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Tarot Card Reading for Leo Compatibility Guide

Tarot Card Reading for Leo Compatibility Guide

A Tarot Card Reading for Leo in 2020

The personal and professional life stresses will tense for Leos in 2020 according to my tarot advice chart.  These stresses will make you emotional, nervous and even unmotivated.

The most decisive person in addressing all the problems you’ll face, will be your partner’s love.


The year 2020 will be great for the Leos.  The positive vibes will be on your side and you will catch the attention of all you love.

Importance of Colors

As always, colors play an important role in your life and this great year. Colors will be a huge part of your energy.

Your preferred colors for this year are red and blue.  Go for red when you are listless and choose the color blue if you want to be calm and serene.


This year will bring you a lot of twists in your relationship.  You may come to know whom God has sent for you.  The year 2020 will be full of romance and charged for you.

With Venus, Mars, Saturn and the lucky Jupiter revolving through your chart, you are ready to start a perfect new relationship with someone special.  All you have to do is just focus on your love goal.  You need to make love matters your priority because things are never going to be good until you focus on them.

You know you have been betrayed in your relationships before, but at this time, you need to step up and put ion some effort.

With Saturn in your romantic sector, from March 22 to July 1st, you are ready to get your special one.

Saturn will again arrive in your chart on the romantic sector from December 17th to the year 2021.  This year will give you “big big” surprises.

You may face some problems this year, but the chances of their coming are between may 10th to June 1st when saturn will be in retrograde.  Jupiter will help you in backing up all your problems on track by the end of the year.  Venus will help you in the early days of the year.  It means your January and February will be spent happily because of Venus in your chart. 

Mars will also be in your chart in the first month of the year.  That allows you to be clear about what you have to achieve.  Mercury will help you in your love relationship by February 19th when it will turn the retrograde in your romantic field(sector).


According to the tarot readers, Leo will face many scams during the second half of the year.  Don’t worry, it will cause you a great loss.  Leo should be careful with their personal things like credit cards, business cards and other payment cards.

If you can handle all this, than 2020 is not a bad year for you.  The influence of Neptune in your chart may make you keen to overspend your money on big dreams that are risky enough.  Be realistic and laborious to your work and dreams.  You may find an alternative source of income that will give you much motivation to work even harder.  Venus will revolve through your money chart in March.  Be ready to enjoy the pleasure.  We know that mercury is a planet of communication and it will increase your fortune in the financial sector.

You will experience the joy of financial focus when Mars (the warrior), will arrive in your money chart from mid May to the last of June.  There is a full moon in your economical sector in the month of September that will bring you luck that helps you in making things happen and getting results.  Your best month of the year is going to be October when Venus will visit your economical sector.  Although the year 2020 is going to be a good year for you.


The year 2020 is going to be a career changer for the Leos where there will be a lot of changes regarding work and profession.  These will cause indirect changes like transfering the ownership of management of a company or business.  Leo may have to change the style and rhythm of their work in 2020.


You may be busy in the year 2020 a lot.  You need to expect some more assignments and work opportunities this year because of Jupiter entering in your chart of work by December 19.

You may have some problems with your colleagues and your employees.  You will face some health problems that are from early stages in your life, so you’d better find a health care or treatment organization for you.


Wikipedia describes color :color, color is a property of light as seen by people.  Most of the world’s spelling of the word is colour, the word color is used in American English.

Colour means something totally different in tarot card readings.  Colour in tarot reading means energy that flows in the body.

  1. Dark and clear colors indicate energy.
  2. Soft and pastel colors indicate energy that is used gently.
  3. Dully and muddy colors indicate energy that is sluggish and hard to understand.

Red Color:

  1. clear and quivering -physical activity,passion,business,sexuality,courage.
  2. Dull and muddy-anger,tiredness,illness,frauds.

Blue colour:

  1. clear and quivering-emotions,attachment and love
  2. Dull and muddy-upset(emotional),ignorance,uncomfortable

Yellow color:

  1. clear and quivering-creative,logic,clarity
  2. Dull and muddy-creative problems(stoppage),confusion

Green Color:

  1. clear and quivering-good health,fertility,youth,financial abundance
  2. Dull and muddy-Bad health,financial issues

Purple color:

  1. clear and quivering-spiritual active,aware
  2. Dull and muddy-Bad connection to spirit

Orange Color:

  1. clear and quivering-passion, important action.
  2. Dull and muddy-confusion in making decision and anger.
  3. Brown Color
  4. fertility, nature friendly, protection,possibility to enforce,simple living.

GREY color:

  • kayos, stillness(more of Grey color characteristics are shown below in black and white color descriptions respectively)

BLACK color:

  • mysterious,active,aware spiritually,depth,heavenly knowledge.

WHITE colour:

  • Peace,simplicity,innocence,pure.


Planets play an important role in tarot card readings and fortune telling.  If you learn the general meanings of planets and the zodiac, you can learn tarot card readings or meanings very easily.  You can also guess dreams and bone readings.

Before we begin describing the meaning of planets:

NOTE:  In western Astrology, Sun and Moon are viewed as planets.

Here are the names and meanings of planets used in Tarot card readings:

The sun

Paternoster: success, life, fame, victory and positivity.

Folklore: Apollo

Name in tarot: The sun

Symbol: Laurel wreath

The time of your birth and the zodiac sign of the sun land at that time control your ‘sun sign’.

What sun symbolizes: 

  • At the early stages of life, the sun indicates life, identity, individuality.
  • At the growing stages of life, the sun indicates success, gleefulness.

In tarot, the sun card determines positive for children being born.

The Moon

Paternoster: secrets, subconscious, emotions and reputation.

Folklore: Luna

Name in Tarot: The high priestess

Symbol: Crab, ocean, females

Most of the world cultures define moon as female.

In tarot, the high priestess card (or the moon card) represents physical ability and emotional feelings.


paternoster: social, communication, knowledge, travel

Folklore: Mercury

Name in Tarot: The magician

Symbol: Wings

Mercury is the planet of communication.

In tarot, The magician (or mercury) card represents knowledge.  It is a card that is affiliated to diplomacy.


Paternoster: Love, wish, relationship, fertility

Folklore: Venus

Name in Tarot:  The Empress

Symbol: Rose, swan, shell

Venus is known as the Goddess of love.  It stands for love, romance and relationship.

In tarot, The Empress (Venus) card represents fertility and harmony.  It is used to guess about children and pregnancy.


paternoster: Anger, war, determination.

Folklore: Mars

Name in Tarot: The tower

Symbol: Helmet, sword, shield

Mars owns a masculine aggression (war, anger, determination)

In tarot, The tower (Mars) card represents destruction, ruin.  It stands for negative things.


paternoster: Luck, fortune, confidence

Folklore: Jupiter

Name in Tarot: The wheel of fortune

Symbol: Eagle, oak, bull

Jupiter brings luck with himself as it is known as the card of fortune.  A well placed Jupiter will be found on someone’s card if he is fortunate by birth.

In tarot, The wheel of fortune (Jupiter) card determines luck and fortune.  It also predict what is made easier for you.


paternoster: Kingdom, Restriction, Time

Folklore: Saturn

Name in Tarot: The World

Symbol: Sickle, grain, hourglass

Saturn stands for responsibility and authority.  It aligns towards your duty.

In tarot, The world (Saturn) card represents changes in your life.


Paternoster: change, individuality, originality

Folklore: Uranus

Name in Tarot: The fool

Symbol: The sky

Uranus is a God (Sky God) that predicts Olympian Gods.

In tarot, The fool (Uranus) represents a clean atmosphere.  It tells you to make big changes in life without thinking too much.


Paternoster: Dreams, kayos, spiritual

Folklore: Neptune

Name in Tarot: The hanged man

Symbol: Dolphins, Tridents

Neptune predicts intense psychic ability and predicting ability

In tarot, The hanged man (Neptune) card represents concern of making decisions.  It also shows confusion


Paternoster: Renewal, change, transformation

Folklore: Pluto

Name in Tarot: Judgement

Symbol: Key, pomegranate, multi-headed animals

Pluto, the planet of rebirth, transformation and change.  It is known as the God of death.

In tarot, The judgement (Pluto) card represents changes, transformations and renewal as mentioned above.  It is used to predict life changing opportunities for the grateful heart.