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Gemini Compatibility: Soulmate Love Matches

Gemini Compatibility: Soulmate Love Matches

Where Is Gemini In The Zodiac Calendar?

The Gemini zodiac sign is the third in astrology with dates falling between May 21 to June 20. The Gemini horoscopes do change at times depending on the year.  It is a sun sign and if you were born between these dates, then you are a Gemini. The sun in the solar system travels through Gemini and occasionally the dates can start earlier by a day or even end later by a day, this means that the dates may start at May 20 to June 21st.

People who fall under this zodiac signs are extroverted. If you are looking for someone for commitment, then this is the sign to look out for, however they can easily change their minds which could lead to frustrations thereafter.

Astrology Explains The Best Gemini Compatibility Love Matches

Geminis have strong personality traits, they are sociable beings filled with curiosity and, affection. They are Gentle and quick learners. On the other hand, just like they have strengths, they are bound to have some weaknesses too.

The people in this zodiac can be really indecisive and nervous. Gemini’s are intelligent because of their love for books, they like hanging out with almost everyone and great lovers of music. Musicians who fall under this zodiac are Kanye west, Kendrick Lamar and Iggy azalea just to mention a few of them. The other renowned person in Gemini is President of the United States Donald Trump! What a great feeling sharing a horoscope with the world’s greatest leader.

Gemini’s sociable character can make them great journalists and great writers and great team players. Their flexibility can do well in sports too and with all these abilities, this is a sign that can experience almost everything the world has to offer. I would say this is the most fun-loving sign among other zodiacs.

The most compatible zodiac signs are Leo, Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius. We will however look at the compatibility with other zodiac signs that are likely to match with, let’s start!


Trust between these two horoscopes is never really an issue. Sagittarius people don’t know how to lie and one can definitely tell when a Sagittarius is lying. Gemini on the other side can easily lie to you. With zero knowledge that they are lying to you. The Sagittarius is easily irritated by lies.

A combination of these two signs can be fun filled and can play a game of trust until they build it on respect from either partner. These signs really complement each other as they are great learners the only turn off that could spoil this relationship could be fear to get intimate.

This is because their mental energy strength can turn emotional at some point of which these signs are not emotional to start with. They can start to doubt the intensity of their emotions that engulf them when they are together. This couple radiates nothing but happiness among them and across to other people as well.

This couple possess the power to inspire those around them to love more. These signs have no emotions at all but as their bond progresses, neither knows how to go about it but if they choose to explore their emotions, this could be a really perfect match.

Both signs have a value for things that are sensible and can easily enjoy each other’s activity that comes in mind. They can become a bother to their environment like spoiled brats but they would care less as long as they are happy.

This match makes a perfect combination of lovers who don’t find their way together easily, but either way destiny brings them together. There is strong connection and understanding between this couple and great romance.

However, their mixed emotions could part them but if they worked things out, this is the right definition of either partner getting a Mr. Right or a Mrs. Right.


These two signs have a high value for intelligence and could even easily get turned on by mere words of either partner. This is the couple you would find in a dark street alley having sex and simply they don’t care. They have the urge to explore each other’s body and will try just anything and at any given time. Trust between this match is not an issue as they have strong rust between each other and have a value for either partners’ privacy.

Based on their emotions, this match understands each other easily. The Aquarius have a mindset to always be ready for anything that comes their way and with Geminis easy unpredictable mind change, this wouldn’t be really hurt filled to the Aquarius. However, they don’t complement each other’s emotions well and in most case they end up being friends.

These two signs are intelligent and could have contrasting ideas on some matters which would lead to either of them going separate ways.

These signs also share the love for locomotion. They love travelling and walking a lot. They could drive miles and miles to get their favorite snack even if it was available nearby.

This match could work out really well. The Aquarius needs an understanding partner who will contribute to their ideas and with Geminis intelligence, which other would match out other than it?


These signs are both elements of air. They feel free with communication and since the Libra sign is ruled by Venus, which is a sexual and seductive sign, a good sex life and intimacy is guaranteed.

Libra’s easily believe their partners words and mainly look out for character when choosing a partner. The Libra’s don’t doubt their actions easily which would mean that they don’t easily loose trust in their partners too.

With Gemini’s need to talk. The Libra might not like it. Libra’s are sensitive beings and can easily get irritated and they recognize easily any ill talk earlier. These two signs can have communication issues since the Libra considers itself less intelligent as compared to Geminis high intelligence. This could make the Libra feel hurt without the Gemini knowing it has hurt their partner.

This match often falls in love with either partner without the knowledge that deep inside them is a connection blooming. This loses all sense if the Libra falls in love too deeply or the Gemini gets lost in the world of the Libra.

They give a lot of attention to their way of thinking. This sounds good because they could find an easy way to communicating quite easily between them.

The signs high expectations of either partner could drain their interest. The Libra tend to want to learn everything about their partners’ and would even follow them around anywhere to know more about them which is a complete opposite of Geminis need to learn more about their Libra partner. This can make them enjoy different physical activities together.

These two signs are supportive of each other but not exactly a perfect match. Gemini wouldn’t easily understand Libra’s need to do things in pairs. For a happy and healthy relationship between these two signs, the Libra should be respectful towards their Gemini partners and on the other hand, the Gemini should take good care of their partners and respect their partners.


Aries can be passionate, but jealous and with Gemini’s quick change of mind, trust could be really an issue between these zodiac signs, the ever changing mind of the Gemini makes them keep a distance from the Aries which makes Aries angry. With the distance and anger combined with the jealousy, trust compatibility is poor between these two zodiac signs.

Aries are generally passionate, but they often have a problem expressing their emotions. On the other hand, Geminis aren’t emotional and have almost zero interests on learning their partners’ emotions. The best part of this combination is that the Aries can be fierce and they have their way to get the Gemini’s attention easily. This makes it easier for each of them to express their feelings to each other and have a ground for their emotions.

Gemini being a sociable sign is characterized to talk about everything and anything. They find almost everything amusing and interesting. On the other hand, the Aries sign is characterized by valuing what other people have to sat as long as they are clear to the point.

As long as this combination share similar interests, they are good to go because they will understand each other easily. Gemini’s easily go around everything very easily as long as they are interested. Aries have a craving to always lead. this would be hard as the Gemini easily comes up with new ideas and activities which would feel intimidating t the Aries. This means that there is always challenge between the Aries and Gemini signs.

Geminis are creative and on the other side Aries libido levels is top notch. This combination can be full of aggressive passion and energy. The best part of this combination is that neither of the zodiac is easily hurt which means that their sexual intimacy can be really exciting and ever ready to explore different sexual matters.

Geminis are too playful and on the other hand Aries are warriors, usually aggressive. The Geminis playfulness can be a turnoff to the Aries, but given that the Aries opens up to the Gemini, this could be a start of some exciting sexual relationship full of passion. Aries and Gemini brings out the best of them.

According to these zodiac signs interests, based on different grounds, their relationship would be exciting and challenging in a good way since they easily understand each other. Although trust could be an issue to them, this combination could work well with good communication between them. Aries and Gemini can work out well.


Leo is a star sign with dominance an always wanting to be followed. Both signs have poor listening abilities which could lead to not understanding what the other partner wants and could lead to trust issues. If the Gemini and Leo could learn to pay attention to each other, they could overcome trust issues.

Geminis have problems with expressing their emotions while on the other hand Leo’s can be warm and sweet. With patience from the Leo, the Gemini can receive what even they did not expect from Leo. The Leo’s supportive nature and their respectfulness spices up everything because Gemini will feel safe to express their emotions.

Both Leo and Gemini share the need to always learn. Gemini’s are independent people and Leo is a perfect sign to offer independence. These zodiac signs also value openness and they truly match out well

Gemini is fun loving and Leo wouldn’t mind going out with their partner and even paying for the expenses. Leo can work sluggishly while the Gemini craves to always be on the move. This different interests can build a gap in their relationship.

These two signs give each other space and freedom of either partner. These signs would both be ready to experiment on different sexual engagements. Combined with their good communication skills, their sexual life would be so stimulating and full of passion! Great uh!

Based on fun activities, these signs work out pretty well which would make every other sign envy them. With little changes to accommodate their partner’s needs, they can conquer everything to make a fun loving relationship coupled with lots of comfort.


Two Geminis coming together can bring out perfect lovers together. Their sexual life with lots of excitement can be excellent. With little knowledge on their emotions, the relationship can be little empty but with proper digging of their hearts, their relationship can work out well. The trust issues between two Geminis can be awful. With knowledge of their partners next move, a bedrock for the foundation can be created. And with shared interests and personalities, the couple can stand out among other zodiac signs.