What is the Year of the Rooster?

Is The Rooster The 10th Sign?

In the Chinese horoscope, the rooster is the tenth sign. According to myth, the Jade Emperor invited the animals to his party. Meanwhile, the rooster was with other animals fighting evil spirits when the Jade Emperor’s invitation came. When they already had time to go to the party, the rooster was tenth in sequence to arrive. This explains why. The rooster is tenth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. In the Tibetan and the Gurung zodiacs, the bird is placed as replacement for the rooster.

2020 will be a year of a lot of pleasant surprises and disappointing downturns for this character.

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029. These are the rooster guys, born in these years. 12 years apart.

What is the Year of the Rooster?

The 2020 Chinese horoscope of the rooster advices that he devotes a lot of his time to his relationship with others. Whatever decisions he must make with regards to finances, career, family and health, he must analyze whether it has a positive influence effect on his relationship with family, friends and colleagues. Sometimes, if these horoscope advices go unheeded, the dominoes will know rapidly, one after the other, in a disastrous manner.

The rooster has an ego that is sometimes unreasonable. He walks with a flair that pretentiously displays his colorful feathers. He despises looking down on the floor and instead looks forward with his/her chin up, ready to take on anyone. As he goes about this self-esteem issue, he is well-dressed and dashing and give those models on the catwalk a run for their money.

One thing that the rooster is always up for the challenge are arguments and debates. He doesn’t run away from the challenge of talking and defending his causes and passions. That’s why, the rooster’s temperament is suited for the profession of a lawyer, philosopher, professor, lobbyist, marketer or advertiser.

The rooster might be argumentative and will not rest his case for what he believes in, but he is extremely conservative and old fashioned. He is also conscientious of his promises and he will do his best to fulfill them.

Is The Rooster Family Oriented?

The rooster is family oriented and if possible, wants to have as many children as possible. One reason for this is the rooster wants as many people as possible to back him up with his beliefs, principles, and decisions. And he believes the best allies are family members.

The rooster is a complicated person and may appear to have a strong personality. But deep inside, he needs validation. He requires a lot of I LOVE YOUs from his loved ones to move on with his life.

The rooster’s lucky crystals are aquamarine and turquoise. Mandarin ducks will protect him against temptations to commit adultery, thus ensuring a healthy romantic relationship with his partner.

Essential oils and purifying herbs are important this year 2020 for ensuring the rooster’s perfect health.

The rooster should have a crystal tree with a design of his choice around his home or office. This tree is a magnet for happiness and prosperity.

If the rooster needs to go somewhere, his lucky routes are to the west, southwest and northeast. And he should take heed of the numbers 3, 5 and 8 because they are lucky digits to him. The unlucky numbers are 2 and 6.

If the rooster needs to choose from a range of colors, he should prefer gold, brown, or black. He should avoid red, yellow, and purple.

The rooster is compatible with the ox or the snake. If the rooster is attached, his romantic affairs should never be dragged down by the mundane daily affairs of life. Especially now in this age of home quarantine, where a lot of people including roosters are forced to stay home, boredom, due to the prevalent conditions, should never be a factor in wrecking your romantic relationship.

In the second quarter of 2020, from April to June, if the rooster is unattached, he or she should be sensitive to feelers in the environment for the RIGHT PERSON because that person should be just right beside him and he ignored her! For the rooster who is attached, spice up your love life with more exerted effort than before. Don’t let your loved one feel isolated or unattended to.

Planetary alignments in the third quarter (July to September), will be fortunate for the unattached rooster. But attached roosters, beware, in this period. A lot of temptations and deviations will abound that will try to destroy your relationship which you built out of passion and sweat.

The fourth quarter 2020, for the attached rooster, will be a period of calmness and tenderness. It will be smooth sailing. For the unattached, be on the lookout. The right one will just be around the trenches.

How Will Love Be For The Rooster?

Overall, in 2020, Love will be the event which has most fortune for the rooster. Career, wealth, and health will take a backseat to love, but it doesn’t mean that these three important life aspects will be left unattended.

Roosters are often not very healthy, and they are picky eaters. They should take care of their health more so than their more healthier zodiac counterparts. They usually have problems with their digestive system because of their pickiness with food.

Famous roosters are Michael Schumacher (Formula one), Bob Marley (reggae legend), Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Elton John, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman (actors/singers), Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Roger Federer (tennis), Yassir Arafat (Palestine leader), Osama Bin Laden (Arab warrior), Beyonce and Jay-z (power rooster couple), Aung San Suu Kyi (Asian leader), Rodrigo Duterte (Philippine president), Winston Churchill (British prime minister),

Xing Tai Sui (year of trouble). 2020 is the year of the rat and it is a year of trouble for the rooster.

Being self-centered and wanting a lot of interest on self, the rooster will not be gaining any ground in 2020. The rooster should be able to adjust his personality to the demands of the times. Instead, his best features of loyalty and punctuality should be paraded out in the year of Xing Tai Sui. Or some folks would visit and worship in the temple before Lichun or Beginning of Spring (February 4) to burn joss papers.

Tai Sui, or the Grand Duke of Jupiter, is said to be offended by the rooster as well as by the rabbit, horse, goat, and the rat itself in the year 2020 (which is the year of the rat). This means these animals’ energy fields are negatively affected by the unstable energy of Jupiter. These zodiac signs are expected to suffer misfortune and bad luck in 2020. To appease Tai Sui, before Chinese New Year, people need to go to the temple to worship, regardless if their zodiac sign got the wrath of Tai Sui.

Can you believe, the internet music app, Spotify, has entered the Chinese horoscope bandwagon Lin, the famous Singaporean singer, is a rooster and he has a playlist in Spotify to represent his zodiac sign. Likewise, other Chinese zodiac signs are represented thru other Asian celebrities. This goes to show that Chinese culture is very influential, and Spotify wants a piece of the billion people pie.

Speaking of commercialism, Marvel has also jumped in. Its editors have assigned one superhero to be linked to each Chinese Zodiac sign. In the case of the rooster, it has been linked to the super genius hero Amadeus Cho. He is described as multi-talented, philosophical and hardworking. He first appeared in the Marvel comic Amazing Fantasy #15 in the year 2005.

The rooster is also distinctly linked to the China arts scene. The Chinese Oscars, uniquely called The China Golden Rooster Awards give recognition to outstanding achievements in various Chinese media during a particular year. And China has been doing this since 1981 when this award body was established. The China Golden Rooster Awards are sponsored by the Chinese Federation of Literary Art Circles and the China Film Association. The Chinese take their art seriously and the rooster has got something to do with it.

The rooster is also associated with positive vibe Chinese idioms. Like “wen ji qi woo” which means to get up to practice martial arts on hearing the crow of the rooster and “jin ji bao xiao” which means the golden rooster crows at dawn.

Is There Anything Negative About Roosters?

There are also negative vibe Chinese idioms connected to roosters/chickens. “Ji fei dan da” refers to the chicken has flown away, and the eggs are broken. Means a lose-lose situation. “Ji dan li zhou gu tou” means looking for bones in an egg (a metaphor of being deliberately critical).

Which is to say in conclusion, that the rooster in the Chinese Zodiac horoscope has good and bad qualities. Loyal and punctual but has fragile health. Not very wise in money matters but very strong when it comes to principles and very family oriented. The rooster deserves a book to explain the whole spectrum of its complicated personality.

What is a zodiac rooster and how is this related to our zodiac sing in Astrology? Here in this article, we will learn about the rooster Chinese Zodiac in Astrology. As we all know that rooster is a cockerel bird. This is related to Chinese Zodiac people in astrology. Our astrology expert has given a definition about rooster in Chinese Zodiac in astrology and they divided it a few years in a slot. They have been given a name as per their astrology experiences because they had some experience and found something different with the people who born in these rooster men and women. A rooster year comes after every 12 years in the Chinese zodiac.

If we check in the past years and then find that which years were roster years, then we can see them as the years 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017 comes in Chinese zodiac years in astrology. In the future, the rooster year is about to come in the year 2029. Rooster people have some special characteristics in themselves and are known for their faith and nicety.

What Are The Lucky Numbers For Rooster Signs?

For rooster people, their fortunate numbers are 5, 7 and 8. Their fortunate flowers are impatiens, gladiola, cockscomb. Their fortunate colors are gold, brown, brownish yellow and fortunate directions are west, southwest and northeast. These people honest, radiant, sociable and always joyful. The people who are born in these years are beautiful, cute and innocent. These people keep their trust on others.

Rooster people always meet with their best life partners and always find romantic and in nice thoughts for each other. They love to each other and respect one another. These couples understand each others feelings and they understand their love requirements and are capable to fulfill their dreams. These marriages always get success and really enjoy their love life. They love their family a lot and always do everything to complete all of their needs.

Rooster people find that their best life partner is with the Ox and Snake sign people. Rooster people once got married with these zodiac signs. It was found by our astrologer that they always have a successful love life. Such people, if they get married with these people have a complete, joyful, and consistent married life. The relationship between wife and husband always remain positive and they are always truthful and honest for each other.

For the zodiac sign people, such as rabbit, dog, rat and horse people, these rooster people should keep distant with these men and women because they always give a negative sign for rooster people and they are always found negative with the rooster men and women. They can make a completely unsuccessful life for these roster people. This is the reason that rooster men and women cannot have marriage with these negative sign people.

Do Rooster Signs Feel Misunderstood?

They always feel a misunderstanding and no faith between each other. They fall in unwanted troubles later on. These people are not capable to manage these things between each other due to the above 5 mentioned signs. Their relationship becomes unsuccessful later on.

Our astrologer has an analysis on the rooster in the Chinese zodiac calendar. They have found that rooster Chinese zodiac people are signs of faith and wisdom.

People who are born in these rooster Chinese years, found that with being an accountable person, well marked, smart people and who are capable to manage their wealth. People who born in these years get excited quickly to do something. Rooster Chinese Zodiac people are trustworthy men and women. We can trust in these people. These rooster people never cheat us. They always win our trust for other people and in the same way, they always make trust with others as well.

Rooster people are self dependent, adequate, and emotional people and these qualities makes gives them strength to get success. But there are some weaknesses found in these people and this can be, not having enough patience, brittle, freakish, generic and egotistical.

As per our astrologer, rooster people have a bright future and are always found to get their success easily in their careers. Rooster people always get higher positions in their life. If we talk about your working partners, even if they are your colleague, co-worker, or your team leaders, and other teammates, then the sign Ox, Dragon and Snake sign people do work best with rooster people. Now, if suppose the people who want to start their own business after age 50, the chances of a successful business person after this age is high.

Current Year 2020 Fortune for Rooster People – If we talk about Chinese Zodiac people and especially for those who born in rooster years, such men and women have their bright fortune in this current year. For these people love life will run on its right way. For such people, they can easily make their girl friend or boy friend and can keep their faith on their relationship for a long time.

People who are born in different years of the same zodiac sign vary in characteristics. Birth year 1945 and 2005 are known as Wood Rooster and these people are known for strong, jocular, family caring person.
Birth year 1957 and 2017 are known as Fire Rooster and these people are known for punctuality, faithful and excellent for handling their wealth. Birth year 1909 and 1969 are known as Earth Rooster and these people are so much dreadful, searching and always like to visit for travelling place with their family and friends.

Birth year 1921 and 1981 are also known as Metal Rooster and these people are known for having their sharp knowledge, extraordinary thing, and they are very strong to handle every difficulties of their life. Birth year 1933 and 1993 are known as Water Rooster and these people are very good people, they are sentient, and always found quick way for something and with their goodness.

Is July A Fortunate Month For Rooster Signs?

The people born in Rooster year will have their best fortune in the month of July and this month will support them in various ways in comparison of other months. In society, these people are sociable, so you will have a lot of friends due to their friendly nature and way of talking. And these people always get support from others people if they are their friends, relatives or others known person to them.

People born in the rooster years and do not find their good friends with people who are born in Tiger, Sheep, Monkey and Pig sign years. These people have great qualities such as they are fleshliness, revival, and cultural people. These people are born kinder and ready to face all of lifes challenges.

The rooster born people are always appreciated for their hardihood, vanity, discretion, vigor and integrity. But sometimes, we find that people born in rooster years do not find their good company with another rooster or rat rooster people. And so they always live like an enemy for each other. The relationship between the Rooster and Rabbit is also not good due to their different attitude. This year 2020 is good for Cancer zodiac people, because this year will bring more of benefits of these people. These people can plan and think for their higher career goal and can approach for in their way.

Current Year 2021 Fortune for Rooster People -In every person views, a God is a paramount and first choice of every person trust. God is usually considered as being a super natural power who knows everything. God know about our past, present and future because he has created us in this beautiful earth and created our fortune also.

People who are born in the rooster year have the fortune for these people in the coming year 2021. It will be bright for these people in many terms of their life. These people will have their strong love relationship and but these people need to be careful because if these people do not pay attention to their life problem then they can face many problems in their own life.

What Year Will Love Improve For Rooster Chinese Zodiac Signs?

The coming year 2021 is almost fine for those who born in the rooster year. These people will have strength in terms of better love live and enough money to manage their life. They will have many resources to reach their career goal easily. Your little efforts in your love life will give you more happiness and you will enjoy your life. These people will be promoted on higher position at their working place and will get hike in their salary.

So finally we came to know that Rooster people are more capable people than other zodiac sign people born in other years. Rooster people, love their career, health, social life and everyday living. They are more successful than normal zodiac people born in another year.

For rooster people, their family is everything for them and they really respect their family and care for their family, they always understand the requirements of their family and fulfill them. They always approach for a good living life. They have friendly nature and are helpful for other people. They do trust on their friends and their friends are also trustable on these people. Roosters in Chinese Zodiac, people are known as superior in everything.

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