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Ox Chinese Zodiac Astrology Definitive Guide

Ox Chinese Zodiac Astrology Definitive Guide


What is the Ox Chinese Zodiac?

The Ox is within the Chinese Zodiac the second animal, or stage in the 12 year Chinese cycle. This sign illustrates the proverb “Haste makes waste”. This is a very down to Earth, “in your face” person, that which emanates honesty and balance and trustworthiness from the first glimpse. Much like the equivalent animal.


Here are some basic elements about this Chinese sign which are amplified during the respective year.

The animal in Chinese is called: Chou.

The element that it represents is Earth: Tu (the Earth)

The sign’s polarity is Yin, a feminine polarity, though the symbol is a very masculine one.

Season: Winter.

Month: January

Correspondent in the occidental Horoscope: Capricorn

Top quality: Perseverance

Beneficial colors: Green, Dark Blue

Beneficial fragrance: Incense

Favorite flavor: Sweet

Beneficial plants: Carnations, Pear Tree

Specific crystal: Topaz, Amber, Lapis Lazuli

Specific metal: Copper

Beneficial musical instrument: Tuba

Lucky Feng Shui Spot: North/North- East

Lucky number: 1

Most efficient time of the day: between 1 – 3 AM.

General compatibility with other Chinese zodiac signs: Snake, Rooster, Ox

Worst compatibility with the other Chinese Zodiac signs: Horse, Tiger


As with all the Chinese Zodiac, signs depend on the birth years of people, and not on every month as with the Western Horoscope. Each sign influence one year every 12 years.

So people born on the following years are under the influence of the Ox sign: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033, 2045, 2057 and further on.

However, please note that we are talking about the Chinese New Year, and not about the calendar year. So every sign starts, depending of the respective year at the end of January or February. So if you are born at the end of the year, or at the beginning of the year, verify with great precision if you are under the influence of the Ox or the nearby signs.

What Are Some Values For Ox Chinese Zodiac?

Generally the people born during these years of the Ox, are creating their entire lives around fixed and precious values, such as the quality of their hard labor, duty sense and strict discipline.

They favor material values, all that is practical and connected to home activities. They also favor cleanliness, honor, respect, fairness. They are people with a strong spine in all they do or decide for their lives and the lives of those around them. The principle that they guide their life by, are very rarely changed or denied.

Main Traits Of The Ox

You can notice for the majority of these Ox-born people, their very well organized mind, with a good clarity of all details. However, they continuously search for guidance and confirmation.

They are stubborn, which is not a negative fact, if used in order to reach their targets. They are stimulated by clear rewards and objectives that they envisage, from the very beginning having as their own. So everything else, appears just like a matter of time.

Sometimes the Ox is a proud person that could hide its emotional vulnerability, or even quite naivety.

The refuge of this sign is most of the times towards work and profession, where he or she doesn’t take criticisms or offenses, lightly.

Generally this is a calm and silent individual, but in reverse, its fury gets very loud and aggressive on everybody else.

They don’t forget and forgive easily, especially if they’re holding a grudge. They will remember a conflict over long periods of time.

What Are Some Life Lessons For Ox?

No matter their life circumstances, which are completely variable from one another, we can say, however, that there is one mutual element that all Ox-born individual have to get through during their life. And this is not a compulsory fact, however it will make their life generally easier, bring them more into the joyful flow of life.

They need to learn how to and to succeed in overcoming their preconceptions that up to a great degree prevent them from entering full and deep connections with the others. They are great engines for the rest, however this is not enough for a fulfilled living. So their challenge is to open themselves and let the right people get close to their core. Which trust us, it is not easy to do for such an independently smart individual. This can be done by appreciating their valuable traits and recognizing them within others. Because there is enough space in their hearts for others. This is no issue for an Ox.

How Is Communication With Ox Signs?

The Ox is not the greatest diplomat or poet. So they will not be deeply motivated to make powerful declarations of metaphorical affirmations, not even if strongly in love. Anyway, they are not the typical “burn with passion” person. Their actions are strong, but from determination, resolve and mental power, somehow lacking in the romantic dimension. They love facts, thought after facts, value them and will be impressed with factual results, not with words.

So, when you want to communicate with them, bring them strong and practical arguments, show them the numbers of situations, the advantages and the structure of everything that you want to tell him about.

Family and close friends are their point of comfort and retreat. They do not develop shallow discussions and encourage short, true communication.

What Are Great Professions For Ox Zodiac Signs?

Here are some preferred professions for all people born in the years of the Ox: manager, trader, art/movie critic, financial expert, legal expert, scientist, politician, businessman, broker, detective, spy, journalist, writer, archaeologist, army officer, All the professions that an Ox is tempted to follow during a lifetime, are based on these strong innate characteristics.

They are very punctual and organized, they have a great memory and will fulfill their tasks by any price. They are great advisers and impartial analysts. No matter the activity field, they are inclined to manage everything, everybody, to lead into achieving great results.

They have a tendency to work by themselves without the collaboration of many, and to get this way, a high productivity. That’s why they look very hermetic and sometimes even like the workaholic-type.

No matter the activity, they are made for greatness and are, almost every time, driven towards great accomplishments. Their responsibilities will increase to the same extent.

Due to their hard working characteristics, Oxen will generally have money under any circumstances. Even if they are not the richest, they will always have the resources and openness to cover their needs, together with their family needs.


In the position of friends or lovers, the Ox will be strong, protective, loyal and sincerely loving. They become that partner that you know you can trust at any time in the day or night. Because once they decide that you are worthy, they will not change their mind and will be on your side, no matter what. However it is not easy to become their close one, or ones. They are not very empathetic and not often display their true troubled emotions and perceptions. Also, they find it difficult to interpret their partner’s feelings.

Others tend to perceive Ox people as being too serious and incapable to relax. However, they don’t really take into account the others opinions on them. At the same time, people generally tend to have a deep respect for the Ox, even if from the distance, as he/ she is always a man/ woman of his/ her word. Under stressful situations the Ox can represent an anchor, a safe space for the others, due to its innate calm and balance sense, no matter how bad things may look.


The reverse of their traits is mainly their inflexibility and seeing one sided everything. They are determined to make things better only their way, strictly the way they have already planned everything, even if this means that they go into some absurd or useless situations, sometimes. This doesn’t happen often, because despite the appearance, the Ox doesn’t jump into an idea without a solid base first. However, there are situations when they are wrong from the very start, or when circumstances change, yet they are unable to move to another path of action.

They react badly if they feel forced or manipulated into doing something, even if that is a good idea. And despite their general calm, they will have a strong furious explosion, just like an infuriated ox seeing red.

They feel often times, lonely and alone in all their interests and plans.

2021: Year of the Metal Ox

So we are preparing for a new year of the Ox in 2021. New Ox people to be born, and the influence of the Ox all over. This time we will get a metal influence over the already ultra-strong, hard-working Ox ways. This influence represents even more core power and resistance. We’re talking now of a steel strength and determination.

Everybody will be pressured, not just Oxen, to work with extra efforts to complete and achieve whatever plans they have long term determined. We will see a lot of inflexibility everywhere, but at the same time trustworthiness, which in compensation will lead all actions towards the best interest of people. Emotions and emotional outbursts will become less important, thus logic and strategy will lead everybody on a daily and periodical basis.

Is 2021 a Lucky Year For Oxes?

If you’re in the astrological sign of Ox, you may have wondered whether you’ll find yourself lucky in 2021. The Chinese calendar states that this year is a “year of metal.” The element metal is one of the five in the Chinese zodiac, and the traits associated with it are quite compatible with people born under the Ox. But there’s some uncertainty about the meaning of this year – is it lucky for Oxes or just for you?

If you’re an Ox, you can expect to have a good year in love during the Ox year of 2021. You’ll find a Snake man who is charming, and a Snake woman who is beautiful and successful. But be warned – both of these characters are possessive and will try to gain your undivided attention. Therefore, it’s best to avoid committing to the year of the Ox if you want to be lucky in love.

If you’re single, you’ll find it easier to make love in the Ox year. This is because the energy of the Ox is extremely positive, and will facilitate relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. In addition, it will be easier to find a partner than you think if you’re single and will be able to spend time with your family. But if you’re married, you may get blessed with a long-awaited child!

In terms of the year ahead, the Ox year of 2021 is a lucky one for those born under the sign of Ox. It’s a good time to consolidate your old ideas and wishes in order to achieve your goals. A lot of hard work and patience are required in this year, but you won’t have to exert yourself too much to make things happen. A little extra effort and discipline can go a long way in your life.

Those born under the sign of Ox can expect an auspicious year in love in 2021. They can expect to find their soul mate during July. A Rooster native will be proud of their achievements and wants to be the center of attention. In a relationship, a Rooster can be happy with an Ox or a Snake, but they should avoid the Monkey, Rat, or Snake. In this year, disagreements are more powerful than love.

In the year of the Ox, health is the most important aspect of your zodiac horoscope. If you’re an ox, you can expect good health in the year of 2021. However, it’s important to exercise more than usual, since this will ensure that your health will stay in good condition. A green agate bracelet with the Ox sign will help you stay healthy in the next year.

The first half of the year of the Ox is a favorable time for love. Marriages will be more successful and happier than ever before. If you’re a single, you may meet the person of your dreams in the last three months of the year. If you’re married, a child might be on the way. If you’re single, you might also fall in love in the first few months of 2021.

The political trends for the year of the Ox will remain stable. But there’s a chance for a windfall. You should also look to expand your network and strengthen your contacts. The 7th and ninth lunar months have the highest wealth luck. But it’s best to be cautious not to overextend yourself. You should stick to your budget and plan ahead. If you’re not in a hurry to get married in 2021, you can wait until the first month of the year to begin networking.

In the early part of the year, the Ox is favorable for marriage. If you’re married, the Ox will make great efforts to make your partner happy. But singles who have never found love will be attracted to someone who’s flexible and willing to compromise their own desires. If you’re single, you’ll have a special someone come into your life in the early months of the year.

What Zodiac Month is the Ox?

If you’re wondering what zodiac month the Ox falls under, you are not alone. Many people are curious about this month for several reasons, from its symbolism to its meaning. This article will provide you with information about this animal and its relationship to the other zodiac signs. The Year of the Pig is a month when the lion is the governing sign. It is associated with the tiger. The ram is the ruling sign, and the ox represents the earthly branch.

The Chinese zodiac is based on the 12-year cycle of animals. The ox is the second animal, and the name is derived from the ancient term niu, which means “cow.” The word niu also means bull or a neutered bovine. This makes the zodiacal ox a male or female animal. This month is associated with the hours 1-3am. The ox is considered to be an earthly branch, and it is a good time to start new projects.

The Year of the Ox is associated with the Black Warrior in ancient mythology. It is associated with the stars Beta Taurus. In modern astronomy, the Black Warrior is a related sign. The ox is also associated with the Earthly Branch, and the Black Warrior. Whether you choose to believe this or not, it’s a year of change.

The Year of the Ox is a year in the Chinese calendar that starts Feb. 12 and ends on Jan. 31. The ox is related to the Chinese zodiac and is the second animal in the 12-year cycle. In Chinese mythology, the ox is also known as niu, which refers to bulls, cows, and other members of the bovine family. The zodiacal ox may be a male or a female, and the earthly branch symbol chou is associated with this year.

The Ox is the second-most compatible zodiac sign. It is highly compatible with the Rooster, Snake, and Dragon. These three signs are complementary in intellect and are slow to make decisions. However, the Ox is not the best match for the Dragon, as it is too boisterous and will attempt to dominate the relationship. If the ox and the dragon are compatible, the ox is the best match.

The Ox is the most common animal of the Chinese zodiac. The ox is the most common animal, and is ruled by the rat. The rat is the first in the cycle. The ox is the most powerful sign in the Chinese astrology system. These people are quick-witted, determined, and dependable. In fact, their zodiac months correspond to the Tiger, the lion, and the tiger.

The Ox’s designation as the year’s guiding star is pronounced zhi, which is the name of its sign in the Chinese zodiac. The ox is the fourth-most common animal in the Chinese zodiac, and the Chinese calendar uses twelve years. Interestingly, the ox is the most commonly translated animal, and is not always a literal ox.

The Ox is the most common animal in the Chinese zodiac. The Ox is the second-most common animal in the Chinese zodiac and is a great animal to be associated with. As a year of the ox, you are a stable, fair, and unchanging person. You should be trustworthy and honest, and this will help you in all aspects of your life. You will also be happy in the Year of the ox.

The Year of the ox is the second animal in the Chinese zodiac. The ox is associated with the Earthly branch, the hours of the morning, and the rat, which is a symbol of the yin and yang. In Chinese culture, the ox is considered a sacred animal. If it’s the second animal of the zodiac, the ox is related to the first one.

The Ox is known for its diligence, dependability, and strength. It is the head of the group and is a leader. It is a good choice for a partner as it is a good match for your career. Its luck is related to your health. If you’re looking for a companion, the ox is likely to be a tiger. Its mate is the ox.

What Does Year of Ox Bring?

The Chinese calendar predicts that the Year of the Ox will be a year of stability, prosperity, and growth. Though this year may be less favorable than previous years, it will still be better than others. The world should be less stagnant this year than it was in recent years. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, including the time and place of occurrences. Here are some suggestions to make your Year of the Ox the best ever.

Career-wise, the Ox is a good year to make a change. You should work harder to earn a steady salary and establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship. You should be more bold when falling in love. If you are a single Ox, you should be braver when it comes to love. Your relationship with your partner should be harmonious. You should also try to get more exercise to avoid injury. The Ox year is also good for romance.

Career-wise, the Ox of 2021 is an important year. Those born in this year are likely to be practical and honest, but they are also prone to getting into trouble. A thorough physical exam is recommended at the beginning of the year. Be careful about high-risk activities during this time. The second half of the year is when you might experience negative emotions and insomnia. In order to get through this year, you should exercise and get more in touch with nature.

Success-wise, the Year of Ox can be a time for building up your career and making a positive impact on your life. It is a good year to focus on your goals and stick to your routines. The Year of the Ox can bring you great luck and success, but it is also a year of responsibilities. The Year of the Pig is an exciting one for your career. In fact, you should take advantage of it.

The Year of the Ox brings its share of responsibility. The goal is to become more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to overcome those. By making the right plans and avoiding pitfalls, the Year of the Ox can help you achieve your goals. If you are a successful businesswoman, the Year of the Pig will be a great time for you to grow professionally and financially. Whether you work in the entertainment industry or in the finance sector, the Year of the Yin is a wonderful time to be in your life.

As the Year of the Ox is a metal animal, it is expected to be soft, passive, and steady. In addition, you’ll have to be cautious and remain disciplined during the year. The Year of the Yin is a very dynamic and unyielding year, but the benefits are worth the extra effort. Be persistent and be prepared to face all your challenges with stamina. You’ll need to keep in mind that the Chinese Zodiac has a calendar of twelve signs, and that each sign has different rules and traditions.

The Year of the Ox is a metal animal, so you should expect the year to be slow, soft, and passive. If you have this blood type, the best things in life will come to you in this year. If you’re a Snake, you can expect to make friends with people with the same blood type as you. The Ox is the most stubborn animal, so if you’re a Rat or a Snake, you can easily befriend the lucky sign.

If you’re born during the Year of the Ox, you should be able to be a realist. Those born under this sign are logical and simple. They’re also inclined to follow their own path. These traits are valuable to a lawyer or a consultant. Those with this zodiac are conscientious and focused, which are essential characteristics of a person. They’re good at many kinds of jobs, but they may not be right for you in every situation.

What Does the Year of the Ox Mean in Chinese Zodiac?

The ox represents the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, so if you’re born during this year, you’ll be the Year of the Ox. This year is also the second of the lunar cycle and should have been the first animal in the zodiac. Its placement in the zodiac is based on the myth of the Great Race. The Jade Emperor, a powerful Taoist god, decided to hold a race to choose the guards to protect his realm. The winners of the race became the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, and the next 12 won the honor of being the animals of the day.

The Year of the Ox is the metal animal, and people born in this sign are characterized as slow and passive. They tend to believe in themselves and don’t change their minds. They are often uncompromising and hate challenges and failure. But, they’re also reliable, trustworthy, and honest. Despite their grumpy nature, people born in this year are also likely to be trustworthy and dependable.

The Ox’s stubbornness is a characteristic that sets them apart from other animal signs. The Horse and the Sheep are both stubborn, and their temperaments may conflict. In the same way, the Ox is often regarded as a hard worker. Zodiac experts believe that the ox will be blessed with success because of this reputation. In this sense, the Year of the ox is a reward for hard work, and people born in the Year of the Ox will do well in the work world.

The Ox represents the second animal in the Chinese zodiac. It’s an independent and dependable person. They need a quiet place to do their work. These traits can lead to an isolated life with few friends. The ox can be a bit slow when it comes to communication and feelings, but once they establish a strong sense of self-confidence, they’re hard to get rid of.

The Ox is considered to be an indifferent and indecisive sign in the Chinese zodiac. Although they are very fastidious, their feelings are rarely changed and they usually have an incredibly strong opinion. They can be very loyal and dependable, but they have a tendency to be opinionated and stubborn. A person born in the Year of the ox should be honest and trustworthy.

An ox is one of the most trustworthy and dependable animals in the Chinese zodiac. This sign is honest and reliable. It is a sign of leadership and will take responsibility for the people around it. They are often independent and can work for long periods of time. They are hardworking and reliable, and will support those around them. If you’re born during the Year of the ox, you’re a true leader.

A person born under the Year of the Ox will be stubborn and indifferent. They are unlikely to change their mind, and they don’t like to show emotion. However, if you’re a person born in the Year of the ox, you’ll be diligent, honest, and hard-working. And if you’re in love with the Ox, you’ll probably want to make sure that your partner is a loyal person.

An Ox is trustworthy and reliable. A man born under the year of the ox is responsible and has high expectations for his family. If he’s married to an ox, he’ll be dependable and trustworthy. If you’re not, he’ll be a reliable and loving partner. It’s a good time to start a new relationship with the Ox.

The Ox is the first of the 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Its meaning is different for every animal. In Chinese, the word for ox is niu. The niu is the equivalent of cows and bulls. The niu is also used to refer to a neutered bovine. Your zodiac ox can be either male or female.