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Scorpio Compatibility Explained All In One Place

What We Know About Scorpio?

The Scorpio is one of the most interesting, captivating and passionate signs of the zodiac. Natives are born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November, and they belong to the water element of the zodiac, even though at first glance, when you meet a Scorpio, you will tend to think they are a fire element.

Scorpio Compatibility Explained All In One Place

Scorpios are decisive, refined, curios and secretive when it comes to their own persona. They can be fascinating due to their strong character, even more so thanks to their mysterious aura.

The will to impose their own individuality, the self-preservation instinct, tenacity and perseverance, a strong way of both thinking and acting based on intuition and feelings, all these are stable traits of the Scorpio, to which we can add good knowledge and awareness of his own objective, pride and self-respect.

As good as it can sound and as fascinating as life with a Scorpio can get, this zodiac sign is also famous for being particularly difficult to live with, most likely due to his/her strong personality traits. You can look at it pretty simple – Scorpios are the ‘all-in’ kind of persons who don’t like to waste their times with meaningless relationships. This being said, below you will find the best zodiac compatibilities for the Scorpios.

Scorpio – Scorpio

Two Scorpio partners can be a dream come true when it comes to sex. But they can also turn into each other’s worst nightmare. The sexual energy and the inner tension can be hard to handle, so much so that when they hook-up, it could either be a nuclear explosion or an atmosphere of total understanding. Scorpios need someone to balance them out, so they don’t end up in of the extremes they so much like to explore. Scorpios long for tenderness and understanding in a relationship.

This couple’s sex life is very intense and spicy.  There is nothing boring about it. They also need emotional closeness and tenderness to inspire them towards a common comfortable life together.

When it comes to trust, their relationship can be very strange because they are both possessive with one another, but at the same time they long for freedom when it comes to their own persona. A Scorpio wants to be involved in his partner’s life, while at the same time he/she doesn’t want to feel accountable for his/her own actions. The battle for power can go to extremes. Nevertheless, if they manage to see in each other honesty and truth, thus dropping all suspicions, the relationship could be harmonious.

Intellectually, they are highly compatible and can lead profound conversations. Things can get tricky when it comes to emotional involvement. If they work together, they will complete and support each other. If they end up in a competition, it’s going to be a tough fight. In order to get along, they need to be able to rule separately.

All in all, the struggle to reach balance is the milestone for this relationship, but if they can get there, two Scorpios together can prove to be one of the most stable couples of the zodiac.

Scorpio – Virgo

This couple’s sexuality could be interesting. The Virgo is timid and in- drawn, while the Scorpio is exuberant and unreserved. Nevertheless, Virgos are looking for someone emotional to spend their lives with, and if the Scorpio can manage to express his feelings through sex, their intimate relationship can prove to be very interesting.

These zodiac signs dread treason more than anything else, thus the way they cherish trust is one of the most important traits that can keep them together. Virgos, under Mercury’s influence, are talkative, and they love to communicate, while Scorpios are the definition of profound silence. They complete each other in this respect and communication can be a way for them to improve their sex life. At the same time, they both appreciate depth and intellect, which means that their communication will be enriching for their lives.

While communication and perspective on life can be something that these two share and value, they should keep an eye out for the little things that could pile up and break them apart. Virgos are clean freaks who love a tidy open space, while Scorpios could develop a certain over attachment to objects that their partner will find difficult to understand.

This couple is governed by differences that can complete each other. If they manage to find balance and understanding when it comes to their tendency to control.

Scorpio – Cancer

Scorpios are famous for being malice, led by their strong emotions and intense sex drive. The Cancer native can understand the Scorpio’s need to express his deepest and darkest feelings. Proven that Cancer isn’t too frightened or forced to do things that he doesn’t wish to, their sex life can prove to be very satisfactory. It is also very important that the Scorpio manages to explain his need of being alone without harshness or insensitivity which could very well drive the Cancer native away.

Communication between them can seem perfect until they reach the emotional area. Here they tend to be silent out of fear of becoming vulnerable. Once a good sense of trust is established, this problem can be easily overcome. Cancers are nurturers, they like to take care and provide for their loved ones. While the Scorpio likes a bit of risk and adrenaline rush in his life, this could be difficult for the Cancer to adapt to. If they are in love, it is very likely for the Cancer to be able to accept this from his partner.

Cancers are known for their need of leading a calm life and aren’t known for habits of cheating or lying which goes very well with the Scorpio’s need to be able to trust his partner completely.  More often than not, these two can understand each other without any need for words. The main goal they need to achieve is building trust. If they reach this point, the understanding and harmony of this couple could very well last a lifetime.

Scorpio – Pisces

These are two signs that value emotions, but the biggest challenge comes from linking physical pleasure with the emotional side. If the Scorpio resents the Pisces’s need of being satisfied and loved at the same time, their relationship doesn’t stand a chance. But if he proves open to this, Pisces will be up for the challenge of sexual experimentation.

Trust issues can easily occur for them because they both tend to hide things from their partner. A good way of dealing with this is diving all in the relationship, which is something Pisces are very used to and will find easy to do achieve the Scorpios magnetic personality.

Communication issues can arise either due to the Scorpio’s harshness or due to the Pisces’s over-sensitivity. They won’t argue very often because Pisces hate conflicts, but for the relationship to evolve, it’s necessary for the Scorpio to be affectionate and willing to open up. The result will be the ability to communicate with their own partner beyond words, in an almost magical way.

When a Scorpio meets a Pisces, their relationship will grant each of them a new perspective on their emotional connection. They both rely on feelings to understand one another and to create a sense of intimacy. The challenge from them stems from the Scorpio’s obsessive nature that could end up suffocating the overly sensitive Pisces who could run for the hills due to negative emotions.

Scorpio – Taurus

Like all opposing signs, the Scorpio and the Taurus are madly drawn to each other, especially due to the sexual nature of their zodiac signs. Their relationship will be filled with profound emotions and passion, and they will use sex to express that.

When it comes to trust, the only person that the Scorpio trusts is himself. This does not come from lack of confidence, but from fear of being hurt. In his relationship with the Taurus, they will need to build together the faith in one another. In this aspect, it is important for the Taurus to not shut himself and become too quiet, for this will make the Scorpio suspicious. If they can achieve this sense of intimacy, the Taurus is likely to open up and the Scorpio will realize he has a stable partner, and he will not let him down.

Both of these zodiac signs cherish life and love in a unique way, that nobody else can understand. They share a profound core of values in life that can stand the test of time even if looking from the outside, they could seem very different.

When it comes to activities, the Scorpio needs change and challenges. Even so, on a day-to-day basis, even the Scorpio like a fixed routine, which he will share with the Taurus. When the need for change and adventure arises, it’s best if he pursues on his own.