What is a Dream Dictionary?

What is My Dream Telling Me?

Have you ever wondered what your dream means? Are they trying to tell you to be beware or let you know that something good is coming? You can use a dream dictionary to figure it out. This dictionary gives each symbol a specific meaning to help you figure out what your dreams mean. Each symbol represents a mood, feeling or feeling from your subconscious. With practice, you will be able to figure out what your dreams mean with ease. 

What is a Dream Dictionary?

You can look online and read all about dream dictionaries and what a dream is. There are several interesting facts about dreams. Did you know that you can have up to seven dreams in one night?

Most people don’t remember but about 10% of a dream ten minutes after waking up. Around 67% of Americans can experience Deja Vu and usually is more common in females. Children do not dream about themselves until about the age of three. Did you know that you cannot dream if you are snoring? That is interesting to me.

There are several types of dreams. Most people have heard about daydreams, nightmares and recurring dreams. There is also healing dreams and this usually either warns you about a health issue or to help you heal from an illness.

Mutual dreams are where two people have the same dream. A mutual dream could be two people working toward a common goal or your friend having the same dream as you which means that you have a strong bond.

Should You Pay Attention To Every Detail In Your Dream?

To completely understand your dreams, you need to pay attention to every detail of your dream that you can. Try to remember colors, sounds, people and the way you are feeling. All these details have a meaning in themselves and you must put them together to find the meaning behind your dream.

For example, let’s say that you are dreaming that you are flying, but do not remember how you are feeling. You would be unable to figure out if this is a positive or negative dream. If you are content with the situation or fearful of the situation.

There are some common dreams that a lot of people have, like falling dreams, snake dreams and death dreams. Common dreams usually have a common meaning and it is the details that will help you to figure out exactly what your dream means. Falling dreaming usually means loss of control, but to make sure you need to look at your life and see what is going on and that will give you the details that you need to figure out what your dream mean.

Do You Have Nightmares?

Personally, I tend to have nightmares. When I was younger, I did not know why I was having so many nightmares and it seemed that I was alone. I have learned that these nightmares stem from my Trauma that I suffered as a child. Now that I know what they mean, I can process the meaning and feelings behind the dream that helps me to have less nightmares. Some people say that if you have nightmares that you are more creative or sensitive, I believe this.

A friend of mine has dreams of being naked. She will be in the store shopping and then suddenly be completely naked in front of everyone. When we researched her dreams, we were able to figure out that her dreams were because a disability that she has, and it bothers her.

She always thinks that people are judging her and making fun of her. This has been a roller coaster for her, but she is working daily on this and getting more confident in her own skin. That has helped her to have less naked dreams and more happy dreams.

Your dreams will somehow reflect on what you are going through in real life. You must be honest with yourself and how you feel in real life to figure out what your dreams mean. Usually, the feelings you are having in real life will be the feelings you have in your dreams. Fear is one of the most common feelings in dreams. When you are dreaming your guards are down and this will be the closest to your true feelings.

Do You Have Death Dreams?

Death dreams tend to scare people and they do always mean death. They can mean the end of something in your life and the opening of a new chapter. This can be the end of a bad relationship, job or even a bad habit. This can mean you have been trying to stop a habit and you are finally ready to end the habit completely. Look at your life and see what is ending and embrace it.

I am personally scared to death of snakes, but I have learned that snake dreams are not always bad. Since different people have different feelings about snakes that the dreams can be bad or good. For me, a snake dream is fearful since I don’t like snakes. If you have a snake as a pet, then your dream could be something different. Even if you are fearful of snakes, pay attention to the feeling that the dream leaves you with, good or bad.

Everyone remembers dreams about tests when they were in school. Dreams about tests are not about the content of the test, but the process of taking the test and the fear of failure.  This could mean the you are facing something big and that you are scared to fail at. Your dream could also mean that you have your goals set too high and you need to rethink your goals and make sure that they are reachable.

Dreams about weddings can have a wide range of meanings. They can be good and bad. They can be a sign of new beginnings or changes that can be either good or bad. These dreams can also mean sorrow and fear. Are you about to start a new job and have been excited about it? Are you stressed from planning your own wedding? Make sure you pay attention to the details and look at a dream dictionary for what it means.

When you are dreaming, make sure you pay attention to the details like, feelings, colors, sounds and who is in it. Each of these details can mean something different. Each feeling can be linked to your daily life in some way. These feelings can be hard to tell what they mean if you are not honest with yourself about your life. You could miss something good coming into your life or something helping a loved one.

Are Dream Dictionaries Helpful?

Dream dictionaries can have different meanings depending on your religion and background. A dream means one thing to you and can mean something completely different to someone from another background. Always remember to respect everyone and their beliefs on dream dictionaries. You interpret your dream for yourself and follow your heart.

Dream dictionaries can be helpful if you are wanting to learn about dreams and what they mean. These can be interesting to read and learn about. I have found this very interesting and enjoy learning about myself. This has given me a new look at my life and how I honestly feel and how I view myself. This has been a sort of therapy for my trauma in my past.

Dream dictionaries are available to give the tools to understand the dreams that you are having. You must pay attention to the detail because they can be key on what is happening in your life. Your dreams can be a warning about something or just confirming how you are feeling. You can have several dreams a night and they can be short or long. You can also have dreams that feel real but are not real. Those are the dreams that I explore the most in my life.

If you decide to explore your dreams, please understand that it will take time. You must remember the details and then make sure that you are researching the correct parts.  Your personal feelings in a dream is a key thing to remember. This is linked to your subconscious, the part of you that you put your guard down with while you are sleeping. Dreams are you at your most vulnerable. This can be scary to know and even scarier to explore.

If you are using a dream dictionary, you are going to learn things about yourself that you may not have even come to realize in your life yet. Your dreams are not there to hurt you, but to help you.  They warn you and reassure you about different things going on in your life. Take what you find out and listen to your heart.  Make the best of your dreams.  This will help you to make the best of your life.

You can find dream dictionaries online. They are filled with all the information on what dreams are, the different kinds of dreams and how to research them. They will show you what each feeling, person or thing in your dream means. They can be helpful when you are facing a situation and are not what to do or how to handle it. Learn what you can and always be honest with yourself about how you are feeling and what is going on. Dream big and love to dream.

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