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A Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope For Today

A Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope For Today
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LIBRA (September 23 to October 22)

In Sanskrit Libra is called Tula, meaning of this is the scales. Libra is the seventh sign of zodiac. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. Libra is the sign which is represented by inanimate object. Libra symbolises “we” and so find balance in companionship. They love harmonious partnership with fashionable mates.

People having their date of birth between September 23 and October 22 are Librans. Libra is an air sign of the zodiac. Air signs are cool and charming. Librans are considered as most charming and the nicest personality. You are almost the favourite of everyone.

A Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope For Today

Librans are ruled by Venus. Venus is all about beauty, charm and love.  Librans love and cherish everything that looks attractive or is eye catching. Librans are known for the balance in love and keep everything fair and harmonious. They can’t stand mess or chaos. They are perfectionist and they invest most of their time and energy in keeping their environment lovely and orderly.

Libra focuses strongly on partnership and prioritize the need of other. Libra is sign of balance, Librans focus on justice, honesty and fairness. Libra stands for peace, elegance, harmony and equality. You will be swept away by Libra’s charm. Libra has strong sense of right or wrong and that makes them popular with everyone.

Libra Traits:

Positive traits:


Librans are born with the charm. They are flirty and charming. Charming and friendly nature makes them attractive to others.

Great listener:

Librans soak up the information and ideas around them. They prefer to listen more because they hate conflicts and confrontation. They always keep in mind that no one should be hurt by their words. They always give good advice by thinking logically and listening to everyone.


Librans give their effort to everything. They apply their analytical and insightful thoughts to create  method that leads them to take perfect decision. They always want to have the best things around them. They overthink in every situation and gives the best result out of it. They think about people around them and make decision in such a way that all are benefited.


Librans go nuts when it is about romance. Librans are unique and exceptionally good at expressing love.


Libra are known for fair judgement and have logical mind. They always look for fairness while making a decision. They always encourage decision or results that are unbiased and give importance to the right things. This quality make them wonderful mediators. They organise all things systematically and omit irrelevant things. They analyse every situation with their eagle brain.


Along with classy, passionate, sociable Librans are understanding. Librans are very thoughtful. They can interpret things that most of the people miss out.

Negative traits:


Librans are sometime unable to even stand for themselves, so it is hard for anyone to depend on you to support them when there is a serious situation. So sometimes they are not the right person to rely on.


Librans have a quality to manipulate others. Since they can inquire and know the weak side of other, it is very easy for Libran to manipulate others to do the things in a way they want. As Librans are pro diplomat they can avoid situation that they don’t want to face and easily escape from troubles. However their desires, opinions, understandings will not be known. Sometimes Libran even don’t know their own mind.


Librans are sometimes lazy. We can say L for Libra and L for lazy. Sometimes you are not able to do  certain things as you are lazy. At times Librans prefer to do easy things.


Librans are very superficial in nature. You are naturally inclined to visual beauty.


Librans are sometime indecisive in nature. You have a tough time to decide which way to choose as you compare the positive and negative effects of every situation.

Libra career:

Librans career mantra is “if I can dream it I can do it”. Librans should learn how to stand for themselves, to be direct, speak truth and overcome laziness. You should focus on creativity, imagination, maintaining peace and harmony, balancing and fairness.

Librans make sincere efforts towards the work they have been assigned and always make sure the team and employees working with them are happy and satisfied. Librans want to maintain a peaceful environment in the workplace so that by teamwork they can achieve success. So Librans opt for an environment that is peaceful.

Librans are not suited for jobs that are messy or risky. You like to work in a place where you can explore new things and apply them for the growth of organisation. You never go for an unprincipled approach as you believe in human relation. Your elegance, diplomacy and refinement are loved by people around you. You are ready to help people with your excellent advisory skills.

Best career option: Since Libra is ruled by beauty loving Venus, so you are inclined towards work related to beauty, fashion, design and art. You can be exceptionally good at graphic design, architect or engineer. As you are a peacemaker you can also explore yourself as a social activist, advocate or attorney. Librans are unbiased so they are inclined towards the legal and justice platform that is as a lawyer, arbitrator and judge.

Libra and money:

Librans take a long time to decide where to spend their hard earned money. You will spend money in  such a way that it will be beneficial to you in future. You wish to have the best things in your life and for this you work hard to earn more money. Librans have a fondness towards expensive and luxurious goods so they find ways to earn more money so that they can own all the desired things.

Libra health:

Libra rules the lower back, urinary tract, kidneys, adrenal glands, ovaries. You should take care ailments related to these organs. Librans are good at achieving balance in health and diet. You also maintain equilibrium in all areas of your life.

You know very well when to work and when to relax. At times you are restless and overactive. So you have to avoid these as it can bring tension and stress. Due to overload of work you may feel tired and weak at times. You have tendency to work under extreme condition. So having quite time will be beneficial to you, as it will allow your nervous system to boost.

Health concerns:

You may struggle with ache in your lower back. The backache may be due to sitting in one place to work for too long. Also Librans are prone to skin breakouts and kidney ailments. You should drink plenty of water and should avoid alcohol and food items that are difficult to digest. Libra women may face ovary issues.

Some facts about Libra:

Librans are quite balances, clever, extremely observant and quick to admit. You find it difficult to refuse someone for something they ask. You care others to such an extent that it frustrate you at times. When you are angry nobody can calm you down. Librans hates to involve in unnecessary things. Also you think you are annoying if you text first. Libra motto is like to forgive easily and care too much. You always want a balance and harmony in relationship. Scorpio is Libra’s badass teammate.

Librans don’t listen to anything when they are pissed off. You are annoyed when people give diplomatic answers. You like to stay neutral. You may like boat ride and live concerts. Stylish attire, mobile, live concerts, movies, art exhibition are some of the best gifts for Librans.

Libra men:

Libra man traits: sensitive, emotionally balanced, gentle, charming, friendly, strong commitment, intelligent. Libra men are compatible with Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

Libra men are expert in communicating with others and they have the perfect thing to advice in any situation. You can sometime be diplomatic, tactful or charismatic according to the situation. You can make friends very easily. Libra men are full of romantic thoughts and also love to share them. You have a soft and gentle vibe with great taste in art and fashion. You are usually graceful and balance all areas of life quite well. You check every option possible to find the best one before making a decision or commitment.

Libra women:

Libra women traits: natural leader, positive, extrovert, charming and beautiful, passionate. Libra women are compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius.

Libra women strive to maintain peace and harmony in their relationships. You are cool and intellectual. You are very intelligent, captivating and friendly, so you can draw people attention very easily. You like to be being loved and committed to your chosen ones. You are a good listener and your charming attitude will attract everyone towards you.

You always search for quality, beauty and harmony in all the ruling planet is Venus you love to spend on luxury and beauty. For Libra women physical beauty is very important. So they like to surround themselves with nice and beautiful things. In order to make an impression one has to be charming and stylish and should put great effort. The excellent way to approach Libra women is to talk amusingly and intelligently on a variety of subjects.