What The 1955 Chinese Zodiac Means in Astrology

Who Is The Year Of The Goat?

The zodiac goat is the eighth animal among all the zodiac animals. Also, the eighth one to repeat a 12-year cycle of zodiac animals that appears in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The year of the goat is connecting with the earthly branches as an ordering system in astrology of East Asia. The goat comes at number eight of all the zodiac animals or signs as per Chinese astrology. The zodiac sign of the goat on Chinese astrology is referred to as Ram or sheep.

The energy of the goat is always on a high note, even when they are ill or tired. The person who belongs to the goat family is supportive, friendly, and compassionate. They love to spend their time with their loved ones and always enjoy their time in a relaxed and peaceful mood that helps to increase their popularity among others.

The Goat is associated with the earthly branches from the time of 1 PM to 3 PM to make an order system in Chinese astrology. They prefer the name Yin Yang where the Yin means goat and Yang means the earthly branch with the nature element “earth”.

What The 1955 Chinese Zodiac Means in Astrology

The goat in Chinese astrology means diplomatic and elegant people who love to face challenges and get success in that, but they want to live their lives in a relaxed and gentle place.  They promise to give respect and take respect always.

The branch is pair with the celestial stems with a 60-year calendrical cycle of the years. The goat associated with “Wei” which means earth. The year cycle built with the 5 important elements of nature which include fire, water, wood, metal, and earth.

The men who belong to the year of the goat phases are counted as real gentlemen. They always love to make new friends from around the world. No limitation will stop them and no matter where they are now, they always have seen themselves interactive with other people.

They are mature and listen to other opinions genuinely. They always make their good efforts to help others at any cost when they find that someone who is having trouble. They always make themselves free from all kinds of pressure and never do any kind of criticism of others. They always make themselves calm and peaceful during arguments.

At the correct time, they always try to give advice and tips for their good, but they are quite pessimistic. They always try to see the negative side of the things first which makes them anxious. These category people are always trying to hide their darkness and want to be enthusiastic. They have a bad habit of getting attention and are supportive.

Are Goat Women Reliable?

 The women who are born in the year of the goat phases are attentive and reliable ladies. They will notice the smallest details from their eyes. They are very sensitive to the needs of others and love to be a socialized person. They always perform all the tasks well and always keep themselves motivated. They are not good at all at solving problems, whatever the problems are. They always try to ignore the warnings and end up with all the work.

The women of this period want to live an organized life with high standards in higher society. The women of this phase are often feeling insecure and act like worrywarts. They have a kind nature, but they never feel a satisfied one.

Personalities and Characteristics Of Goats

The person having a goat zodiac sign is preservative and able to keep safe through any difficulties. They keep themselves silent and strong from the inner side, but their gentlemen tag will make them in a problem often. They are a motivated person with the capability of high tolerance. They observe others quietly and see all the aspects before making any decisions. They always complete their task successfully without act like a brash. They are very defensive when they face some dangerous situations.

The person of the goat years loves their family, children, environment, nature, and animals. They always need everything in an organized manner and they are tidy. They are generous about their money as well as time. They always feel the pain and problems of others and try to help them willingly. Sometimes, their stubborn nature will make difficulties in communication to make friends. They easily make friends in bulk because of their mild personality and nature. They always forgive others after listening to their point of opinions because of empathetic nature. They always try to solve the fight by making them keep silent.


The person of each zodiac animal has its different characteristics, whether it is love, wealth, health or something else. The compatibilities and their characteristics are decided as per the Chinese zodiac astrology, take into an account of the natural characteristics of each zodiac animal in the Chinese astrology. Only those people who have similar characteristics as per the zodiac signs are the perfect companions.

The person who is born in the year of the goat phase is the best compatible that you have ever seen and their perfect match goes to the Pig, Horse, and Rabbit. Whereas, the person of these phases is the worst compatibles with the Dog, Ox, and Rat.

When a person is a goat, they are most compatible with the horse because both of the animals will give importance to each other and help to make up for other’s problems. They both can build a strong relationship with each other with similar standards and prove as problem solvers.

The pig and rabbit are also perfectly compatible with the goat. They will get the attention of the goat. The goat also depends on the rabbit.   The relationship of the goat with pig is gentle, warm-hearted and proving themselves as the best candidate with the goat. They will work hard and help others as well. People that belong to the year of the goat will always encourage the person that belongs to the phase of horse and pig.

The compatibilities of the goat with the ox are always unhappy and both of them are stubborn. No one from the category of the Ox and goat is willing to take a step back in an argument and faces a difficult relationships with each other. The relation of the goat with the dog is always built in a rocky way and similarities are different from each other. People of the goat and dog will never understand each other.  Their relationship, nature, goals, dreams, and almost all the things are opposite.

Similarly, the compatibilities of the goat with the person from the rat zodiac sign are hard for them and their relationships are very weak and misunderstanding occurs easily between each other.  Whereas, the relationship between goats and rats are always loved with the purpose and unintentionally while the goats are making themselves in a silent mode.

Lucky Things for the Person Born in a Goat Phase:

Lucky number- 2, 8, and 9

Lucky color- Red, Purple, and Green

Lucky directions- North and North-West

Lucky flower- Primrose, Alice Flower, and Carnation

The lucky direction of love- North

Luck direction of wealth- South-West

Unlucky Things for the Person Who is Born in a Goat Phase:

Unlucky number- 6, 7, and 8

Unlucky color- Brown, Black, and Gold

Unlucky direction- South-West

Celebrities Who Are Born in the Year of the Goat

Thomas Edison, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Mark Twain, Zhang Ziyi, Matt LeBlanc, Claire Danes, Amy Lee, Rachel Carson, Jamie Lynn Spears, and many more.

Careers That Are Fit for the Goats

The goats always love to help others. Their career in the service field and industries are very suitable. The field such as caretaker, nurses, and taking care jobs are ideal for them. As we know, goats are intelligent and sensitive, so the fine arts are a perfect matching for their careers. 

The careers in teaching, typists, etc. are also best suitable for them because the goats give their best with full concentration.

Health and Lifestyle

Goats often have weak health because of seasonal changes in the weather. They are like a frustrated person and get always in stress. Even the small problems will catch their attention which makes them worried that lead to making them ill. The person from the goats often feel ill because of a cold, throat problem, and many other symptoms.  They have to keep the distance from cold food. Regular exercise will make their stable health. 

Year of the Goats 2020 Horoscope


The person with the goat zodiac has both success and misfortune in their academics. They wrong step and will make hurdles in their career path of education. As the year goes onward, their grades and academics will get improved.


In the year 2020 and beyond, good luck is coming in your path and you will get success on your job and you will get the benefits that are in your favor. Your character and gentle personality will make your journey wealthy. You will get a lot of rewards, promotions, opportunities, and bonuses a whole year. You never want to lose your money, which you earned it by hard work.

The lucky month for the person of a goat zodiac are January, February, May, September, and October.

The unlucky months for a person of the goat zodiac are March, July, and November.


Goats are often weak in their health problems. This year will be more crucial for most of your health, so you need to be alerted and stay away from cold foods. Otherwise, you can get the flu, a cold and cough. Try to maintain your health by doing exercise regularly and get some energy by eating a healthy and nutritious balanced diet.


The lifestyle of the goats in the year 2020 and beyond will give negative aspects in terms of success and failures in relationship, work, education, and lifestyle.  You will get a little success in 2020, but you will achieve your goals with the help of your hard work. Eating healthy food may make your health ideal and stable. Your luck will always change with your positive behavior and perseverance.


Love is coming into your life this year because luck is favoring you for both single and married couples in 2020. For married couples, you can expect romance when you try to think out of the box and plan some romantic trip also. For singles, you can get some relationships with the right person this year. Always try to put your attention and energy into your friendship. 

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