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What Does Soulmate Mean?

Soulmate, a precise word to explain the deep relationship among two people. 

And a fantasy-filled world as well. Most of us dream of having a soulmate in our lives. We think and believe that having soulmates will complete our life. Thanks to the classic romantic movies and serials and also to our instinct feeling of being a human that makes it possible in the first place. 

The #1 Way of Recognizing Your Soulmate

Seeing someone smiling with their buddy leaves us with a sense of incompleteness and a void. Maybe this is the reason most people make decisions in the haste of choosing their life partners. However, the more peaceful it looks, the hopeless it appears. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Some people wait for years to get to that one perfect person whom they can finally call their soulmate. While some are just lucky to land their soulmate, others never do. 

You see here we can say that everything happens for a reason. This is why it is seen why most people ended up in the wrong relationship because they were in a hurry to getting a soulmate, so that they could tell everyone that they have found the right soulmate. But this is not how things work.

We are usually too absorbed in our thinking that we forget it is not something we can control on our own. It is a process that happens unexpectedly, at the wrong timing and sometimes it may take years. 

Soulmates Come When You Have No Hope In It 

I remember a few years ago, my friend Ella had given up the hope of finding her soulmate. Her past relationship gave her only bitter experience which left in having a bad impression about this whole soulmate thing. ‘I think this soulmate thing is all a scam or crap’. That’s what she told me in frustration.

And maybe she was right? Who knows, as a friend I didn’t agree with her and said to keep believing in it. Should I tell you a funny thing? She was suggested to not lose hope in the soulmate thing by someone who never believed in it from the start. But how could I just break her heart? I was her best friend and when your best friend isn’t in a good mood you are supposed to elevate it, right? That’s what I did.

Anyway, after that discussion between us, we went to our ways unaware of things waiting ahead for us. One day she called and said, ‘I am so happy’

On asking her the reason for it, she replied, ‘You were right, I didn’t lose hope and look where I am today’.

Out of curiosity, I questioned, ‘Where are you?’.

She laughed, ‘I have found him. my soulmate. I don’t have words to define my happiness’.

Okay, that’s great. She found her soulmate. On asking her further how she recognized if it is her soulmate, she replied a statement that went over my head at that time, ‘Its magic. You’ll feel it yourself’.

It’s magic. You’ll feel it yourself.

What does that even mean? How was it magic? Anyway, I didn’t think much about it and just ignored it. 

A few days later I got a new guy in my office as my co-worker. Nothing special about it. I am just telling you!

We ended up becoming good co-workers and from there–Good friends. Till here everything was going normal and just fine. It is something that wasn’t even worth thinking. I mean we all make friends what’s there to even think about, right?

Well, now when I look back, I recall my friend’s words, It’s magic. You’ll feel it.

It just happened to me and I wasn’t even aware of it. You see things happen when you do not expect it. As a strong ambitious woman, I hardly believed in soulmates and continued working on achieving my dreams. But as soon as I met him, things started changing and these changes started making me do things I had least believed in.

Now the question arises, did I start believing in the soulmate thing? Believing? That’s a wrong question.   Instead ask, ‘Am I happy?’.

And the answer is a big YES! I am happy with him. The one who never believed in soulmates and their existence was happy because of it. Isn’t it strange? Well, that is why my friend called it magic.

Based on my experience and of my friends and friends-of-friends, I am going to share how you can recognize your soulmate. Because I know even if you don’t believe in soulmates, somewhere deep inside you are thinking of having one. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have now. What matters is, you will have it for sure. You just need to keep a belief in it.

Let’s now discuss things that can make you a pro in recognizing your soulmate. 

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

You have to understand that a soulmate isn’t someone who would come into your life just because you prayed last night. It is someone that will take time to come or maybe he or she is right in front of you but you are unaware of it. Timing is a thing that we cannot control and this is why you’ll feel it only when the time comes. All you can do about it is enjoy your present moment, rest leave everything and just worry not. 

It’s Magic. You’ll Feel It

Just as how my friend told Its magic, you’ll feel it. You won’t need any special technique or magic wand to know it’s him or her. You can just feel it when they come into your life. You can sense it on an internal level. This level will be pure and you will not feel nervous or afraid or worried or even excited instead you will feel calmer, at peace and happy internally. That’s when you’ll realize the true meaning of soulmate. Your real soulmate will bring inner peace along with him or her instead of confusion.

  1. You’ll be able to reflect yourself
  2. You’ll feel serene or tranquil
  3. You’ll not run after being perfect anymore. You’ll just know you are perfect the way you are.
  4. He or she will keep you on top of their world and that too without doing any special effect.

Sense of Familiarity

You’ll feel extremely familiar with their presence around you. When they are around you, you won’t get uncomfortable or feel odd. You will immediately get comfortable with them and feel like an unexplainable soulful connection with them. A connection that will make you want to be full of yourself. They will bring the best out of you and that too naturally. You won’t think twice before talking to them, you’ll just talk whatever comes to your mind without worrying about getting judged by them. 

Respect from Them

The best part of a soulmate is, that he or she will respect you for the most part. He/she will never let you feel down and lonely. He/she will respect your decisions and everything about you and the same goes with you too. There will be mutual respect among you two. Whether if it is the differences between you two or your imperfectness with each other, respect for each other will never be compromised. And a relationship where the significant other doesn’t compromise in terms of giving or accepting respect turns out to be the best relation.

Always Encouraging

Life isn’t a magical fairy tale and hence you won’t always be having a good time with him or her. You may get at your phase or may get broke but the real soulmate will support you despite your failures, differences or inequality. He will always encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and achieve things you want to. Even if everything seems against be it situation, family or friends, he will always stay by you. 

Happiness is Everything

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Everyone loves happiness and maybe this is the reason why most people are so fond of having a soulmate. It gives you a sense of happiness after all. You think that if you’ll have soulmate you will be forever happy and you are not wrong. Having someone by your side who is supportive, kind, loving, etc with you is a blessing in itself and which will make you happy. 

Sensibility to Deal With the Odds

No matter how perfectly happy you maybe with your partner, but you have to keep one thing in mind; there will come a time when you both will end up fighting for some reason. And ITS NORMAL. Just because he is your soulmate will not guarantee that you guys will not fight or argue, you will, you should. These fights will make your relationship grow. Every relationship has obstacles in it and you are supposed to cross it together along with your partner. A true soulmate will sit with you and discuss the issues that you feel and will try to work the relationship out.

Distance Will Never Matter

It won’t matter even if you are not staying close to your partner. The trust you guys will have on each other will be divine and on another level. Your soulmate will trust you for always being loyal to him/her. There will be no room for jealousy or anxiety between you two. Despite being apart from each other you still be content with yourself and your relationship. Nothing has the power to break such kind of bonding.

Being Authentic

With your soulmate, you’ll never have to wear any fake mask on your face. You will be naturally YOU the way you are. You will be authentic when it comes to your soulmate and behave true to yourself and with them. That’s the amazing part of having a soulmate, staying true to each other. Being authentic will not only help you grow but also help your soulmate to understand you in a better way. This will raise the level of happiness and comfortability between you two.

Recognizing soulmates can be easier while it can be stressful as well, stressful when you are eager to find him or her. But when you are not, things happen naturally. Remember one thing this isn’t a process that comes with a time limit. It can be a long and even exhausting journey that you might have to cover. In some cases, it may take years while in some there is no time limit. You see we all have our destiny and timing according to which things occur. Getting a soulmate is one of them. 

One important thing that we should not forget, it is not necessary that a soulmate could only be your love partner he can be anyone, your teacher, your best friend, your sibling, your sister, brother, mother, father or friend. A soulmate doesn’t come with a definite tag of gender or relationship. It can be in anyone. Also, an interesting fact about it is, you can have more than one soulmate as well. It just depends on your level of understanding and ability to match with other’s frequency.