What Does Your Pisces Compatibility Chart Say About You?

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Pisces is one of the most amiable and sensitive zodiac signs. They are compassionate, creative, joyful and quite passionate. They tend to be shy at times and difficult to understand, but the truth is that when you come close to them, you will understand how tender and charming they truly are.

In the love field, Pisces are usually most compatible with either another water sign or a stabilizing earth sign. Let us have a closer look at Pisces compatibility chart and the best matches for this zodiac sign.

What Does Your Pisces Compatibility Chart Say About You?

Pisces and Scorpio

Those two water signs can form a strong and passionate relationship because they both believe in the importance of expressing one’s true feelings. In fact, it is quite usual for such a couple to fall in love at first sight. Their sexual appeal is great and they both wish to experiment in their sexual lives. Although Scorpio can become a real control freak in his relationships,

he will understand that the sensitive Pisces needs his attention and protection and they will manage to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

The roughness of a Scorpio in comparison with the sensitivity of a Pisces can create some problems once in a while and it can make their communication ab it difficult. However, if Scorpio is tender, as well and Pisces tries to establish some boundaries, their whole communication will become magical and inspiring. Those two signs will also, be inseparable in various activities and they will definitely find a lot of shared interests. Overall, such a relationship will give them both new insights on emotional possibilities and they will both feel the intimacy from the very start.

Pisces and Cancer

A relationship between a Pisces and Scorpio will most probably be like a fairy tale. Romance is the key feature of such a couple and their sexual connection is not stronger than the emotional basis that rules their relationship.

Although a Pisces partner may at first seem a bit weird to Cancer, they will soon develop a mutually appreciative relationship, based on respect, imagination and sensitivity. Such a couple will never have serious trust issues and even when they fight for a silly thing, they will both try to understand each other’s side and they will solve the problem quickly enough.

A Pisces will always have something interesting to say. That is good for a Cancer who is not popular for his fluency. The good thing is that Pisces is the ideal sign to understand the sensitive nature of a Cancer. As a couple, they will find many things to do together, and thanks to the Pisces imaginative and creative nature, they will never feel bored. However, in the long run, Pisces may seem too energetic to his Cancer partner and that is when they should talk to each other and try to find a median solution. Overall, such a romantic relationship cannot really go wrong.

Pisces and Capricorn

Those two zodiac signs may seem totally different at first sight. And the truth is that when such a couple develops a relationship, they will wish at first to do things each one his own way. After all, they do not share a lot of similar interests. However, if there is anyone capable os inspiring Capricorn, this powerful and at times obstinate zodiac sign, then it is definitely an adorable Pisces. Their differences will create a strong attraction between them and their sexual passion will be apparent from the very start.

Their communication is usually good and no serious trust issues will ever make their appearance. The only problem rises when the Capricorn partner tries to force his rational beliefs and values to his sensitive Pisces partner. Both a Pisces and a Capricorn are emotional signs and during their relationship, the whole emotional side will develop gradually. Their ability to bring out the best in each other is what can really make such a relationship last for a long time.

Pisces and Virgo

A Virgo can really provide the stabilizing influence a Pisces is usually in need of. This earth sign is a great companion for a sweet Pisces and their attraction is mutual and really strong from the very start. Such a couple will never have instinctive sex, but they will definitely share some true and passionate feelings.

Virgo’s analytical mind and complicated way of thinking can make him difficult to approach at first, but thankfully, a Pisces can see right through this outside shield.

Although Vigor can have some trust issues, if they both feel confident and secure in the relationship, they can easily overcome them. Their communication and intellectual stimulation are the true keys of their relationship and there is actually no other sign capable of unlocking the true feelings of a Virgo than a Pisces. Their relationship is full of challenges but they have the potential to create the strongest bond in the whole zodiac circle.

Pisces compatibility chart: worst matches

Libra and Pisces

Those two zodiac signs are really different. Unfortunately, those differences cannot be overlooked despite the initial sparkles you may experience as a Pisces if you meet a Libra. Air and water combined, those two signs have nothing in common. Pisces is in need of a compassionate, tender and quite sensitive partner, while a Libra will normally opt for an exciting, sensual and sexual relationship.

Those two signs will have many trust issues from the very start and their communication will always be the cause of many arguments. Although they both seek for love, their personal needs and sexual preferences are quite opposing. The beauty of Venus is their only meeting point, but it can not help those two partners establish a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Pisces and Gemini

A Pisces can feel attracted to a Gemini at first because those two signs are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. However, Gemini’s thoughtless approach to a relationship along with Pisces oversensitivity at times will cause a lot of trouble between those two. The risk of infidelity is pretty high for both of them, if they feel like they do not get the appreciation they deserve from their partner.

Their way of dealing with a new relationship is so different that they will fail to understand each other at every single point and that will be the cause for vast arguments. They will never fully trust each other and although they can find something to laugh at together, no serious and real communication will ever occur between them as a couple. Overall, although those two signs may have some fun together, they will never be able to develop a strong and mutually acceptable relationship.

pisces is loving

Pisces and Sagittarius

Both ruled by Jupiter, Pisces and Saggitarius may have some fun in the bedroom, but establishing a deeper relationship is quite hard, almost impossible. Sagittarius is known for his care-free and independent nature and he usually brings this spirit into his relationships. On the other hand,

Pisces is in need of a loving, romantic and tender relationship and therefore, he can easily get hurt by the attitude of his partner Saggitarius. Those two zodiac signs are so different, that they cannot even get along socially.

The whole shy and sensitive attitude of a Pisces will probably annoy his Saggitarius partner, and the latter’s overly outgoing nature and love for big gatherings will never appeal to the private Pisces.

Two Pisces together…

At first, a relationship between two Pisces may seem quite ideal. But when we look closer, we will understand that those two have real trouble getting close to each other.

Although their sex life can be fascinating, there are times that they will seem so distant and physically unable to satisfy each other that their relationship will seem almost platonic. The fear of being let down will be always present and they will definitely suffer from some trust issues sooner or later.

They will not be able to have some real discussions about their current lives and future goals and they will probably have serious trouble managing practical matters or helping each other solve his everyday problems. If they share enough love and devotion, they may be able to make their relationship work for a while, but in the long term, they will be bored of each other and they will wish to end things.

A Pisces is usually creative, original, sensitive, tender and sensual, as well. Finding the ideal partner is not an easy job for a Pisces because he really needs someone who will try to understand and care for him from the very start.

The best partner for a Pisces is a tender, passionate, intellectual and devoted individual who will gain his partner’s trust and will try to bring laugh and joy into their lives.

The shy and sometimes introvert nature of a Pisces should be appreciated and his partner should always try to show respect to his personal feelings and daily habits. After all, in order to establish a healthy relationship, both partners should be aware of each other’s personalities and never try to change their partner’s beliefs and values.

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