What is The Year of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology?

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What Is The Meaning Of The Year of The Tiger?

The year of the tiger is a zodiac year in Chinese astrology that comes after 12-years of the cycle as per the Chinese calendar. The year of the tiger is connecting with the terrestrial branches as an ordering system in the astrology of China or East Asia.

The tiger comes at a number third of all the zodiac animals or signs as per the Chinese astrology. One of the biggest myths about Chinese astrology is that the Jade Emperor would decide the order in which they arrive at their party.

The Ox was the first animal that placed the night before. The tiger has come at a second-place when they arrived in the morning. But the animal rat cleverly jumped over the Ox and the tiger when he saw the Jade Emperor. This is the reason that Ox and Tiger were pushed back by one position to a second and third position. Apart from the protest, The Tiger will get settled on being the third zodiac animal in the Chinese calendar.

What is The Year of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology?

The tiger is associate with the terrestrial branches from the time of 3 AM to 5 AM to make an order system in the Chinese calendar. They preferred with the name Yin Yang where the Yin means terrestrial branches (wood) and Yang means the tiger.

The tiger in Chinese astrology means the active and courageous people who love to face good challenges and adventures in their lives. In Chinese astrology, the tiger also preferred as the guardian of the Children that protect all the infants against the bad and evil spirits.

The branches are a pair with the celestial stems with a 60-year calendrical cycle of the phases. The year the cycle was built with the five elements of nature which include fire, water, wood, metal, and earth.

Let’s have a look at the recent years of the Tiger phase, which includes years such as: 1923, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. Below is the table of these years:

tiger astrology
The Year Of The Tiger Has Love Soulmates

The men who born in the year of the tiger phases count as an adventurous spirit. They were trying to do risky things. They are not afraid at all to express themselves and do their work aggressively. Sometimes their confidence may convert into overconfidence, which makes it difficult to make connections with other people.

This is why they open themselves up so that they won’t lose their confidence. The men of these phases have a lack of romance in their lives and sometimes have an unhappy family, but they always carry positive vibes and attitude with a high level of beauty standards.

The women who born in the year of the tiger phases are intelligent, clever, mesmerizing, and friendly. They have a lot of patience and live freely just like a cat.  They like and want the freedom to express themselves through their abilities in the field of fashion and work. They will keep their feet and mind sharp.  They will prove to be a good mother by giving the full freedom and respect to their children and their loved ones.

Compatibilities For Tiger Astrology Signs

The person of each animal zodiac has its unique characteristics, whether it is love or something else. The compatibilities as per the Chinese zodiac astrology, take into an account of the general and the natural characteristics of each animal in the Chinese astrology. Only those people who have similar characteristics as per the zodiac are very good lovers with the perfect compatibilities.

The person who is born in the year of the tiger phase is the best and perfectly compatible with a match of the Dragon, Pig, Dog, and Horse. Whereas, the person of these phases is the worst compatibles with the Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and Ox.

When a person is Tiger, they are most compatible with Pigs because both of the animals will see each other’s importance and love to make sacrifices for each other when needed. They both can build a strong relationship with each other and having similar dreams and goals will make them easier to achieve it fast and make up for the difference in their personalities.

Horses, Dog and Dragon are also perfectly compatible with the tiger. They will attract the attention of the tiger. The relationship these animals with the tiger are very strong and supportive with a lot of respect. They will work hard for themselves and help others as well.

The tiger will always show their gentle and positive side to the person who born in the phase of the dog. People that belong to the tiger will always encourage the person that belongs to the phase of dog to achieve their goals and dreams and help in their trouble phase to stand with them.

The compatibilities of the tiger with the monkey and tiger are always clashing and not good at all. Their nature, goals, dreams, and almost all the things are opposite. The relationship of these people is always a headache of their lives and end up in arguments.

Similarly, the compatibilities of the tiger with the person from snake zodiac are very different and hard for them to understand each other and not possible to sympathize each other. Relation of these zodiacs is coupled with a full of arguments and always kept in a suspect.

Lucky things for the person who born in tiger phase:

Lucky number- 0, 1, 3, and 4

Lucky color- Blue, Gray, Orange, and White

Lucky directions- North

Lucky flower- Plum Blossom, Yellow Lily, and Cineraria

The lucky direction of love- East

Luck direction of wealth- South, East, and South-East

Unlucky Stuff for the person who born in tiger phase:

Unlucky number- 6, 7 and 8

Unlucky color- Gold, Brown, Black

Unlucky direction- South-West

Personalities and their Characteristics

The person having tiger zodiac is very kind and love animals. They too love to play and listen to jazz music and some other things that are good for their imagination. They are benevolent. They are very emotional and never feel tired from work. Sometimes, their decision will make them with a problem that is hard to control. They face some obstacles as well in their lives, but they have a positive attitude of never give up. The person with tiger zodiac has an average life and have a mixture of joy, emotions, sadness, anger, disappointment in their lives.

Health and Lifestyle

Food is the weakness of the person who born in the tiger zodiac and is very picky eaters. They all love food. They have a soft corner in their body for sweets which can end up to problems like diabetes or some dental problems. The perfect and balanced eating habits are very essential for a healthy and happy life.

A balanced sleep and rest are also playing an important role and needed to stay healthy. But the tiger zodiac’s person has anxiety and stress in their careers and some of them are suffering from the problem of insomnia. They are a family-oriented person and would get the help from the relaxed and calm conversation with their family and friends to make them healthy and taking some holiday breaks from their work which make a big change in their health.

Careers that fit for the Tigers

Tigers are born as a leader. They will not like or not put their efforts into the job they don’t like. Though, they are known for their behavior of doing and give their best in anything. They always need a job where they show their skills rather than getting a forceful job. They don’t like to do their jobs just to earn money, but they want to show their skills as a leader. Rather than working for money, the tigers are fun to work. The highest positions in the field of management and leadership would fit on them.

Moreover, the tiger zodiac person is very suspicious and sometimes short tempers ones. They are regrettable for their wrong decisions and may end up losing their popularity and respect of others. The person who belongs to tiger zodiac will become a leader for sure if they want to listen to their workers or colleagues and try to think about your decision before making it true.

The best and perfect career for the person belongs to the year of the tiger are in the field of Writing, management, acting, artist, musicians, pilot, and comedian.

Celebrities Who Were Born in the Year of the Tiger

Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, Penn Badgley, Joaquine Phoenix, Jim Carrey, Penelope Cruz, Karl Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Marco Polo, Emmy Rossum, Alyson Hannigan, Ryan Phillippe, Jodie Foster, and many more.

Year of the Tiger 2020 Horoscope


The person with tiger zodiac is doing well in the field of communication. They always succeed in school and always get support from their family and social events. They will get some friends in this year 2020. Get some holidays to make themselves relaxed.


In the year 2020 and beyond, luck is coming in your path and you will get promoted to the highest position of career and all.  Success is in your favor in 2020, whether it’s some kind of rewards or gifts. You will get a ladder to climb to the top. The confidence in your working areas will get you to the top. Your closest one will help you to recommend you for promotions. Try your luck as per your lucky months to achieve your goals and success.

The lucky months for the person of tiger zodiac are March, June, September, and October.

The unlucky months for the person of tiger zodiac are February, April, July, August, and December.


Tigers are very sensitive to their health-related problems. This year will more crucial and challenging for your health. Ignoring your health condition may get you in a difficult condition and may end up with any health issues. Try to get some energy by eating healthy and nutritious things such as fruits, vegetables, and a protein-rich diet. Try to stay away from those foods which may lead to obesity, such as sweets, junk food, and fatty foods.


The lifestyles of the tigers in the year 2020 will give a positive effect on their education, lifestyle, relationship, etc. Confidence in your lifestyle will bring success and don’t be that arrogant streak. Take breaks to enjoy your holidays while taking care of physical health is a must. The relationship will test your abilities and people will appreciate your loyalty and kindness with real conversations.


For both single and the married couples, will not get many things in 2020. For married couples, you can expect some fun and romance with full loyalty and trust. For singles, you might get some joy with your friends and closeness with your friends will take you to the level of a happier lifestyle. Singles will make yourself comfortable and go on some blind dates, but don’t rely on that you will get your true love in this year. The year 2020 will make you better and polish your abilities.

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