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What is The Aquarius Most Compatible Sign?

To begin with, here you can read a bit more about Aquarius, and then about his relationships with other signs and the most compatible zodiac signs.

What Can You Learn About Aquarius?

These are unusual and original people, the beginners of new trends that others blindly follow. Since Aquariuses are primarily individuals, at that point they separate themselves from the majority, spontaneously bringing some new and unprecedented novelty that will, sooner or later, enter – into fashion.

What most fail at the Aquarius makes things happen with ease. Independent of someone else’s opinion and acceptance, Aquarius spontaneously expresses its unique personality, whether you like it or not. The freedom he seeks for himself, he also gives others. That is why he is the “friendliest” sign because he embodies what friendship is- a relationship based on mutual equality, but also on respect for diversity, on which there is a mutual need to help.

Aquarius is an aerial sign of male polarity and fixed quality. Winter is his season, and his birthday falls between January 20 and February 19.

Is Aquarius Full of Surprises?

They are full of surprises, and there is always something interesting happening around them. Aquariuses are just and truthful, but their impartiality is a problem because, in situations of conflict, dear persons are not put aside by them, but only truth and justice will satisfy them.

This ability to emotionally distance themselves, often makes them cold and indifferent in the eyes of others, but they only skillfully manage to separate the heart from reason without allowing the emotions to over-influence the mind and logic by which they look at the situation objectively.

Otherwise, they are emotionally independent of others, experimenting with relationships to the point that if the other party does not accept them as they are, they are very tired and give up. It’s never the same with them because they are always trying something new, and if there is something they despise, it is routine.

Few can say that they know Aquariuses because they are so unique and unpredictable that they do not even know how they will react in a situation. Because they have an urge to be authentic, different and unique, they can also turn to rebelliousness and extremism, and to give their personality a line of eccentricity and intolerance, which is why they will question their relationships with other people.

In this case, some of them will opt for a single life, which is not a characteristic of the people of this sign, because social contacts and the exchange of ideas with others are very important. The concept of humanity, and working for the benefit of all is the best way Aquarius can channel all of its mental energy and often quite unusual abilities.

What is The Aquarius Most Compatible Sign?


With steady character, Aquarius equally unexpectedly plans a completely banal situation or remains calm and cool in circumstances that are utterly filled with emotions. He can sense people and events and anticipate the development of a situation long before it happens. The brain of a typical Aquarius seems to operate at a completely different frequency, consciously and unconsciously processing a wealth of data.

He is doubtful and constantly questioning the theories, and at the same time, it may happen that, in a matter of seconds, some ingenious solutions come to his mind that represents a real turning point in a field of human activity and mark a kind of new era of technology. Because the fact is that the most genius and innovative people were born in this sign.

Aquarius shows his individualism and utterly unique personality with his dressing style as well as all the little things he is surrounded by daily. He likes quirky things, and he will never follow trends but will prefer to nurture his style, which is always an expression of his inner being, or his current mood.

They are restless, without a sense of material values and possessions, and they seek change mainly for the sake of change. Pushing to the extremes can turn them into tyrants and insensitive persons, ruthless and moody, whose eccentricity and erratic behavior will sooner or later drive their loved ones out of their nearness.

Zodiac signs that are compatible with AquariusAquarius and Gemini

They enjoy socializing, inspiring, and supporting each other. They have many interests in common and love to experiment. All this is valid only as long as they are interesting to each other. When they begin to feel they had enough, the air types disappear forever. They should not be expected to have a great deal of responsibility.

Aquarius and Libra

They are connected on an intellectual level and share a love for art, people, and cultures. They get along well because they have similar needs and will never require of each other more than they are both willing to give. Both characters are very dynamic and playful, so this relationship will not become dull.

Aquarius and Aquarius

They understand each other so well that they can function equally well as colleagues, friends, relatives, and lovers. They share the same passion for adventure, philosophizing, fun, and socializing, so they will never be bored. Aquariuses are honest with each other, but not necessarily faithful. They can part and meet again.

Aquarius and Aries

Their relationship is based on mutual respect and an optimistic view of life. The sense of freedom is important to them, so they always give each other plenty of time and space for personal interests and privacy. They get along great and will stay happy together for a long time.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

They have a lot in common, and they both enjoy each other. They have a good understanding and appreciation of the need for adventure and support one another in achieving dreamy and risky life goals. Disagreements are rare and last very short, which makes this relationship stable in the long run.

Compatibility is possible, but difficult to achieveAquarius and Lion

They get involved most often because they are attracted to opposites. The Lion admires Aquarius’s unpredictability and rebelliousness while attracting the partner’s courage, temperament, and willingness to take risks. But if they want to stay together, the Lion will have to silence the ego and make Aquarius more reliable.

Aquarius and Virgo

The Virgo will be attracted to Aquarius’ rich social life, and he will be enchanted by her information and confidence. Both are thinking types, but he is sociable and communicative while she is more withdrawn and more prone to hesitation. The success of the relationship will depend on how much the Virgin will accept and tolerate Aquarius’ openness.

Aquarius and Capricorn

They are distinguished by character differences that provoke mutual admiration. Capricorn’s behavior does not offer many surprises, while Aquarius likes to shock and do something unexpected. Due to a different understanding of reality and emotional depth, their communication is often limited.

Non-compatible with AquariusAquarius and Taurus

These are independent and powerful individuals full of ambitious plans. The problem lies in Taurus’s strong need for certainty and predictability as opposed to leadership improvisation. Aquarius’s adventurous spirit will quite scare Taurus out of the way, while Taurus could quickly get bored by Aquarius.

Aquarius and Cancer

They are endowed with very different qualities that could cause them problems in any type of relationship. Cancers like a more peaceful way of life, so Aquarius’ urgent need for change and challenge may soon tire them. For Aquarius, Cancer is too sensitive and tame.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Finding themselves in a love affair brings about a blend of two very different life philosophies. Scorpio sees a deeper sense of everything but is not always open to debate. Aquarius is talkative but does not go into detail. They seem to have very little in common, but both are so determined that they can agree.

Aquarius and Scorpio

It will take time for them to understand and adapt to one another. The withdrawn Pisces will not like Aquarius’ dynamic and superficial way of life, while he will resent the desire for him to bond too closely and suffocate his partner in the relationship. Both will have to give up part of their character if they want this relationship to succeed.

And now, after specifying the characteristics of each Aquarius’ relationship, we will select the two characters that are most compatible with Aquarius by all characteristics.

Aquarius’ ideal partnersAries

Relationship between Aquarius and Ariesis based on mutual trust, honesty, and attention. The obstacle may be the Aquarius’ need to be constantly surrounded by different and peculiar people. Aries needs a little time to adapt to this lifestyle and start enjoying it. In the eyes of Aquarius, they are strong individuals who can have a great relationship.


These two also make one of the best pairs of Zodiacs. Sagittarius and Aquarius respect and understand each other perfectly. All this gives nice results, and if Sagittarius and Aquarius continue to get along, they will be getting closer and closer to each other from month to month, so their beautiful future is smiling. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are adventurers by nature, free-spirited, and dream of ideal love.