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Lorraine Warren: The Catholic Exorcist

Lorraine Warren: The Catholic Exorcist

Who Was Lorraine Warren?

Lorraine Warren is an American paranormal investigator. She became famous for investigating American paranormal activities and living to tell the whole world about it. She supports her husband Ed Warren in their quest to prove the supernatural. In fact, they were one of the first paranormal investigators in the famous Amityville Haunting.

Today, their stories are featured in several movies such as The Conjuring and the Amityville Horror. Both movies spawned several sequels and they are still going on up to this day. To prove their theories are correct, the filmmakers put their own twist to what happened in the Warrens’ stories.

What Do Skeptics Say About Lorraine Warren?

Like each paranormal investigator, there were skeptics of Ed and Lorraine Warren. In fact, some people thought they just invented their stories to get to where they are. They were apparently asking the Warrens to provide more evidence to give true meaning to their findings. Some were just jealous of the worldwide recognition Lorraine Warren and her husband were getting.

You can’t really blame them for doing so since they formed a group and they involve various professionals to prove the supernatural does exist. A lot of people believe in the couple’s beliefs and they were more than happy to volunteer in the Warrens’ supernatural activities. In an article for the newspaper, two reporters decided to investigate the Warrens.

They found a nice couple but no concrete evidence of the supernatural findings. They thought the Warrens took the evidence too seriously and they could not produce anything realistic. Lorraine Warren said the reporters did not have enough substantial evidence to their opinion though. Now, it was up to the public who they would believe.

After all, they can’t possibly sway the public to what they believe. The reporters may say that it is a hoax, but other people may not believe them either no matter how awesome their reputation is.

What Is The Occult Museum Of Lorraine Warren?

The two reporters also took the tour of the Warrens which introduces all the evidence of their findings over the years. They did find the tour entertaining, but they could not believe the ghost stories happened. They thought the couple took a bunch of props and made everything up. That did not sit too well with Lorraine Warren, so it did not take too long before their tour shut down for good.

They also had help from their son in law in running the Occult Museum. Those who visited the museum left mixed reviews. Some were fascinated with all the things they found there. They certainly appreciated the efforts of both Ed and Lorraine Warren for going around the world to find supernatural findings.

What Popular Stories Made Lorraine Warren Famous?

Annabelle is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to the Warren’s most popular supernatural adventures. In fact, it is the most popular demonic doll in the world. A lot of girls would dress up as Annabelle during Halloween. The story is about a doll that is possessed. It makes its owner do horrible things. Some people thought it was too strange to be true.

When the Annabelle movies came out, they were widely a success as it was based on the Warrens’ findings. The second movie of the Annabel series is a prequel as it told the story of how Annabelle got possessed.

The second most popular story is Amityville which tells the story of how a couple thought their house was so haunted that it drove them away from it. There is a book about the supernatural theory. In fact, two movies were based on it. Lorraine Warren became so convinced that the haunted house was not a hoax. The most recent adaptation of Amityville is The Haunting of Hill House which was shown on Netflix.

It follows a family who became different after living in a haunted house. It received rave reviews from critics and was considered one of the best Netflix series of all time. That is huge considering the amount of series that Netflix has.

Another story involved the Werewolf where a man named Bill Ramsey transforms into a werewolf at night. The police approached the Warrens in the hopes of putting an end to the werewolf who was attacking them.

According to them, the creature possessed superhuman strength as the werewolf threw cops away with ease. It was scary for them to encounter a creature like that. They knew they were going to get into trouble if they did not call the right people.

Good thing, they got in touch with the Warrens. They say the Warrens put an end to the werewolf attacks when they invited the man to an exorcism they conducted. Apparently, the exorcism was successful, and the couple did London a favor and there weren’t any sightings of the werewolf again.

One common ghost story in all countries all over the world is the story of a white lady. It started at Union Cemetery, a place where a lot of ghost sightings were reported all the time.

Ed and Lorraine Warren went to the cemetery and decided to put a video camera there and see if they capture supernatural stuff from transpiring. To their surprise, they got the footage of a white lady roaming around the cemetery.

This led to other vloggers going to the cemetery hoping to find the same thing. There were some who backed out once they got scared though. Apart from this cemetery, there are a lot of other cemeteries all over the globe that were reported to have ghost sightings. Some say it is normal for cemeteries to have ghosts roaming around as they may have some unfinished business.

Who Were The Troubled Families That Worked With Lorraine Warren?

The Warrens dealt with the Donovan, the Snedeker, the Perron and the Smurl Families. All families claimed their house was haunted due to unusual happenings. The Warrens eventually found out that the Donovans were haunted by an evil spirit that was summoned by their youngest daughter via a Ouija board.

On the other hand, the Smurl family’s house had four demons in it. As for the Perron family, they saw a woman wearing a black dress walking around their house. The Warrens found out that the woman is none other than a witch who hung herself at that same house several years ago. She thought it would be right to fight with the wife of the family for the love of her husband. She thought she won anyway when the family fled the place.

Did Lorraine Warren Perform Exorcisms?

The Warrens performed an exorcism in all houses, and all was well after that. Needless to say, all three families fled the houses anyway. Whether the spirits followed them or not is anybody’s guess. The Smurl family lived in the house for 13 years and they said it was the worst time of their lives. It was strange how they lasted that long in their house before calling the right people.

Apparently, most people they called did not believe their claims until they came across the Warrens. One of the members of the Donovan family was one of the witnesses in this case. He said it was one of the most horrifying things he has ever experienced.

He was also thankful he found out about the Warrens as they certainly came to their rescue. As for the Snedeker family, they did not now they moved to a house that was once a funeral home.

They found out too late that there were a bunch of demons who also call the house their home. As with other haunted houses, they could feel the lights switching on and off repeatedly even though there are no bulbs in it.

It was a sorry sight to say the least. Just like the other two houses, the Warrens brought out the demons by performing an exorcism there. The house owners also participate in the exorcism depending on what Ed and Lorraine Warren prefers.

Will Lorraine Warren Stories Live On?

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s haunting stories will continue to live on through the movies that are based on them. Today, you won’t find many couples who are as brave as them. Few would go to lengths to investigate paranormal activities and not get scared about it.

If there are, they will most likely be told on Halloween. Ed and Lorraine Warren are considered legends in the horror industry. Without them, Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, and Annabelle would not have been made. In fact, the actors who played Ed and Lorraine Warren were able to meet them in person. They told them how much they appreciate their work.

The family that the Conjuring was based on also met the actors who played them. It was a feel-good moment for everyone involved. The couple may have passed away, but their legacy will continue to live on for several years to come. There is no doubt they will be present in future movies. Besides, some of their other findings have yet to be adapted to the big or small screen.