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The month of January is generally divided by two zodiac signs, which are the Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. From January 1st to the 19th, this falls under Capricorn and from the 20th to the 31st, this falls under Aquarius. With this being said, the following are the characteristics of both zodiac signs that fall under the month of January:

What is The January Zodiac Sign?


This Earth sign is all about determination and persistence. If there’s a zodiac sign that’s most known for their ambition and drive, that’s a Capricorn. A Capricorn doesn’t believe in shortcuts, even in achieving their goal. Even if it means taking the longer route in achieving their goal, that’s exactly what they’re going to take.

They are completely focused on their goals and when they want something, they’re not just going to stop in the middle of their progress and give up. Their work ethic is also why people mistake a Capricorn for being overly serious and doesn’t know how to lay back.

When it comes to their goals, specifically their career, they’ll stop at nothing to get it. At times, this can be their downfall as their logic and practicality can take the fun out of people. When a Capricorn is with their friends, their mind is completely focused on their work which might make a Capricorn the last person you’d want to take to that party. While you’re having the time of your life, a Capricorn is thinking of how to reach their deadline or how to exceed their monthly revenue at work.

On the bright side, one of the best traits of a Capricorn is that they’re extremely loyal and family-oriented. If there’s anything they value as much as their ambition, it’s their loved ones. This makes a Capricorn for an extremely loyal and loving partner and friend. If you have a Capricorn man in your life, they’re most likely to be structured as well which makes them good fathers and husbands. They’re naturally structured individuals which is why leading also comes natural to them.

When a Capricorn is going through something, this is where the darkest side of their personality may tend to take over. They have a tendency to be cold and distant, but they don’t intend to. As they’re going through something, they don’t normally express their emotions and they tend to repress what they feel.

No matter how much you tell them that it’s okay to be vulnerable and transparent, it doesn’t come natural to them. Instead, they torture their minds with every thought possible and they tend to overthink things to an extreme. It’s for this reason why a Capricorn may have a burdened or negative energy as they’re going through something. Capricorn is one of the most known signs for their cold and distant exterior, next to the Aquarius- in which both are signs that are under the month of January.

As mentioned above, Capricorns are always busy, but don’t take this as a good trait. While their work ethic and their ambitious drive are both admirable traits, Capricorns may take this to an extreme and get rid of any balance they may have in their life. Due to their need to reach success, they may take things over the top and burn themselves out before even reaching their goals. The moment they set their eyes on something, they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. Capricorns tend to overwork and exhaust themselves too much at an extreme, and they forget that rest is essential to thrive as well.

Another trait that defines a Capricorn is their realistic point of view. They like to see things as they are and they don’t look for the bigger picture of things. With a Capricorn, they’ll tell you things in a realistic point of view. If you’re dating a Capricorn, this can be frustrating as nobody wants a practical and realistic partner when you’re a hopeless romantic.

However, in the same sense, Capricorn lovers are the most loyal, honest and there’s nothing that they won’t do for you. It’s an underrated trait, but Capricorns are also selfless in nature. They may be the least romantic of all signs because of their practicality and they definitely aren’t into grand gestures, but they like to show their love is simple, mundane ways.


This Air sign is known for their cold exterior, their intellect, and their independence. The reason why they’re known for being cold and distant is their need to be alone. It’s through being alone that they’re able to recharge their energy and focus on their hobbies and interests.

Furthermore, they tend to run away from emotions since they don’t like being vulnerable and showing signs of weakness. Trying to get an Aquarius to show emotions is just as impossible in trying to get a Sagittarius to settle down in one place. They’re both the combination of reserved and eccentric, and they’re very choosy of people with who they become eccentric with. An Aquarius also has the ability to see both sides of every story, and this ability makes them understand where both sides are coming from.

They have a deeper perspective on things and they don’t judge very quickly based on what they see from one perspective. Aquarius may seem like a cold and selfish sign, but they really love helping other people out- they just don’t know how to appropriately show their feelings. They’re outlook in life is optimistic and they see their lives with limitless possibilities. They don’t restrict themselves with just outlook, but they think that anything’s absolutely possible.

Aquarius also has a vision and with this, they know exactly what they want to do 5 to 10 years from now. Seeing their future isn’t something that’s challenging for them. They’re also very intellectual and highly intelligent. They easily get bored with small talk and meaningless conversations and they need substance and depth to spike their interest. Whether it’s in a friendship or a relationship, they’re the type to easily get bored if it’s not an intellectual conversation. This also causes a lack of motivation on their part if intellectual is a missing factor.

The downside of an Aquarius is their need for freedom and they don’t like feeling restricted or limited with their options. They’re sociable, despite their reserved nature and the last thing they want is someone else to hold them down. In a relationship, an Aquarius needs that best friend type of relationship to ensure that they won’t hold them down and to ensure that there’s substance and depth in the relationship.

An Aquarius also has a fear of intimacy which is why their cold exterior makes for their defense mechanism in times like this. In addition, they’re a rebel at heart which makes for very stubborn individuals. An Aquarius wants to do things their way and most likely, they’ll do it with or without your approval. They’re not the biggest fan of authority and the last thing they want if to feel restricted by their own life.

Since an Aquarius tends to be distant and aloof, they tend to leave their relationships out of the loop. This isn’t to be taken personally, but it’s just part of who they are. They’re just so focused on putting their energy into their vision and living their life, that they tend to put importance into their loved ones.

It’s best to give an Aquarius a lot of space in moments like these as they value their alone time and their space by so much. If anything, it’s how they gain their motivation and energy to spend time with their loved ones again. However, despite this, they dislike spending too much alone time. They thrive in living their life to the limits and don’t like feeling restricted to spending it alone for far too long is the last thing they prefer. They get energized by spending their free time with their family, friends and loved ones in a certain balance.

Lastly, an Aquarius is fiercely independent and they don’t depend on anyone for anything. It’s most likely that an Aquarius won’t ask anyone for help, even if their lives are at stake. It’s not to be taken personally, but they just got so used to doing things their own way.

They don’t like someone else controlling them and in finding a partner, co-dependent relationship simply won’t do for an Aquarius. In fact, that’s the fastest way to lose an Aquarius. They value a partner with the same amount of intellect and independence as them and someone that sees the same light as they do.

They don’t want someone who controls their goals and what they choose to do in their life, but someone that supports and motivates them, whatever they choose to do. Otherwise, the Aquarius could end up resenting them. When it comes to a significant partner, most importantly, they need someone who just gets their mind and someone who won’t bore them to death. They need an intellectual partner and a best friend, for life.