What Does My Birth Chart Compatibility Tell Me About My love Life?

What Are Birth Charts Used For?

Birth chart compatibility tests are often used to identify weaknesses and strengths in a person’s personality and character. Western astrology generally depicts an astral theme in the form of a wheel that symbolizes the cycles that run regularly through all living things on this planet.

The symbols depicted represent astrological signs, planets and other cartographic factors that represent the forces that come from these celestial bodies and that can affect your life at any time. When a horoscope is created, it shows the cosmic composition of a person. The astrologer uses it to provide details about a person’s life. It is a true horoscope.

What Does My Birth Chart Compatibility Tell Me About My love Life?

A properly created chart is not only based on the month, day, and year of birth, but for an extremely accurate increasing sign, it is better to know the exact time of birth. The information provided literally provides a picture of a moment in time and space, and from this moment many perspectives can be drawn.

This moment was part of a larger wave of energy that occurred and interacted with each other at the time of her birth. It is an image of heaven on earth at the time of your birth.

One of the most important aspects highlighted in the birth certificate is marriage and love. Astrological compatibility determines the success rate of the relationship between two people when examining their horoscope. Every relationship develops in harmonious interaction.

When the stars and energies connect the two, the relationship works and the individual forces complement each other. There is a science that can judge whether individual energies are complimentary or the opposite. This is done in various ways, for example by reading the sun signs, the moon signs, the Chinese signs or numerology.

The compatibility of two people is determined by comparing the cards with their birth cards. To do this, their signs of the sun, moon, and Venus are compared. Birth horoscopes not only explain a person’s personality and possible future. It can also indicate whether two people are compatible or not. Sometimes the basis of compatibility is not always immediately clear, and many people turn to native cards to determine this.

What Does The Star Sign Have To Do With Birth Charts and Love?

The position of the sun at the time of the person’s birth is the basis for a person’s sun sign. This is traditionally known as the zodiac sign. This is considered the core of the individual, which determines the personality of the person. If you know the sun signs of you and your partner in your birth chart compatibility, you can determine their compatibility.

The compatibility of your sun sign is to highlight in life! Your rising sign has to do with your identity and how others see it. Her internship on Venus is about romance, beauty, and love. Your position on Mars shows when, how and where you are aggressive. Your position on the moon depends on how you feel. Mix everything together and you will have a relationship that you want to connect with someone else now.

Venus and Moon rule the attractions at a man’s table and Sun and Mars rule the attractions at a woman’s table. If we understand the seventh house of mutual relationships and their planetary positions, mutual understanding becomes much less difficult. Instead of changing yourself, you recognize yourself.

You need to understand that you can quickly get the information regarding a potential soul mate using existing signs such as the exit sign, a sun sign, Venus, Mars, and the moon. You may get tempted to change them but it is recommended that you try it first to check whether it is easier for you to adjust.

When you intertwine and place everything together you will have the chance to get a variety of freedoms in the form of beauty, love, and romance. The compatibility of the individual solar signs is explained in detail on various websites. You can visit different websites to interpret the compatibility of the different solar modules with each other.

What Does The Moon Sign Say About Birth Charts?

The position of the moon at the time a person is born is also very important. There are cases where the moon is in the same position as the sun at birth, but sometimes, if not, it leads to a different explanation of a person’s personality. The moon is a representation of our wellbeing, our feelings, and our emotional reactions. Knowing the specific moon sign is helpful to learn more about compatibility. Some websites offer explanations about the compatibility of different moon signs.

While many people know what their zodiac sign is, very few know what their moon sign is or what both represent their personality. Basically, your moon represents who you really are, while your sun sign represents who you are outside. Both only show your personality in different ways. Your appearance as an ego, your ethics and your way of acting in public are represented by your sun sign.

His moon sign shows things like his true feelings, on the other hand, his instinctive reactions to certain situations and how to get along with others. It is therefore important to know the two signs in order to understand who you really are. When many people find their moon sign and read the personality of that particular zodiac, they find that they are much more like their sun sign. This is because the moon sign describes your feelings and your perception of the world and your sun sign does not.

Sign of Venus

Venus, the goddess of love in Roman mythology, reveals a lot about how people deal with relationships, love, and romance. Although much has been said about the compatibility of the signs of the sun and the moon, Venus is a very important factor to consider when it comes to compatibility in a romantic relationship. Although similar to a sun sign, the sign of Venus focuses on the loving nature of an individual and therefore carries out a more meaningful analysis of the compatibility of two people.

The position of the planet Venus in the 12 signs of the zodiac represents the way you express love. Love is the part of us that wants to connect with others. Love gives you the feeling of wanting to become another being and gives you the need to become something bigger than yourself. This is the main impetus for almost everyone; However, the need for love is expressed in many ways for many people.

According to astrology, Venus represents everything there is to love personally. In her birth chart, the sign that Venus occupies shows how her personal magnetism, her sense of social harmony, her artistic potential and her ability to attract material goods are expressed. Therefore, the property of Venus has a different influence if it is the tenant of each individual zodiac sign. This planet is flavored by the various signs in which it is found and expresses the way you see beauty through this sign.

What Does the Birth Certificate Tell Us?

The unrelated person may have transits or advances that seem ideal for love and do not affect a soul, let alone a soul mate. Relationship-sensitive people can have the worst or most difficult aspects of romance and fall in love and find a partner. Imagine that. However, the picture says a lot about the romantic hurdles to be overcome.

There emerges a huge difference between the aspect created by the outer planet regarding willingness to collaborate. The Venus Uranus type tries to help you achieve independence and freedom to do certain things. You often find yourself entering short term life commitments until they land on somebody ideal who will give them the space to experience sturdy growth and reach their potential.

Like most aspects in which Pluto is involved, people on Venus-Pluto can adapt to either end, either completely, compulsively connected to a partner in the hip, or completely discouraged after severe burns. from the idea of ​​having absolutely no relationship.

The types of Venus Neptune not only want to get involved, but they also want to merge to become dependent on love, and can dive into one disjoint relationship after another. The Libra is the most motivated sign to build committed relationships, but the Libra’s outer planets can pose challenges in the search for lasting collaboration.

People with Venus-Saturn aspects are reluctant to associate for various reasons. On the one hand, they would see it as a binding agreement that includes a lifelong commitment and enormous responsibility. Second, they are aware of the roles in general and the traditional male and female roles of spouses and parents in particular.

Therefore, when dealing with a partner, you also commit to playing a role that you may want to play. For many of them, their careers mean a deeper level of soul engagement, and having a relationship and parenting would affect that. After all, the people of Venus-Saturn believe that love should be earned through hard work, and generally do not believe that they are naturally friendly. To avoid the expected rejection, they can retreat behind the walls and focus on one race.

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