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What is Primal Astrology?

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An Explanation Of Primal Astrology

Primal Astrology is the evolution of what we thought we knew about Western and Eastern philosophies regarding astrological guidance. Knowing that these are not competing views but that they actually work hand in hand to help make you who you are.

Knowing that both Sun Signs and astrological signs intertwine to create a more complete picture of your spiritual being is why it is essential to understand your spirit animal and everything that Primal Astrology has to offer.

What is Primal Astrology?

Primal Astrology is not just knowing your spirit animal, but it is understanding your instinctive nature. These are the traits that were built before you were ever born, and they are what guides you through each day of your life.

Let’s look at what Primal Astrology is and why you need to understand it a little better.

What Is Primal Astrology?

Primal Astrology is the combination of your Sun Sign or your Eastern Sign and your Zodiac Sign or Western Sign. When you consider that people do know their Zodiac Sign, understand that Primal Astrology is a deeper meaning of understanding who you are.

In combination with these two signs, you will be given the correlating Zodiac Sign, which is a correspondent with your spirit animal. In Primal Astrology, your spirit animal and your Zodiac Sign are not the same things.

It is an expansion on the Zodiac Sign to encompass all that is astrology. A Zodiac Sign only refers to the time that you were born, and a star sign solely relates to the year that you were born. Primal Astrology allows you to see a more comprehensive view through your spirit animal because the two work in tandem to better understand who you are.

Understanding who you are will allow you to navigate through any obstacles that you face with a deeper understanding of how you should approach each problem that you face. Giving you guidance for not only this life but in the next is at the core of Primal Astrology.

Primal Astrology can help make a game plan to help you navigate through any spiritual journeys in this life or the next.

Understanding Your Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are what helps you understand all of your instinctive nature. Everyone has a set of unique traits, and spirit animals help corollate with those unique set of characteristics. Each spirit animal has strengths and weaknesses just like you.

When you look at how people approach life, they do so in a very different way. When we look at astrological signs, you can see traits as to why they approach things in a different way. Thus, a Cancer would approach a problem much differently than a Pisces.

However, have you ever considered why two Pisces would approach a problem in a different way?

That is because you need to have a deeper understanding of what is happening with that person. So, a Pisces that is born with the Sun Sign Tiger would have the animal spirit of a Stingray, and a Pisces with the Sun Sign Rabbit has an animal spirit of a Butterfly.

This is because the two were not born at the same time and have different experiences in life as well as different comprehensive traits. This is how we get a deeper understand of who a person is through their spirit animal.

The Stingray is adventurous, generous, sincere, rebellious but at the same time emotionally fragile. However, they like to observe, plan, and consider their options so you can see that means they linger on a problem a little longer than someone else. They might also attack a challenge from an area of creativity.

A Butterfly, however, is sweet, sensitive, caring, and generous, which is vastly different than the Stingray. They also do not tend to engage in conflict and cannot deal with real suffering or misery. So, a Butterfly may attack a problem in a way to make the other person feel better to help appease who they are on a more comprehensive level.

How Different Can Pisces Be?

As you can see, we have two Pisces that are vastly different. It is impossible to classify all the people in the world over only 12 roofs. We are vastly different due to the length of life and experience. These experiences are a part of who we are, how we solve problems, and how we approach life.

This is true for every Zodiac Sign, and it is true with every Sun Sign as well. Putting both together will help you understand a more complete picture. Not only why you act differently from others with the same Zodiac or Sun Sign, but what grand plans you have been meant for.

The insight into any of your previous lives will allow you to push through any barriers that you might encounter in this life.

How Understanding Your Spirit Animal Will Help You

When we live multiple lifetimes, we are afforded the ability to live life from different perspectives and make up for past mistakes. When we think about life in this way, it can be something that is really overwhelming. When you accept this, you can understand that life has much more purpose and depth.

The spirits have had a plan for you long before you were born, and understanding that path can help you navigate through your present. Primal Astrology enables you to understand your life path. This directly correlates with those that are close to you, whether they are friends, family, or foe.

These people that are close to you in your life are the ones that are close to you on the spiritual plane. These are people that you owe debts to, or they owe debts to you from previous lives. Although we are always able to make our own decisions, the problem that we face throughout our lives are all in accordance with the grand plan.

So, to understand one’s spirit animal is to know how to navigate through your experiences through this life. Those close to you are those that are close in the spirit world, so understanding them can also help your grand plan.

Studying your spirit animal is merely the first step in understanding what journey in this life will offer. Knowing how you interact with other spirit animals will keep you on the path that is most important to this life.

If you follow any Zodiac or Sun Signs on a daily basis, then you owe it to yourself to start understanding your Primal Astrology and get in touch with your spirit animal. This will unlock many more spiritual doors that can keep you heading on the right path.

Why Using East and West Is Important

Using both Eastern and Western Astrological Signs allows you to have a grander picture of what makes you who you are. When you think about your Zodiac Sign, you are getting one page to a two-part story. So, knowing your Eastern Sign will allow you to have the other page to that story.

Both signs together allow you to have the full story of what is happening within you. You are not weighted down but only have to understand one part of who you are. You wouldn’t be able to build a bookshelf properly with only half the instructions. Although you might get the bookshelf built, you may be missing critical elements in the shelf that doesn’t allow it to function correctly.

This is what know your spirit animal does for you. It allows you to see the whole picture and give you all the information that will ultimately help you navigate this life to learn from and move onto the next one.

So not understanding the two halves that make you whole will handicap you on your spiritual journey. Overall this Primal Astrology will allow you the ability to better interact with those that are meant to be in your life. Lifting another’s spirits will help you and them work through this life together, and a deeper understanding of why someone in your life will always be there.

An Expanded Mind

Expanding your mind to see the deeper meaning in life is essential with Primal Astrology because you are seeing things for what they truly are. Although we all have free will and we make our own choices, these choices are often influenced by a grand plan.

Walking through life with a narrow mind will not only hurt you in this life, but it can ultimately hurt you in the next life. You can’t go through life with blinders on in any fashion because it will not allow you to see and understand the things that you need to.

Primal Astrology allows you to walk through your life and see the bigger picture of what is going on. You can only influence the decision that you have power over, and you can’t let things you have no control over hurt your outlook on life. So, spirit animals or Primal Astrology allows you to have access to the tools that allow for a more enlightened being.

Make sure that you check out your spirit animal and take time to look into the spirit animals of those that are close to you.