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Scorpio and Gemini Will Have Trouble in Their Love Lives

How Complex Is Scorpio?

Scorpio can be rather complex when it comes to love. The reason for this is because Scorpio men and women like to have everything going good from the start.  They are often wanting something to work out well from the beginning.  If something looks off, the Scorpio man or woman will often walk away from the situation. 

Gemini is often skeptical about love and doesn’t always accept “things for what they seem”.  These two zodiac signs are often not accepting truth right away.  They are both trying to find fault with something until you can prove them wrong. 

Scorpio and Gemini Will Have Trouble in Their Love Lives

The nature of the Scorpio is to see everything correctly through their own eyes. They often want to imagine themselves doing what they feel is right in their hearts.  If something looks off, the Scorpio will often let you know it. The Gemini will often look for someone that is highly compatible to them. If they feel that you are going to betray them, the Gemini can have two faces. One minute they are your friend and another minute they are saying something behind your back. 

In order to make your romantic relationship work, you are both going to have to keep your problems within the relationship. Don’t start telling your friends and family when something goes wrong between the two of you.  Both Scorpios and Geminis like to tell their friends and family what is going on in their relationship.  They are often known for being extroverted. It can be hard for these two zodiac signs to see things differently.  

It’s important for the Gemini and Scorpio to feel a sense of love and bonding. They want to feel that they belong together with someone that they are highly compatible to. 

It’s important for the Gemini man/woman to feel like they are always having compatibility with the Scorpio.  You are both telepathic with one another.  The planet Venus (planet of love), tells us that you can both be with one another for the long haul if you are willing to put the time into your relationship.

Try to not put friends and family before one another.  Yes, friends and family have been with you a lot longer than your love relationship has.  However, your lover will want to see that they are important to you and matter 1st in your life.

You need to examine your own heart and ask yourself what you want to do later down the road.  You can easily learn how to give of yourself and learn how to only go after the goals that the two of you have together.

Try getting to know one another through casual dating at first.  The deeper that you go with conversation, the better that you will feel.  You will both get the impression that you are right or one another. You can both take on new measure and learn from past mistakes.  It’s important to always look at your life and see that you can easily learn how to go after what you feel is right for yourself. 

How Exciting Is The Chemistry Between Scorpio and Gemini?

The chemistry between the Scorpio and Gemini is exciting from the start.  These two zodiac signs have a high level of attraction for one another. They often both want to feel like they can give and contribute a lot of “spice and flavor” to the relationship. 

Scorpions like to feel that their lover is with them all the time and that they can have an amazing time in the bedroom.  It’s important for the Gemini to receive what they can get from the Scorpio. This is so that the relationship can grow high and things can continue to grow with time. It’s all about having love and a new beginning on a day to day basis. 

Love happens to happen when you least expect.  When you think about it, love does happen in a relationship when its supposed to. The love between Gemini and Scorpio happens naturally.  It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about having forced love. 

If the two of you both have full time jobs, you will find that it might be hard to get together most of the time. The reason for this is because you both often feel that you have high career goals.  Scorpios and Geminis seem to be hard workers. They are often stuck in a situation in which they want to get their work done first before pleasure.  You have two zodiac signs that are going after similar goals. This can result in a problem. After all, no relationship can survive if you don’t get quality romantic time with one another.

It’s important for the two of you to take time off from work and plan a get together.  You will both find that when you do that, you improve the relationship. 

Scorpio women tend to ask a lot of questions to their lovers.  They want to know details. Before careful that you don’t make the Gemini, man feel like he is being interrogated.  There is nothing faster that will lose your connection with a Gemini man. 

If you are a Gemini woman in the relationship, make sure that you are not dating two people at once. Yes, this often happens with the Gemini.  Gemini women tend to want to have back up plans in case her relationship is not working for her.  She hates being alone and having a lot of variety makes complete sense.

Can Scorpio Men Detect Cheating?

Scorpio men can and will often sniff out cheating, lying and multiple lovers that you may have in your life. He knows more than he lets on. He can be very “psychic” when he wants to be.  This is something that he must see for himself and learn from as he gets to know you.

Let the Scorpio man know that he doesn’t have to be afraid of the future.  Let him know that you are trustworthy and value monogamous relationships.  He will learn from you. 

The Gemini is a great teacher for the Scorpio.  You can teach him how to not be afraid of love and to offer his heart in the right direction.  You only need to tell them what is on your mind and to go with the flow at times.

Any relationship today is going to be complicated. However, the two of you both have a rather strong personality.  You both want to make sure that things are going to come together in your love bond over time.

Don’t try to rush anything. Both the Scorpio and the Gemini often want something to happen fast.  Both zodiac signs love to feel like they want to accomplish their own goals.  It’s important to look at things and watch your achievements. 

If you want to learn more about one another, try asking direct questions and don’t beat around the bush.  You are both “psychic” in the sense that you can tell what the other person is thinking and trying to do.  You are in a way, your own human lie detector. 

It’s important for the two of you to feel like you can talk through your obstacles that will arise. You will often find that when the two of you are talking to one another, you come to solutions rather quickly.  This can be both good and bad. Sometimes, good solutions don’t last long.  It’s because they are often not well thought through.  Make sure that the two of you have time to think about what is going to work out for the both of you in the long run. 

Never gossip about your lover. If you don’t feel positive about something that they are doing, keep it to yourself.  The universe has a way of making something wrap back around and have it bite you in the butt.  It’s important to not say anything that may hurt you later. 

What Is Marriage Like Between Scorpio and Gemini?

If you intend to marry, make sure that you both feel equal in the relationship.  Old fashioned ways will often not work for the Gemini and Scorpio zodiac sign.  Both zodiac signs want to feel that they have what it takes to succeed in love. 

If you think about it, love will always be a part of your life. You will be able to look at your life and feel like you can have a good connection with someone that will always be there for you at some point. 

Love is something that will continue to come together when you least expect.  If you think about it, love is something that will continue to come together because you want it to work out like that. 

It’s important to look at your life and see that you can discover something new in your life.  You can easily learn what the future is going to hold for you by easily and carefully looking at your relationship for what it is.  Love is your final goal and you will both be able to see that it works for you long term.  Remember, solve your problems quickly and don’t hold back on doing nice things for one another.