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Year of the Rat: Chinese Astrology Animal Guide

Year of the Rat: Chinese Astrology Animal Guide

Who Is The Year Of The Rat?

The zodiac rat is the first animal among all the zodiac animals. Also, the first one to repeat a 12-year cycle of zodiac animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The year of the rat is connecting with the earthly branches as an ordering system in astrology of East Asia.

Year of the Rat 2020 in Chinese Astrology

The rat is at a number that comes first in the zodiac animals or signs as per Chinese astrology. According to the myth of the Jade Emperor, he would decide the order in which they arrive at their party.

As per the Jade Emperor, the Ox was the first animal that placed in the night for the zodiac. The tiger has come at a second-place when they arrived in the morning. However, the Rat wisely jumped ahead of the ox and the tiger and made it to first place.

This is the reason that ox and tiger are pushed back to the second and third position. Apart from the protest, the rat will remain at the first place and ox and tiger will get settled on the second and third position of the zodiac animal in the Chinese astrology.

The rat is associated with the earthly branches from the time of midnight hours to make an order system in Chinese astrology. They preferred with the name of Yin and Yang where the Yin means earthly branches (water) and Yang means the rat that represents the beginning of the new day.

Are Rats Clever And Quick?

The rats in Chinese astrology means clever and quicker thinkers.  People who love to face challenges and get success in that, but they want to live their lives in a quiet and peaceful place. 

The branch is pair with the celestial stems with a 60-year calendrical cycle of the years. The rat is associated with “Zi” which means water. The year cycle built with the 5 important elements of nature which include fire, water, wood, metal, and earth.

The males who belong to the year of the rat phases are counted as a clever spirit. They are very adaptive and accept the new environment quickly. They are born with inbuilt creativity and with the help of their creativity, they will get a chance of opportunities often.

Sometimes, the people of this phase years are very lack of courage to do their work. Though they have carried great ideas in their minds, it may not be capable of handling the leadership positions. They are a family-oriented person, but their close ones might get jealous of them. They are quite multi-talented with strong will power. The people of this phase years will always finish what they have started in any field.

The women who are born in the year of the rat phases are traditional ladies. They will keep things in an organized way. They have a great space and love for their family.  They love to place value on the family. The females of these phase years will handle everything alone without the help of their husband or any men. They manage to take care of everything independently. They always show their ability and responsibility towards their work with a proper sense and knowledge, especially when they are working outside of the home.

What Are The Personalities and Characteristics of Rat Signs?

The person having a rat zodiac sign is loved by all. They are a sensitive and energetic person. They are optimistic and feel the pain and emotions of other people, but stubborn in their opinion. The personality of this phase of people is very kind, but because of their lack of communication skills, they come out to be rude and impolite.

Talking about the financial characteristic of the year of the rat, the people of this phase are stingy and waste all their money on unnecessary things because they are trying to show off and hoarding. They are possessive and are also known as the mood makers of their friend’s group. 


The individual of each zodiac animal has its characteristics, whether it is love, wealth, health or something else. The compatibilities are decided as per the Chinese zodiac astrology, take into an account of the natural characteristics of each zodiac animal in the Chinese astrology. Only those people who have similar characteristics as per the zodiac signs are the perfect compatibles.

The person who is born in the year of the rat phase is the best compatibles you have ever seen and their perfect match goes to the Dragon, Monkey, Ox, and Rabbit. Whereas, the person of these phases is the worst compatibles with the Goat, Horse, and Rooster.

When a person is a rat, they are most compatible with the Ox because both of the animals will give importance to each other and love to make sacrifices for each other. They both can build a fresh and a strong relationship with each other and having similar dreams and goals will make them easier to achieve their goals.

Dragon, Monkey, and Rabbit are also perfectly compatible with the rat. They will get the attention of the rat. The relationship with these animals with the rat is smooth, strong, and a supportive mutual respect. They will do a lot of hard work and help others as well.

The rat will always show their kind-hearted and positive side to the person who is born in the phase of the dragon, monkey, and rabbit. People that belong to the rat will always encourage the person that belongs to the phase of the dragon and monkey. Similarly, the relationship of rats with the monkey, dragon and rabbit are lovable and tend to live happy just like a family.

The compatibilities of the rat with the horse and goat are always clashing and unhappy. The relation of the rat with the goat is always built in a rocky way and attract each other just for their wealth. Their relationship, nature, goals, dreams, and almost all the things are opposite. The relationship of these people have never been on the correct path and end up in arguments.

Similarly, the compatibilities of the rat with the person from rooster zodiac signs are very hard for them to understand each other and difficult to sympathize each other. The relation of these zodiacs is coupled with a full of quarrel and arguments. Whereas, the relationship between a rat and rooster are always loved with the purpose and unintentionally while the rats are making themselves in a silent mode.

Lucky Things for the Person Who Born in Rat Phase:

Lucky number- 2 and 3

Lucky color- Gold, Green, Blue

Lucky directions- North-East and South-East

Lucky flower- Lily, African violet, and Valley lily

The lucky direction of love- West

Luck direction of wealth- East and South-East

Unlucky Stuff for the person who born in rat phase:

Unlucky number- 5 and 9

Unlucky color- Brown and Yellow

Unlucky direction- West and South

What Celebrities Born in the Year of the Rat?

William Shakespeare, Eminem, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Charles (Prince of Wales), John F. Kennedy, Prince Harry (Duke of Susses), Cameron Diaz, Zinedine Zidane, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Diego Maradona, Ben Affleck, Denise Richards, Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mata Hari, Alyssa Milano, Charlotte Bronte, and so on.

What Careers Are Fit for the Rats?

Rats are born to live independently. They will not put their efforts into a job they don’t love to do. Though, they are known to give their best in everything. They always need a job where they show their creativity rather than getting a lazy job done.

They don’t like to do their jobs for money, but they want to show their talent as they live in imagination and one of the best creatives. Rats are creative with fine details. The highest positions in the field of management and engineering would fit them.

Moreover, the rat zodiac person pays attention to their fine details. They are always fit for this technical work, especially in the field of engineering and architecture. They are regrettable because of the less courageous, but they are alert always. The lack of confidence and courage will make them unsuitable in the field of business, entrepreneur, police officers, politicians, and other leadership jobs. The person who belongs to the rat zodiac are good in financial decisions and also careful in investing time and money with friends.

The best and perfect career for the person belongs to the year of the rat are in the field of Authors, Editors, Artists, Engineers, Management, Financial stream and comedian.

Health and Lifestyle For Rats

Rats are often weak in health since childhood. They always love energetic people, but get tired quickly. They often felt ill frequently with some cold or other illness, but may not get any serious diseases. They are very sensitive when the temperature of the environment is changing.

Whether the temperature is cold or hot, they will often get some illnesses from them. They always enjoy longevity despite being sensitive.  Food is the love of the person who is born in the rat zodiac and love to eat anything from plain food to delicious food. They also pay attention to their diet. Sometimes they forget to eat when they are busy or have too much work. The worst enemies to the health of rats is smoking and drinking.  To maintain health, rats will often never forget to eat breakfast or do moderate exercise.  They always remain in a cheerful mood.

Year of the Rat 2020 Horoscope


The person with rat zodiac is performing decently in their academics. They always succeed when they do hard work whenever needed. Stress in education might let you down and makes you ill. They enjoy the whole year socially. But you have to take proper sleep and diet to make their concentration on studies. 


In the year 2020, luck is coming in your path after facing some challenges and you will get success in your job and get all the benefits that are in your favor in 2020. You will get a ladder to climb to the top. The clever nature, optimistic behavior, and quick thinking in your working areas will get you to the top and helps to achieve your goals. Your luck is booming financially over the entire year.

The lucky months for a person of the rat zodiac are March, September, and November.

The unlucky months for the person of rat zodiac are April, July, and October.


Rats are sensitive to their health problems. This year will more crucial for your health, so you need to get alerted. Ignoring your health condition will get you in a problem and may end up in illness. Try to get some energy by eating a healthy and nutritious diet.


The lifestyle of the rats in the year 2020 will have both positive and negative aspects in terms of success and failures in relationship, work, education, and lifestyle. Overall, the year going in a better way as compared to a typical zodiac year suggestion. Enjoy your holidays, while taking care of physical health is important and try to spend some time with your family.


Love is hard to come into your life this year because luck is not favoring you for marriage.  Married couples, you can expect some fun and romance with full trust when you try to push your hard time from your life. For singles, you can avoid a relationship this year. Better to enjoy your time with fun rather than stuck in a relationship.

Year of the Rat 2020 in Chinese Astrology

The Year of the Rat is the most common animal in Chinese astrology. During this time, many people will experience changes in their daily lives, including a reduction in immunity. This is especially true for those born during the Year of the Pig. Although small in nature, illnesses will affect a person’s day-to-day life. As a result, it is important to monitor your health and not overwork yourself, since minor ailments can be quite serious. However, the effects of this change will be minimal, and by the end of the Year of the Rat, you will have better physical health and lower health risks. Moreover, the Year of the Rat will be favorable for those who have a career in a creative field or have a career in the arts.

The Year of the Rat is the first of the 12 animal signs in Chinese astrology. It represents ambition and cunning tempered by the reality of the situation. As the Year of the Metal rat, you can expect to experience success and recognition. This type of person is usually persistent in overcoming adversity, and will often choose to stay at the top of the food chain. Its generosity is surprising, but they are never forgetful of minor mishaps.

The Year of the Rat is the most prosperous animal in the Chinese astrology, with the majority of people experiencing good health and wealth. It is particularly advantageous for businesses, since business activity is considered the most successful in Chinese culture. As for children, those born under this year are often emotional and observant. They can even cry for attention. Nonetheless, they are very possessive and dominating. And it is best to avoid bringing new people into your circle of friends during the Year of the Rat.

In the Year of the Rat, snakes will enjoy a resurgence in their relationships. They will achieve their goals in 2020, but they should also consider relaxing with friends and family. The Year of the Rat is a good year to invest in business ventures. It is the perfect time to build a solid foundation for your future. The future is exciting, but you must be patient and take steps to protect your financial resources.

The Rat will also bring improvements for snakes during the Year of the Rat. A snake born in the Year of the Rooster will receive more authority and recognition than ever before. In addition, a snake born in the Year of the Roostee will feel more emotionally open and will be able to express their emotions more freely. In the upcoming year, the rooster will be more patient than ever before.

The Year of the Rat is good for a person’s health. The rat can be a great asset for your career. It can also help you get ahead in your love life. The Rooster’s luck is a sign of abundance and prosperity, so it is advisable to make the most of it. With the right attitude, you’ll be able to navigate any trouble with ease.

The Rat will see improvements in their grades in the Year of the Rat. They’ll accomplish their goals in this year, so it is best to plan time to relax. A rat born in the Year of the Rooster will also experience new authority and recognition in their career. If you have the patience to wait for it, you’ll see a positive change in your love life. And if you’re a snake, you’ll be even luckier than a pig!

The Rat’s luck will be good, but if you are a snake, the Year of the Rooster is not as helpful. A person born during this year should spend their money wisely. It’s a good time to be enthusiastic and work toward your goals. You’ll see a positive change in your finances. A successful rat is more likely to achieve the goals of their Rooster and achieve their goal.