The Aries and Leo Love Match – Firestarter

Aries (March 21st– April 19th) is the first sign in the zodiac cycle. It is a Cardinal Fire sign due to which the natives are pioneering and dynamic individuals who blaze a trail through life with determination and enthusiasm. They are goal-oriented and their constant self-improvement plays a big part in their lives. Aries is the sign of new beginnings. Its ruling planet is Mars. Its astrological symbol is the Ram.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle. It is a Fixed Fire sign due to which the natives are strong, proud, and full of life. They have a great sense of stability and fixity of purpose when it comes to achieving their goals which they will see through to the end. Leos love being pampered and hold themselves in high regard and are thus referred to as the Kings/Queens of the zodiac. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. The astrological symbol of Leo is the Lion.   

When They Meet: When Leo and Aries chance upon each other, we have a clash of pure vibrant energies. Aries gets attracted to the Leo’s loud personality and their ability to command the attention of the room by their oozing charisma. Leo also gets drawn to the flirtatious and confident attitude of the Aries. They would probably pick a corner and end up flirting the night away and getting to know each better.  

Falling in Love: These two signs will probably fall for each other faster as compared to other combinations. It is because they sense each other’s vibe and simply ‘get’ each other when it comes to their attitude towards life.

They look at life as a journey that is meant to be lived to the fullest instead of just surviving. Being fire signs, they bond over the many outdoor adventures and trips they undertake (Most of these of course, initiated and planned by the cardinal Aries. Both these signs admire each other’s zest and appetite for life.

What They Like About Each Other: Leo likes their partner’s competitive spirit and go-getter attitude about their goals in life. They like how Aries wants to be the best in all areas of their life, as Leos think they deserve the best. Aries with their positive attitude and hard work impresses the majestic Leo.

Aries, on the other hand admire the Leo’s tremendous self-confidence in their abilities of which the Aries themselves might be lacking a bit. Leos also tend to have a lot of self-worth and believe that they deserve good things in life, which most people the Aries encounter lack. This attracts them towards the Leo even more.

Aries show passion for Leo by taking them on a lot of hiking trips, skiing trips and anything to do with adventure, activities that get the adrenaline going. Leo is always up for these trips as they like to experience everything in life at least once. Leo likes the finer things in life which Aries is always ready to indulge in like fine dining in lavish restaurants and luxurious trips. They shower Aries with expensive and thoughtful gifts which the Aries loves.

They both love each other’s positivity in life that ultimately no matter what happens, things will turn out to be good in the end. All in all, things are happy, when life is sunny.

The Aries and Leo Love Match – Firestarter

What Annoys Them About Each Other: Aries might sometimes tend to be brash with their use of words, especially when they are angry. They might end up hurting Leo’s ego in the process and as we all know a Leo’s ego is one of the most sensitive things about them, as it is related to their confidence and self-worth. Aries must be more careful about choosing their words especially when they are in a bad mood.  

Sometimes a Leo’s sense of self-worth might border on entitlement which could become a cause of fights between these two. Aries believes that through hard work and focused determination they can achieve things in life and that they must earn their worth as opposed to being handed down things on silver platter.

This is how they build their sense of self-worth – with each achievement. Leo’s sense of entitlement might annoy Aries, especially when Leo gets jealous at Aries’s achievements achieved through the latter’s persistent hard work and focus. The Lion believes that it deserves the luxuries offered by life irrespective of hard work, unless it has planets in more grounded earth/water signs.

If they are both on a similar path in life in terms of their career goals, they might end up competing against each other instead of supporting each other, due to their highly competitive natures. There will be a lot of head butting involved. Theirs is a classic case of power struggle where one will try to dominate the other in various aspects of life be it financial, or in household matters. Both must have the last word.  

Since they both tend to have highly flirtatious natures, they might end up flirting with a lot of other people during parties and outings. Although a little harmless flirting is acceptable between the two, if things start getting serious in the process, the highly jealous nature of the Leo might burst forth and create a scene between them in the process.

The fights between these couples could be the stuff of legends as they are both very aggressive and confrontational. Not to mention straightforward. These two will not mince words while addressing each other during arguments. Each one presents their case to the other fearlessly while maybe throwing a vessel or two in the process. The aggressive Aries at this point has finally met their match in a Leo who won’t back down no matter what and look straight into the Aries eyes and hold their ground. These angry and passionate exchanges however prove to have an excellent ending in the bedroom as they both are turned on by the intensity of these arguments.

Aries Man – Leo Woman Compatibility: When this man, sees the beautiful elegance and grace of the Leo lady he is simply awestruck by her. The confidence and self-assurance with which she carries herself might intimidate him a bit in the start but once he decides to date her, there is no stopping this man. He will pursue her aggressively by complimenting her and flirting with her, until she, flattered by the amount of single-minded attention he pays to her, gives in eventually.

Together, they make heads turn at gatherings appearing proud and strong as a power couple. He will treat her like the queen she knows she is, showering her with valuable presents and trips, parties and whatnot. She in turn will be an enthusiastic participant in all the adventurous sporty activities he organizes from time to time. This is couple that is harmonious right from the start as the Leo lady’s stability and Aries man’s passion fuel their relationship for many years to come.

Celebrity couples (Aries Man-Leo Woman): Jesse James-Sandra Bullock, Andrew Lloyd Webber-Sarah Brightman, Al Gore-Tipper Gore and Warren Beatty-Madonna

Aries Woman – Leo Man Compatibility: A Leo man just like his female counterpart is confident and has a lot of pride for his masculine self. This initially grabs the attention of the Aries lady and the lively energy she feels around him mesmerizes her and rouses her curiosity. He, on the other hand becomes fascinated by the force of nature that she is. As a proud Leo, instead of pursuing her, he tries to impress her like a peacock that preens himself to impress the peahen.

Aries being a cardinal sign will immediately catch on to the unspoken connection he tries to establish, and they end up leaving the party together. Being the eternal romantic that he is, he will court her to her heart’s desire. This is a couple that will love to pamper themselves with the finest of all things be it food, drink or trips.

However, the downside is that the Leo man will expect a lot of attention from his lady love, which he unfortunately won’t receive. This lady has her own life and set of friends and is as independent as they come. She will have no time for his tantrums and certainly won’t have the patience to constantly make him the center of her world. This will lead to constant fights with this couple. This might or might not last, depending on how much each of them is willing to give in to the other’s demands.

Celebrity couples (Aries Woman – Leo Man): Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck, Robin Wright Penn-Sean Penn, Debbie Reynolds-Eddie Fisher)

Why Will They Last: Leos expect absolute loyalty from their partners and the Ram in turn wants to be the numero uno in their partner’s lives. They understand this about each other and readily put in the efforts it takes to make this work. Even when these two fight, it doesn’t last very long as they don’t like to hold grudges and are ready to forgive and forget quite easily. This lack of manipulation and passive-aggressive behavior helps in maintaining a healthy relationship, unless one or both of their birth charts is aspected by a heavier earth or water sign. Their loyalty and live-and-let-live attitude plays a significant role in the smooth sailing of their relationship.

If They Do, Why Will They Break Up: The breakups between these two might happen after one of their fierce fights. However, most of the times they end up being breaks instead of something more permanent. They tend to return to each other after a while, when they have cooled off and looked at things a bit clearly from the others’ perspective.

However, if they do decide to break it off permanently, it will be after a lot of contemplation over a period of time. This might mainly be because the spark between them is gone or maybe they have evolved and changed as people do over time and are no longer suited to each other. Even then, although the loyalty in Leo wants to try and make it work, the Aries due to its impatience and tendency to move through life at a fast pace wants no part in it anymore. In which case, they decide to part amicably. This is a couple who has enough respect and understanding for each other to be friends for life.

Summary: Leo and Aries overall make a fiery, dynamic and very energetic pairing out of all other pairings. They will fight hard but love even harder. Being fire signs, their passionate outlook towards life and forgiving, straightforward attitude makes each of them a blessing for the other. While one initiates the many creative projects, they will undertake in the course of their relationship, the other with their stability drives them to successful completion. Most couples with this pairing up end up finding the love of their life in each other.

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