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The majority of December may belong to Sagittarius, but it’s equally reigned by Capricorn as well. However, the 2nd of December is the time for Jupiter to move into Capricorn and it’s going to stay like this for a while- as a brand new year begins to unfold.

What is Your December Horoscope?

December is the month that everyone looks forward to, and it could be the season for change, for love, or something much bigger than that. With this being said, the following is what your December horoscope says about you:


Sagittarius, you’re generally known for your wanderlust and inability to sit still basically anywhere for a long period of time. However, you naturally adapt to change well and this December, that’s going to be what it’s like for you. December brings significant changes in your life, and this means making changes to become a better person.

Of course, this is assuming that you get along with those changes as you’re also a stubborn sign. In your personal growth, you need to embrace the painful changes that are coming and that not you don’t always get the life you expect to have for yourself. This December, Sagittarius, it’s about letting go of the how lovely the past seems and embrace the change that’s happening right now.


You’re known for practicality and logic, and this is one of the best things about you, Capricorn. This December, it’s time to put these beautiful trait of yours into action. This December is about developing your vision, and putting that vision into action and this is especially true in your career life. You need to embrace whatever changes are necessary to turn your goals into reality, and that’s what December has for you.

Even as December is all about love and celebration, specifically for you Capricorn, it’s about putting your foot in the ground when it comes to your dreams and goals. With your work ethic and logic, this December is going to have you convinced to become the person you intend to become. However, this only happens with accountability and acceptance, no matter how challenging it may be.


This December, it’s time to let yourself be vulnerable and accept your emotions wholeheartedly. Aquarius, you’re specifically known for that cold exterior of yours and this month, it’s time to stop running away from your own emotions and from yourself. Don’t you know that no matter how far you run away, you can never run away from your own emotions and feelings? Stop isolating yourself for this month is all about love and celebrating the little things.

If there’s anything this month has in store for you, it’s the realization that you need to accept your emotions and to stop isolating yourself away from everyone you love. They aren’t going to love you any less if you show the tiniest bit of emotions, you know? This December, it’s time to stop hardening your heart and consider being more present in everyone else’s lives.


Pisces, you’re known for being in tune with your emotions and your feels. This December, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself and your own personal growth. Pisces, use this time to focusing on self-care activities for yourself, whether it’s writing daily affirmations, starting a creative journal, or getting into a workout routine. This December is focused on your own personal growth and that includes your confidence and your self esteem. It’s time to keep working on yourself and feel empowered with that confidence within you, Pisces, it’s about time.


Your personally is naturally strong and aggressive, Aries, but you need to stop letting these personality trait of yours overrule otherwise, you could push even the people you love away. This December is all about accountability for your own actions, and seeing that not everyone sees the same light that you do.

Just because someone has a different point of view from you, it doesn’t mean you should do everything in your power to let them know how wrong they are, Aries. You have a naturally strong personality, and not everyone has the same fire as you. It’s time to realize that you have to let your fire die down a little, for the comfort of the people you love.


Success doesn’t always promise an easy path, and that’s what the month of December has for you, Taurus. You’re slowly reaching success, but this doesn’t exactly guarantee a life of comfort and easiness. In fact, you feel more stressed than ever the closer you become more successful and the more you find yourself growing and excelling in your career path.

However, the only person that is capable of withholding you from your own success is you. Throw that fear and doubt away and push even harder so that you can get to where you intend to go. Take necessary breaks every now and then, but success should be your main goal and don’t let your fear stop you, Taurus.


Part of your nature, Gemini, is your indecisiveness and this December is going to make to decide on certain things. I know that it can be frustratingly hard to make a decision without fearing that you might be making the wrong call, but it’s time to make significant decisions, Gemini.

Your future is at stake, and you need to figure out what it is exactly that you want. Decisions are entirely up to yours and while your friends and family are important to you, they shouldn’t factor in what decision to make in your career, your personal life or any other aspect. Just make a decision, and stick to it.


December may be specifically an emotionally challenging month for you, Cancer. There may be moments you’ll feel anxious on your significant relationships, and it’s important that you hold on to the people you love even harder.

This December, despite your anxiety, realize that you can no longer hold on to your old habits as it’s not making you grow into a better person. Cancer, sad to say but it’s time to let go and step out of that comfort zone of yours. You can’t control everything and that’s why you’re feeling anxious on some moments this month. You need to let go and strive to become better, even in your own simple ways.


It’s December and it’s that time of the month to be sentimental with certain relationships in your life. Leo, you crave that connection and attention naturally which is why, you can either take the courage to get yourself out there in the dating scene again or be tempted into old patterns and go back in contact with an ex.

December is bound to give you strong feelings unlike any other month, and it’s making you feel things you’ve done so hard to get rid of. It’s time to be vulnerable without the fear of seeming so strong and put together, all the time. You may be a Fire sign, Leo, but you’re also human. Love is not to be rushed, no matter what you may feel and I’m sure you know this, Leo.


Out of all the zodiac signs, you’ve always been one to cling to your comfort zone, Virgo. This December, it’s time to embrace change and learn that life is only lived when you get out of your comfort zone. Change isn’t something you can control, and you have to learn to grasp this concept, Virgo.

Whether it’s finally having the courage to do a career shift and leave the job that you find so toxic, or being brave enough to get yourself out there and find a potential partner, you need to embrace chance. Otherwise, when are you going to start living for yourself, Virgo?


You thrive at balance and when you feel like something is off balance in your life, it creates an internal conflict in you. Libra, you should know that taking a break is necessary to be your best self, right? You can’t keep beating yourself up for watching Netflix or playing video games when you get too burned up with your work tasks in the office, or with any other aspect.

Take necessary breaks and that’s what the month of December is guaranteed to give you. You are your own worst enemy and to restore the balance and harmony within your nature, you just need to not torture yourself with taking a break. This doesn’t make you incompetent and lazy, you know?


Scorpio, for the month of December, you need to learn that your life isn’t going to end up exactly like it is in your head? You’re going to deal with disappointment an frustration, but you need to have grace in dealing with this season of your life, Not all days are full of sunshine and rainbows, and you need to stop hating the world for it. Life can turn out in unexpected ways, and you need to be adaptive to this idea, Scorpio.