What is The Horse Horoscope?

The Chinese zodiac is made up of 12 animals on a 12-year cycle; one animal for each consecutive year. The horse horoscope is our primary focus today and we’ll be looking at all the aspects of what makes the horse so unique.

What is The Horse Horoscope?

The horse is present in the years 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026. As you can see, the horse appears in years that jump for every twelve cycles. The same goes for the other animals as well.

Each Chinese zodiac sign is provided with a cluster of lucky and unlucky numbers. These numbers are actually more of a psychological aspect than simple mystique, giving reference to personality traits and clues to their expected lifestyles. In the horse daily horoscope, the numbers 2, 3 and 7 are said to bring them luck.

Two is a particularly lucky number in Chinese culture. The meaning of two is pretty straight forward: it means for something to come in a pair or to be a twin. Since the Chinese believe good things happen in twos, it is incrementally quite lucky in itself to have two as a good luck number.

Three is another number associated with good luck in the Chinese culture since it represents birth and the Chinese consider marriage, birth, and death the three most important aspects of one’s life.

Seven is a rather unfortunate number to have for a lucky number as its worded translation means “cheat”. As you will see later, this is actually quite a common factor in the lives of people falling into the year of the horse horoscope.

As with anything, there is a negative to the positive, the balancing act of life, and those of the horse have unlucky numbers too, as do all the other animals of the Chinese zodiac. The unlucky numbers for a horse sign are 1, 5 and 6.

One quite simply means “the first” and this, as you will see alongside 7 later on, fits the horse perfectly, especially where the personality is concerned. Five is neither considered lucky or unlucky in culture as it represents the elements metal, fire, water, wood, and earth.

However, on deeper observation, it also represents materialism which can be an unhealthy obsession in material objects for some. Six translates to “Liu” and it confers a smooth, rich life. For horses and their personality – which will be explored in a bit – this can be quite unlucky since they are always on the go. In Chinese culture, six is considered to be a lucky number because, obviously, everyone wants a happy, quiet life.

Lucky And Unlucky Colors For Horse Horoscopes

Each Chinese zodiac sign is attributed a sequence of lucky and unlucky colors. For the horse horoscope, their lucky colors are yellow and green. The psychology and significance of green for the horse represents its emotional and intellectual balance, meaning it is both intelligent but quite an emotional character as well.

Green signifies renewal and rebirth. The psychology and significance of yellow for a horse represents its energy. People born in the horse daily horoscope have a lot of energy and yellow is a great mascot for that.

Now, the unlucky colors for the horse horoscope are blue and white. Blue, in psychology and significance, represents stability and order. For the horse, this is quite unlucky since they don’t like being told what to do and have so much energy that they don’t know what to do with it. Being ordered then goes against what they want.

In fact, people born in the year of the horse thrive on chaos due to it being an outlet for their extroverted and energetic natures. They prefer spontaneity over stability and order. White represents new beginnings and forgiveness. Horses have long memories and this is unlucky for them since people born under the sign of the horse are not known for their forgiving nature.

What Is The Makeup Of A Horse Sign?

Each Chinese zodiac animal is attributed a personality, particularly the personality of the animal it represents and this then is correlated with the person who is born in a specific year. In other words, the person born in the year of a specific animal shares the same traits as the animal in question.

People born under the banner of the horse are highly social creatures. They love being the center of attention and spend most of their time surrounded by other people.

However, they do not like being ordered about and prefer more autonomy in their life. Additionally, those born under the horse horoscope are highly spirited individuals, full of energy and vigor. Their attitude is often beset by quick wit and sarcasm but it is often meant in good humor.

The negative side to horse sign’s personality is their cunning and self-centeredness. People born under the horse sign often display traits of manipulation and wanting, doing so in order to get their way.

If you look back at the numbers associated with the horse sign, you’ll see how they reflect certain aspects of the associated personality and expectant lifestyles. The number 7 then, considered lucky for those of the horse horoscope, fits into the personification of their cunning. They want to be recognized, they want their ego stroked, and they will use cunning to achieve those ends whether it is intentional or not.

Are Horse Horoscopes Sociable?

Due to the personality of those falling under the horse sign, individuals of this nature are better suited to more socially orientated careers and preferably more active ones at that.

A primary career choice for those of the horse horoscope would be as a fitness instructor. This presents them with an ongoing opportunity to move about, providing an outlet for their high energy levels, while giving them the chance to surround themselves with people.

Additionally, since horse sign individuals love being the center of attention, another preferable career choice would be as an entertainer or performer. Like the fitness instructor, this role requires constant energy and socialization.

Careers that should typically be avoided by the horse sign are ones that include prolonged periods of inactivity or isolation such as freelancing (or working from home), janitorial work or postal couriers.

These jobs are not suited to individuals of the horse horoscope since they go against their nature and doing so can lead to a decline in mood. Having said that, those of the horse sign should also avoid overworking and over socializing to keep their stress levels in check. While doing these things brings great joy to those under the horse horoscope, overindulgence can lead to burnout.

Being Under The Horse Daily Horoscope

When it comes to romance and relationships, those under the horse daily horoscope will find willing partners under the tiger and goat signs. The tiger is a playful and childish character often finding great solace in the attention those under the horse sign give and those under the horse sign love being the center of attention. The tiger is greatly suited to the horse sign because they like to have a great playmate and the horse makes for a willing participant.

Goats also make for great partners with the horse sign. Since goats tend to be more kind-hearted individuals they will go out of their way to make sure others are happy and those of the horse horoscope will lap up the attention quite eagerly. People born under the goat are more compliant than tigers – who are actually quite stubborn by nature – and therefore may make better lifelong partners, especially since goat-borne individuals strive and thrive on pleasing others.

Pigs can make for partners though because of the pig’s gullible nature and the horse’s want for mischief, the pig often grows tired of the horse and moves on. Additionally, the chaotic life of the horse is sometimes too much to bear for the pig as they prefer structure and powerful positions, the latter may sometimes even cause a clash of personality since both the pig and the horse are both known for leadership.

A Brief History Of How The Horse Horoscope Became The Horse

If you’re wondering why the horse took up the seventh position in the Chinese zodiac then we need to delve into Chinese mythology. The Jade Emperor – a god of great importance in Chinese culture and tradition – invited all animal species to take part in a race, offering the twelve species who won the race immortality in the zodiac.

The challenge was to be completed by running and swimming. The horse earned seventh place due to the surprising agility and sneakiness of the snake. Just as the horse went to reach the finish line, the snake slithered under the horse’s hooves startling him. The horse jumped back, giving the snake headway and he crossed the line in sixth place. The horse bolted behind him, taking up seventh position in the race and entering into the zodiac as the seventh cycle.

So there you have it: everything you wanted to know about the horse horoscope and its place in the zodiac.

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