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July Sign Zodiac Calendar: Info for 90% of The Population

July Sign Zodiac Calendar: Info for 90% of The Population

The July zodiac sign has a date range of June 21 – July 22. Although it does not encompass the entire month of July, it is widely referred to as the July Zodiac sign because of the astrological purposes.

Cancers are all about home and will show that to the people close to them. They are likely to have large families and have the more, the merrier attitude.

What is The July Sign in the Zodiac Calendar?

Who Are Cancers?

The crab is very sure of where they are going, even if it’s in the wrong directions. They will only change course when they learn their lesson. These are why Cancers are so great because they have a free nature and will not be held back.

Cancers are traditional beings and don’t like it when things deviate from that tradition. The Cancer has deep-rooted memory of those in their family that have come before them and love to share those experiences with those they love.

Cancers have great memories that make them great storytellers and are always willing to share them with the ones close to them. They wear their heart on their sleeve and never have any issues with that.

The Element

Cancer is an element of water represented by the crab. This crab exists on both land and sea and goes between both worlds seamlessly as they were made for both. This ability to be in both worlds represents the ability of the Cancer to navigate both the emotional and material realms.

Like the sea, the crab is ruled by the moon. The moon is the celestial body that represents comfort. The Cancer will create cozy and safe places to exist in.

What Are The Personality Traits Of Cancer Signs?

Cancers are very protective and courageous in all aspects of their life. They will take things hard and willing to help all those they are close to.

Need Love

Cancers have an overwhelming need to be loved and will do almost anything to obtain that in their life. The love and appreciation that they receive are to develop their sense of security. This love and gratitude are what allows them to see their true identity.

They work hard on creating an environment where people will feel welcome and secure. To create security for those that they love, they do so by creating an enjoyable home environment where the ones that they love can gather and feel safe emotionally and physically.

Sensitive In Nature

Although they grow a thick outer shell to cope with anything that happens to them. Cancers are compassionate in nature and spend a lot of time thinking about this sensitivity. Sometimes it is hard to tell when a Cancer is hurt because they disguise their emotions so well as not to be hurt more.

They are sensitive because they do not want to be alone. Often the Cancer is seen as so strong that they don’t need anyone, but this is not the case. They spend a lot of time trying to understand what others are going through and crave the same in return.


Due to the Cancer’s protective nature, they extend that protection to themselves. If at any time a Cancer feels that they are not emotionally stable, they can become very emotional and begin to block people out. Being clingy in nature, they need the reassurance that you want them around, and if you do not show that reassurance, then you will find out how hard a Cancer can build their shell.

Strengths Of The Sign

As one of the most nurturing signs of the Zodiac, Cancers are deeply devoted and loving to all those they love in their life. Being a loyal friend to all those that inhabit their life, they take all relationships very seriously and do so in an unconditional way.

Their loyalty is unsurpassed by anyone, and they will do anything for those that they love. To be loved by a Cancer is to understand that you will be protected by them as much as they can, and they will be there for you emotionally and physically. The will struggle internally if they lose a relationship because they are very devoted to all they hold close.

Cancer has a sense of humor that is unconventional at times but are wonderful to have around when things are not going well. They will do what they can to care for you in your time of need with their innate ability to show you how much they appreciate you.

When you have a friend that is a Cancer, you can count on them through any problem that may face you, and they will always stand by you even when times are hard. Their willingness to help those they love allows them to understand anything that is hurting you.

Weakness Of Sign

The Cancer can be so devoted to the people that are in their life that they can become clingy and overbearing with them. If a Cancer feels like they need to keep your attention, this could lead to some dishonesty to keep you in their life.

Cancer will justify this lying to keep someone in their life as they don’t see lying as a bad thing, just a means to an end. This is abundantly present if they feel that they will soon be abandoned and left alone to deal with the world.

A Cancer does not forget the wrongs that have befallen them as they will continue to dwell on issues that have long been pushed under the rug. Because they are so sensitive, it is easy for a Cancer to forgive someone, but they will tend to dwell on the issue as they have a tough time forgetting what wronged them.

If anything hurts a Cancer, they will have no problem in retreating into their safe place wherever that might be. They prefer to suffer alone and not let anyone see them do so. They don’t want to be a burden on those they love, so they will not share emotions that hurt.

This nature to suffer alone will create moods where the Cancer will push those they love away and out of their lives. They will build up their skin and not allow anyone to penetrate that skin because a Cancer would prefer to suffer alone than fear anyone’s feelings not to be genuine.

Due to the Cancer being quite moody can create mood swings in them that might seem to come from nowhere. These can be triggered feelings of something that they were unable to let go, and it will be hard to get a straight answer from them about what is going on when they are like this.

How Are Love and Relationships For Cancer Signs?

Although when the Cancer finds love, they love more devotedly then anyone else and would often do anything for those that they love. However, you will find yourself working hard to find the Cancer that is right for you as they do not enter into a relationship very quickly.

To gain the attention of a Cancer, you will need to work very hard but will find that the love they give you will more than makeup for that. So building a relationship with a Cancer does take time, but in the end, the Cancer will reward you for making such an effort to keep their affection.

They seek lovers with the same values as they have and want to build a comfortable environment that the two can share. Commitment is a big part of how they love, and they expect it to be a big part of the person they love.

If you are not faithful to a Cancer, it will not only hurt them but will destroy their world because they are so dedicated to the ones that they love. Showing a Cancer, everything that is special about them, is how you keep them happy and fulfilled throughout your relationship.

Know that they mean something to you will keep their confidence high and them happy. As long as you show them this, they will weather any storm that might come your way and be a dedicated a devoted lover throughout.

What Is The Career Path For Cancer Signs?

It is hard for a Cancer to find a job that suits them from a creativity standpoint and an emotional standpoint. Changing their minds about people in their life and their career choice can keep the Cancer searching for a better job far too often.

When a Cancer finds the job that is for them, they will jump in with both feet. They are very hard and dedicated workers when they feel they are a valuable member of the team. However, Cancers could have trouble in leadership roles because they are too caring for individual businesses.

The Cancers nurturing nature makes them a great individual to do service work and help others in their career.