What Is Year of the Snake in Chinese Astrology?

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A methodology by which the Chinese calculate their age is known as the Chinese Zodiac. It is said to be the typical symbol of Chinese culture. The Chinese Zodiac has a cycle of twelve years, unlike the western array of twelve months. 

Each Chinese year is represented by the corresponding animal sign. People are believed to inherit the characteristics of the animal which symbolizes the year in which they are born. The Year of the Snake comes exactly in the middle, i.e., the sixth position of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

What Is Snake and Chinese Myth?

According to the Chinese myth, a competition was held among different animals to cross a large river. The snake was also a participant. It was pre- decided that the order of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac will be determined by the order in which the animals would finish the race. But the snake was doubtful about its swimming abilities.

It sought the help of a horse. The horse agreed to help the snake. The snake got a position on the hoof of the horse and started the competition. But things took an unexpected turn when the finishing line was neared.

The snake outsmarted the horse by jumping out from the horse’s hoof and attained the sixth position. Ultimately, the horse had to be satisfied with the seventh position. Thus, the snake smartly attained the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac.

What Is Year of the Snake in Chinese Astrology?

The Snake years and different kinds of Snakes

In addition to being considered as the symbol of wealth; the snakes have also different characteristics and personality traits. The recent snake Years are 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037, and 2049.

The different types of Snakes in accordance with the Chinese Mythology are Wood Snakes, Fire Snakes, Earth Snakes, Metal Snakes, and Water Snakes.

The Wood Snakes’ years are 1965 and 2025. They are normally believed to be peace lovers. They are supposed to be intellectuals and resolute by nature. The world usually appreciates their high fashion sense.

Fire Snakes’ years are 1977 and 2037. They are powerful, passionate, brainy, and emotional.

Earth Snakes’ years are 1929 and 1989. They are supposed to be traditionalists and empirical in nature.

What Are The Metal Snake Years?

Metal Snakes’ years are 1941 and 2001. They are highly dogmatic and industrious by nature. They are always full of hopes and aspirations. This shows their positivity and optimism.

Water Snakes’ years are 1953 and 2013. They are gentle, reserved and honest.

According to Chinese astrology, the snake years have lucky and unlucky beliefs regarding numbers, colors, directions and even flowers. The lucky numbers are 2, 8 and 9. The unlucky numbers are 1, 6, and 7. The lucky colors are red, light yellow, and black.

The unlucky colors are white, gold, and brown. The lucky directions are South, North-East and South-East. North-West is supposed to be the unluckiest direction. Among the array of flowers, Orchids and Cactus are treated as the luckiest flowers.

Salient Features of ‘the Snakes’

The snakes are bestowed with great thinking and wisdom. They are highly instinctive. The snakes are usually goal-oriented, and they do their work silently and carefully to reach their destination. They are masters of wit and wisdom. They are highly passionate and there is no scope of lethargy in their lives. This makes them successful in their mission of life.

The women snakes are mostly a rare combination of ‘beauty and brains.  They are highly amorous but not ready to show it off publicly. Sometimes, they tend to be jealous too. Solitude is their best companion. Because of their innate introvert nature, they are mostly less popular among people.

They don’t feel any boredom in their state of being alone. For them, ‘solitude is bliss’. In contrast with their exterior impression, they love to be in control. It is really very difficult to know what is going on in their minds. They observe their surroundings and people very keenly.

This highly observant nature helps them not to fall prey in others’ wickedness. They can be effectively calculative and cunning. Their patience level usually touches high altitude. This ‘being –patient’ nature helps them a lot in the multi-facets of life.

Are Snake Signs Goal Oriented?

Since, they are mostly goal oriented; they wait patiently like anything for the right opportunity to fulfill their goals.  In a way, they can be called as ‘opportunists’ as they know how to grab the best opportunity and know how to convert it for their benefits.

Even though the Snake man and the Snake woman belong to the same Chinese Zodiac, their lives are like poles apart. A snake man has the longing for passionate life and so he may be the centre of attraction of many beautiful women. His vision of life is trendy and innovative.

Because of his sharp intelligence, he easily understands the psychology of women.  A snake man is a passionate lover and he can be flamboyant too.  But when it comes to the expression of love, he slightly hesitates and keeps himself rigid so that the girl becomes suspicious. True love is possible when both man and woman are ready to open and mingle freely. So, with the snake man’s hesitant nature, the concept of ‘True Love’ is a fancy for him. 

For a Snake woman, her childhood, adolescent age and youth are calm and stable. She lives happily. But, as time goes on; she may face some challenges in her life. But she is lucky to overcome the difficulties successfully. But when it comes to the old age, circumstances can take an ugly turn. So, she must be extra-cautious to face the challenges.

Since with the snake, man’s innate nature of not opening properly, his lover girl often fails to understand him. This may create issues in life.  But, if the snake man is accused of infidelity, he retaliates vehemently. Under such situations, life happens to be tiresome. In order to avoid such a pandemonium, both should be vigilant.  The couple should understand that mutual love and respect is a predominant factor in running a smooth family life.

Who Are The Best Matches For Snakes?

When it comes to match making, the best match for the snake are ox and rooster. The courageous and ingenious nature of these animals can bring fame and fortune. The combination of the Snake with these two animals can make life blissful.

The union of the snake with pig and tiger can bring only disaster. They are not trustworthy. When it comes to match making, infidelity pops up and that makes the life really hell.  The snake man has an outgoing personality and his carnal pleasures are also high flowing. But it is not necessary that these natures may go well with the opposite sex. So, on a safer side, the Snake man must wear his own triad.  This can improve his popularity also.

Snake parents are awesome. They are extremely committed and loving. Most selflessly, they live for their kids. They become ecstatic when their kids are happy. They try to find each means to make their children happy, efficient and successful. But they do not show off their affection so visibly. For them, their kids are their ultimate love.

The Forecast of the Snakes for the year 2020

The year 2020 is the year of the Rat. The horoscope in general is not that pleasant. But, with great care and thought, snakes can go on in their lives without causing much harm to themselves.

With the political leaders and their colleagues, things will be smoothly going. Their team spirit must come out well. There should not be any uproar among them. If they are united, they can be successful. By staying together, all the hurdles can be overcome.

Those who belong to trade and similar fields can have progressive life. But overall career achievements are not that easy to achieve. Every single step should be vigilantly taken. When employees are appointed, extra care should be taken. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. Only trustworthy people should be appointed as employees.

In short, you should have a vigilant eye on even the minutest thing. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. The snake should be very careful if you are in a partnership business.  You should try your level best to put forward your own interests.  Otherwise you may end up in disaster.

The year 2020 is a highly declining financial year for a snake.  The wealth prospects are disappointing. If you own a company, there is every chance that your company may be running at a loss. You may have to really work hard to make things better. There can be aggressive competition in the field of business. In order to make matters better, you must be in the correct frame of mind. Making right decision is really the most important thing. There is no scope for lethargy.

But things are slightly better for an employee in a company. You can have a sigh of relief if you are focused and hardworking. You may be rewarded tremendously. But you should be very careful about whom you are surrounded with.

What Can Ruin A Snake Sign?

A bad companion can only ruin you. You should never engage yourself in gambling or any other kinds of wrong investments in the year 2020.These will only lead you in losing money or sometimes you may end up as a pauper. So, you must be very careful.

For the marriage prospects of the single snakes, this year, 2020 can be good. They can have a blessed marital life if they are ready to be honest and loyal. A little carelessness can turn the situation upside down. They must be vigilant.

But matters are a little more serious and complicated for those who are already in the institution of marriage. There is no scope for infidelity. One wrong step can finish the whole thing. There is a saying that “A small piece of firewood can put the entire building into ashes”. A small spark is more than enough to put an end for everything. 

How Can A Snake Sign Survive Marriage?

The institution of marriage survives on the basis of love and trust. If it is lost, everything is lost. If anyone of the couple is in an extra -marital relationship, it can end you up in disaster only. People must be extremely cautious if you are in a wed lock. You must be judicious while dealing with a difficult situation and most importantly, you need to be flexible. Rigid nature can make you a loser.

Amidst all, health is the most important thing in everyone’s life. If health is lost, everything is lost. For a snake person, the year 2020 is not that great. You may experience setbacks in life in the form of illness or accidents. You must be careful in your lifestyle and habits.

Like others, a snake must develop a healthy lifestyle for his/her own betterment of life in the year 2020. Inculcating good habits is a must for the well being of the individual. A Snake should be extra vigilant in this area. Good habits like timely sleep, timely food, doing physical exercise etc should be practiced regularly. One should always remember that “Health is Wealth”. A sound mind in a sound body should be the principle of life.

Are Snake Signs Prone To Accidents?

Snakes are prone to accidents in the year 2020.It is like ‘the Sword of Damocles’. It is almost an impending disaster.  Be very cautious about the accidents. Accidents can happen at any time. Most of the accidents happen mainly because of one’s own mistake.  Once it happens; its repercussions cannot be predicted. It can lead to physical deformity or the worst of all, death itself. Nothing can save you.

You will be only a puppet in the hands of destiny.  Sometimes, others can be the reason of accidents. You may be totally innocent. But you cannot be free from the following sufferings and pain. In short, always remember that “Life is precious” and you cannot ignore that. A snake should be extremely cautious and aware of it in the year 2020.

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