What is The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac in Astrology?

The rabbit Chinese zodiac is a sign that defines Chinese culture and mostly people who were born under the Chinese rabbit zodiac.  This is most important in astrology.  First, astrology is the study of how people move and how they relate with the position they leave, which is defined as how human beings are influenced on their human affairs and the natural world.

What is The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac in Astrology?

Rabbit is one of the best defined zodiac signs of the Chinese symbols because of the animal luck and how the animals have good fortune.   Most of the people who were born in the year of the rabbit in China are considered to be people of luck in the Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese rabbit lives a beautiful life, calmly and the spirit of prosperity is upon those people according to the sigh of the Chinese zodiac rabbits. In this article, I will discuss people who are born under the Chinese rabbit zodiac personalities, strengths, weakness, five elements of different types of rabbits, people comparability and people’s careers.

Before I discuss, I will tell you the importance of the Chinese zodiac and what influences the Chinese zodiac sign has.

 What Is The Significance of The Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac is a significant sign in the Chinese cultural practice. The sign is used for a long time as a sign of dating years according to the calendar of the Chinese people. Chinese zodiac is also a significant symbol in Chinese culture as most of the animals like rabbits have been used in animal stories.

The rabbit personality is developed from the Chinese sign.  Millions of people in China and the world possess the character traits of the rabbit. Some of the cultures in China have based their relationship on zodiac hence Chinese zodiac rabbit is important.

What is the Influence of the Chinese Zodiac?

Did you know what is the influence of the Chinese sign? According to Chinese culture and tradition, the sign influences peoples age where it outlines Chinese character traits, their career and the mode of living.  However, according to scientific research is that the sign is not a true source of information, but it is a fun way to base your arguments about birth.

The sign has made people understand their culture, history and the modern mode of Chinese living of this sign.


The Chinese zodiac rabbit are naturally different animals who let things stand in their way.  They usually avoid conflict as much as possible. They possess thinking capacity which makes them to find their way over easily.

If other animals plan to defeat them, they plan their way out and bounce those animals tricks. Also, the Chinese rabbits are associated with the moon from where the rabbits that gather their qualities.  Rabbit zodiac occupies the fourth position in the Chinese zodiac.

The rabbit presents the character like compassion and creativity. First, rabbits have a spirit of friendship and they care and accompany others and they avoid conflicts. Additionally, rabbits have a strong belief towards their friends and they prevent emotional issues.

Additionally rabbits have serene nature which helps them to become visibly upset. The rabbit’s nature prevents the rabbits from competitive situations because of their shyness.  They prefer to remain in a safe and comfortable environment which sometimes prevents them from good opportunities.

The Chinese rabbits are peace workers which make them oriented in the extreme circumstances.

Rabbits are expressive and whenever they are they practice good manners, they stay at home where they feel most comfortable in. One of the most interesting characteristics is that they are always neat and organize themselves in an orderly manner. The rabbit’s home is always decorated in the rabbit’s tastes.

People who are born in the year of rabbit practice these characters. They make good friends and don’t make conflicts among others and interestingly they do not make others fool them in any way. The people who are born under this sign are well known for their charming spirit and orderly manner. 

They demonstrate around the people. Additionally, these people are well self-centered and usually eliminate distractions including people who demand too much of them as their perception has a very low threshold. They interact strongly with their enemy as the Chinese zodiac rabbit politely.

What Are The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Five Elements?

In astrology, the Chinese rabbit has elements, wherein every New Year the animals are colored with these character traits.  Chinese zodiac animals have traits that are fixed which affect their basic personality. The animal’s elements belong to one of the birth years are considered secondary influences in these animal life purposes and career objectives.

The following are different Chinese rabbits which will assist to understand more about the Chinese rabbit’s life and their impact on their lives.

  • Water Rabbit

The water rabbit makes a terrific psychic and medical intuitive. The rabbit has a sensitive spirit which makes them have a real pain. People who are born in the year of the water rabbit have a generous spirit and they make a lot of care which prevents other people  from taking advantage of these rabbits. The water rabbits lapse into a deep depression which makes them become convinced animals around them.

  • Fire Rabbit

Fire rabbit’s elements of the fire enables them to have strength in their backbones of the Chinese zodiac rabbit. These rabbits are more emotional than other rabbits, but they don’t demonstrate in action.  People who are born in the year of fire rabbits have a capacity of being leaders due to their strong personality of strength.

  • Metal Rabbit

Metal rabbits are rabbits which are born with stronger emotions, mentally and physically. These rabbits don’t change because they are not flexible, hence don’t suit in every environment. One of their weakness is that it is hard to read the rabbit’s emotions in their face because they are always smiling in their lives. The rabbits are nice to people who are around them and those who stand with these rabbits. 

People who are born in the year of metal rabbits have a deep love of their beauty. Additionally, they are born with stronger emotions both mentally and physically in their lives.

  • Wood Rabbit

Wood rabbits are another type of Chinese zodiac rabbit which are born with a double wood whammy. This Chinese rabbits wood is fixed. Wood rabbit’s elements include generosity to other animals and they always show sympathy to other animals. They are upright and practice their best emotionally, mentally and physically. People who are born in this year care about others and they feel sympathy for other people.  Above all, these people don’t cause harm to other men and women around them.

  • Earth Rabbit

Earth rabbits are rabbits born in a conservative environment. People who are born on the earth, spend their time on conservative environments and interestingly they calculate every move they make in their lives. All the earth Chinese rabbits enjoy  luxury and the finer things .  They love materials, especially in religion. They are self-centered and mostly they prove to be active in their self-improvement. Additionally, these rabbits are less emotional to nature and other people than their brethren.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Comparability

The Chinese rabbit comparability is that rabbits need a partner who can share their sense of style in their lives. Chinese zodiac rabbit partners live their lives privately and are selective. In their lives, rabbit partners are loving and have high sexual capability to their partners in their lives. Also, Chinese zodiac rabbits love their families and try to mingle together.

Chinese Zodiac for Kids

Chinese rabbit’s children have a sweet taste, are sensitive to nature and like their parents.  They are well known for their emotional outbursts. The kids are born with a great atmosphere which is strengthened with their survival nature and they avoid every slightest in the bit of their physical appearance; in their mental capabilities and their emotional discomfort. Chinese rabbit children additionally have a strong capability of will and they tirelessly engage in negotiation to what they want in their lives.

Therefore, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac rabbit, possess a capability like their parents, The children are energetic in their lives and full of strengths.  Also, they love to negotiate with others in their lives.


People whose birth takes place during this sign of the rabbit and their strengths are always gentle and mature.  They are sensitive to nature and compassionate.  They have a strong memory, show mercy to other people and they are amicable. Additionally, this person communicates to other people in a humorous manner and they create a romantic and interesting space whenever they are around other people. 

People born in the sign of rabbits speak softly and they are most welcoming in their lives, but they hate spending time arguing with other people especially their enemies.  Rabbit people do their work with speed and in a quick way.  They get annoyed easily.


People who are born under the sign of the rabbit do not have meditative abilities and they often invest their resources in activities that may lead to failures in their professionalism. Additionally, people that are born under this sign do not submit to dreary lives, but interestingly they make romance in their lives to their loved ones. Another weakness is that these people escape in reality and they lose chancess due to their different personalities.


People born under this sign, often lack stress and they don’t get visibly upset due to their feeling inside.  However, these people don’t show their feelings and may become ill.  Additionally, people who are born in the rabbit sign reduce their stress from their significant character, hence they benefit from all people and through this they benefit their lives.


 People born under this sign are sensitive, which make them have unrealistic expectations and unhealthy circumstances. Also, these people don’t take advantage of their giving personality which makes their relationship strong.


Rabbits due to their good communication behaviors and articulation make them have a friendly living environment.  People born under this sign have an excellent environment in their career which makes them successful. 

How Is The Rabbit With Money?

People born under the Chinese zodiac rabbit are easily satisfied with the money they earn. Those people desire is to work in their lives with self-esteem in their standard of living. They cultivate their lives with their ability of fair compensation in their work. 

The men and women make an excellent profession and they usually observe laws and order in their work. They build social relationships and mostly connect themselves on assisting the wounded and abused people in society. Rabbit people hold their resources seriously and they rarely misuse it.  Contrary to people born in this sign do make an excellent professional in accounting or managers of financial sectors as they are most valued as people who like helping others and they cannot save their resources in the bank.

In conclusion, Chinese zodiac rabbit signs provide different character traits to people who are born with this sign especially in Chinese countries. In the above article I have clearly outlined the significance of the Chinese zodiac rabbit in Chinese culture. The sign is based on different personalities of the people who possess the sign. 

I have outlined different elements of the Chinese zodiac rabbit namely the wood rabbit, fire, earth, water and metal rabbit. Additionally, I have clearly outlined the character traits of the people who are born under this sign. Also, the people’s strengths, weaknesses and career behavior and objectives and lastly I have discussed the comparability of Chinese rabbit zodiac, their health, relationships and how they react to money in their lives therefore rabbit zodiac sign is of great importance for Chinese people and all over the world. 

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