Beginner

Many people believe that tarot cards serve to predict the future or tell us if we will be lucky, but this is not true. The tarot invites us to meditate on today and now, where it offers us essential advice. In this way, the person who is receiving the information can make a connection with his/her inner self by helping him/her to understand the answer he/she is looking for about a specific situation.

However, the tarot will inform you about past, present, and future situations taking into account the current moment of the person. In this way, the letters may offer an answer, depending on what is already known.


1.- Choose Your New Age Tarot Deck

To start, you will need to choose a deck, but not just any. Try to find one that you are attracted to depending on your tastes, even if you don’t know its meaning yet. You can find a wide variety of styles and colors.

As we mentioned earlier, even if you don’t know what their symbols mean yet, try to examine them in detail. You must be attracted to them, and you must be able to handle them fluently.

Also, apart from aesthetic appeal, you must understand that each symbol has a meaning. That is to say; you will have to learn them to obtain classic but, at the same time, unique interpretations to understand deeply. To do this, you will have to study them and see if they are easy for you to interpret.

2.- Get Familiar With

Now is the time to get used to the deck. Take your time as you will find 78 cards divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, all with different meanings. Also, you must learn how the interaction between the cards themselves is. Yes, it is like studying a new language since you must study card by card.

Once you have learned the meaning separately from the cards, you will learn to give it a general sense when you put the cards next to each other, i. e., depending on their interactions, you will get a generalized message.

Tarot specialists advise that if you are a beginner, you should practice every day always taking a card from the deck and with a quick question, avoiding that the answer is yes or no, that is to say, that the question should give a more dynamic answer. For this, you will have to interpret the images and know their meaning.

3.- Practice and Learn The Basic Spread

This means that you must place the cards in a certain way so that you can find the answer to your question. Each card position reveals a specific characteristic of your question that you must take into account.  It should be kept in mind that, depending on the question, the same card can have different meanings, i. e., its reading will be different. Therefore, it is advised that you practice every day.

On the other hand, there are different types of spreads, one of them is the so-called Celtic cross that consists of using ten cards or only, you can choose to use three cards that can symbolize your past, present, and future.

4.-  The Energy of Your Space Is Important

When you decide to read your cards, the energy of the space you are in is vital because that energy also influences you. That is why you must take into account first where you will perform the reading. Analyze how that place you are in makes you feel since your emotional and mental state also counts. Try to create your own space to do this work and fill it with your own energy.

5.- Have a Tarot Partner

We are all different, and therefore two people can analyze the same thing differently. With tarot cards, the same thing happens, different people have the ability to read them differently. For this reason, if you are recently starting, it is advisable that you can share your passion with a friend to help you study and interpret the readings of the cards.

I assure you that you will learn a lot if you follow this advice since you can share your thoughts, and at the same time, you will be able to listen to different perspectives.

6.- Have Different Tarot Books Nearby

In order to learn faster, you will need to read different books that teach you about the meanings of the symbols printed on each of the cards. You must not learn it by heart; you must interpret what it says and have as possibilities of answers.

Still, finding a book with which you feel comfortable can be difficult if you are taking your first steps in the world of tarot. Do your research little by little, and you will see that you will be able to find the perfect book for you.

7.- Do Not Forget to Have Fun

It is essential that while you are learning, you can feel that you are having fun; this will make your learning easier. We know that in the beginning, everything will be confusing since there is much to understand and discover, but you shouldn’t be scared, you should take it easy. Try to start slowly and choose to practice by only taking three cards from the deck and practice with your friends.

Also, you must bear in mind that we will never stop learning, that we must make our learning and travel something exciting. We must have an awakened mind to be able to catch more messages.

As we grow in use and practice, our consciousness acquires another value. It is able to discover the hidden symbols that our cards have prepared for us. With the tarot cards and their spreads, they will give you the clues you need to clarify the doubts you have.

Frequent Mistakes When Doing a Tarot Reading To Oneself

Reading to ourselves does not free us from making mistakes. If we ignore what the books teach us, we are more likely to be wrong in our reading. And therefore, not taking the benefit of a high degree of knowledge about this discipline.

But if you have decided to do a reading at a time when you are upset or frustrated by any event, inevitably, your readings will be inaccurate since that emotion will be present, and you can create confusion in your mind.

On the other hand, if you have had a complicated reading and you still have problems interpreting them, you can use an essential reading. Choosing a Major Arcanum will not be the same as choosing six cards, and it is more useful to meditate and find the connection with a single card than to have six and get lost along the way.

It is also not necessary to search millions of card meanings until you find a deck that you like and with which you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

When you acquire practice and skill, you will understand that there is not a single meaning for each card, but each one has its variables that unite with yours and with the outside, so it is impossible for them to be independent.

If you are a beginner, you can use this guide to know how to start reading the tarot cards. Do not fall into typical mistakes of beginners and take your time to start learning the basics; you will see that with patience and effort, you will be able to do accurate readings.

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