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Virgo Woman in Love, Compatibility and Heartbreak

Virgo Woman in Love, Compatibility and Heartbreak

First Know a Virgo Woman:

A Virgo woman is an earthy and mercurial human.  This is why she is termed as cerebral. She is: devoted, perfectionist, understanding, honest, and sensitive.

Virgo women have been proved as beauty and brain. According to Hindu mythology and astrology, a Virgo woman is termed as a best life partner for almost every zodiac sign. She is “sharp” and witty.  She is a balanced combination of both brain and the beauty.

Learning About a Virgo Woman in Love

At first instance when we meet a Virgo woman, she appears to be: reserved, cold, snobbish, proud, articulated and sarcastic.

Virgo Woman in Love is forever here
A Virgo Woman in Love Knows It From The Start

She is very straight forward if she doesn’t like something.  Virgo women use positive criticism and sarcasm as a weapon when someone tries to go on another side from her.

When she finds herself comfortable, the Virgo woman opens herself up and we can see an honest smile and brightness on her face and then people will feel that she is very: nice, cordial, affable, well mannered, caring and understanding.

We find a Virgo woman very appropriately dressed.  She keeps vulgarity far away from her and preached modesty. She is very tidy and fond of cleanliness. She always wants to keep herself organized and systematic, plans her day in advance and diligently follows rules.  Follow her timetable and are very meticulous.

When she is working in a group of people, if the group is not organized and systematic like her, she becomes anxious and nervous and will not be happy about it.

Video Virgo Woman in Love, Compatibility and Heartbreak:

She will rectify even if there is a small problem because she wants everything to be perfect. Virgo women like to do things on their own because of a self dependent nature, no matter whether its office or home.  She is an action oriented woman. Virgo women like to achieve things and accomplish their targets which act as self- appraisal. 

If she doesn’t, then she feels depressed, messed, bitter and nervous. For a Virgo lady, it’s all about encouragement. She doesn’t like to be taught by anyone who doesn’t have knowledge and experience. She enjoys challenges and uses it as a mode of self improvement only, not to compete with anyone.

Virgo women are always known for: beauty, wittiness, generosity, kind heart, and always feels fresh.

How to Win Heart of a Virgo Woman:

Virgo women are very choosy when it comes to a life partner as Virgo is the sign of the virgin. She is careful in choosing a life partner. If someone wants to date a Virgo lady or wants her as a life partner, then the only way to achieve her is through honesty, devotion and loyalty.

Learn how to compromise.
Virgo Men and Women Are Romantic.

She doesn’t like fake people because she is very honest inside of her heart and she is very natural. Virgo women believe in principles, value and conviction. A man should be organized and systematic, hygienic before approaching a Virgo woman.

Looks don’t matter that much to her. If a man is dishonest to a Virgo woman, then it’s a major problem. It has been seen that she is very cautious when it comes to choose a life partner or mate.  This is why many Virgo ladies take too much time to settle in their life as she is always looking for perfection.

Virgo women like to be approached and will appreciate true and genuine efforts. When going on a date with a Virgo lady, a man should choose a place which is natural and serene, which enhances the chances to impress a Virgo woman.

Materialistic and expensive gifts don’t attract her much.  It would be better to go for natural and artistic things which has an affection and emotional connection. She is a hygiene freak so the man has to keep himself well groomed, tidy, clean, and well dressed.

She has great affection towards animals and likes to keep pets, so sharing the same interests can do wonders.

What Are Some Signs a Virgo Women Likes You?

It’s very rare that a Virgo woman approaches first, even if she likes a man. Virgo women can control her emotions well and hardly expresses her feelings of love at first instance.

She will give a signal like a beautiful smile or a blush.  The Virgo woman will look at you in intervals of time. A Virgo woman will text you quickly and also a longer text to convey her feelings more effectively. 

When she discusses personal problems and positively giving feedback to bring improvement, it shows that she cares for that man. If she is having a long and engaging conversation with the man, then there is a better chance.

If she is talking about intimacy and making love, then the man has definitely hammered at the right place. She will make jokes and laugh at jokes of that man and share humorous stories.  This shows that she is attracted to that man. The Virgo woman is very reserved. 

If she is still opening herself, than the man should take a first move and express his feelings which can turn the friendship into a relationship. She notices minute details and everything about a man which no one else does. She manages time to talk, despite having a very busy and hectic day. Virgo women start telling her feelings, emotions and insecurities.

What Happens When a Virgo Lady Loves Her Partner?

 Once a Virgo lady gets into a relationship, she is very committed and devoted to her partner. She cares a lot, pours love unconditionally, and she is an honest partner who shares everything. The Virgo woman has totally engrossed herself in love. She is a beautiful lover with shine in her eyes, a positive attitude which brings prosperity and luck in her partner’s life.  A long distance relationship is not an issue with her, but not for too long time, because she wants a stable life with her partner and wants to have family and raise kids.

Many a times, a Virgo woman proves to be a good writer, which enhances the essence of love in the relationship. She is a very romantic partner. She likes to write poetry or 2 liners in order to convey her feelings. When it comes to giving, she would prefer gifts which are connected to her emotions and feelings of love and affection over the materialistic and expensive ones.  Virgo women, wrap all their love in that package.

She is known for her wonderful sense of humor.  Virgo women make their partners laugh a lot.  She likes to keep her partner happy and always does things which enhance happiness and prosperity in her partner’s life.

Virgo women are good listeners to whom a partner can share things. She has an intense physical desire. She is very romantic. She has sexual fantasies which sometime comes as a surprise for her partner, but it’s a plus point for those who are having good sexual drives.

Virgo women love handicrafts, and decorative items. She makes her home as art an heaven. She keeps her house clean, tidy and well organized.  Virgo women are strong and defend their partner well.  She always motivates her partner and helps him to achieve success and helps to set high targets in life.

Things to Take Care While Having a Virgo Woman as a Partner:-

She can be a very moody partner and has to deal with mood swings because it’s not easy to be perfect. Virgo women like to dictate work as she wants perfection in everything.

Virgo women feel more stressed.  Sometimes as she is delicate and less immune of a partner, has to take extra care when dealing with her. She hates clinginess. Virgo women can easily figure out the pretentious behavior.  She doesn’t like illusions, being vague and ambiguity.

She is known for criticism and sarcasm.  A life partner has to take her very positively.  A Virgo woman is demanding as she is perfectionist and it’s never easy to be a perfectionist. She likes to be complimented.

Virgo women like it when someone appreciates her efforts. She loves to respect her partner, so a man should behave well when she is present, otherwise she will not stay for long.

Some special moments like dinner dates, long drives, shopping, unplanned outings strengthen the relationship.  In arguments she loves to win and listening to her is the best way to sooth the environment and come out from that situation.

Virgo Woman and Heartbreak :

A heartbreak can shatter a Virgo woman from deep inside of her heart. She finds it difficult to cope with breakup and heart break. In such scenario, it has been seen that they prefer to be spinster rather to trust another man.

Their first love is very detrimental person in her life as she gives her heart to, totally devoted and loyal towards her partner. If someone deceives and cheats on her, it becomes difficult for her and she loses trust on all men. She will be keeping doubt, even if she gets the right guy.

A Virgo woman will take a long time to say a “YES” to him. Sometimes it has been seen that, in case of heart break she becomes a rebel, she thinks that if I have faced such thing then others should also has to face, then they start flirting, go for a casual relationship and for one night stands, but it’s very rare.

A Virgo woman will prefer to be alone and wants to improve in isolation and introspect. She takes heart break as a lesson learned and takes a long time to come out from that situation.

She works on herself and becomes hot, smarter and intelligent. She gives a psychological damage to her partner to prove that he has taken a wrong decision. Once a deception, always a deception for her. If a Virgo woman is giving a second chances to a man, than it’s like he has done something impossible because it very difficult to win a heart of previously heartbroken Virgo lady.