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What is Mercury Retrograde?

What is Mercury Retrograde?

For someone unfamiliar with astrology, the term “mercury retrograde” is foreign. But you probably have heard a thing or two about it from other people. The movement of the planets plays an integral part of astrology, and Mercury retrograde is one of the most talked-about planetary aspects over the web.

The interest in this phenomenon isn’t that surprising, especially for those who are firm believers and follower of astrology. It affects a person’s life in many ways. Once you’re done reading this piece, you will eventually pay more attention to how it potentially influences the changes in your life.

The concept of keeping track of a Mercury retrograde is that you can use it to your advantage. Knowing the exact periods of it happening means you can avoid the possible misfortunes that come with it and instead become doubly productive.

But before anyone can take advantage of it, it makes sense to understand what Mercury retrograde is, specifically on how it happens and if there’s some truth to it.

Is Mercury Moving Backward?

The term “retrograde” means to move backward. Mercury doesn’t move backwards. The notion that it retrogrades is based on how we see it from our point of view. Some basic stargazing using a conventional telescope makes it appear that the planet moves backward. It’s the same conclusion that the first astrologers arrived centuries ago.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, so the orbit is shorter than that of our planet. It cruises past the Earth about three or four times each year. These are the periods when we experience the Mercury retrograde. The most straightforward way of explaining how this happens is when you’re driving a car, and a speeding vehicle overtakes. You will conclude that the car is going faster than you. Now if you step on the gas or if the car decides to slow down and you move to pass it, it appears like it is moving backward.

When Mercury speeds up and passes by Earth, it creates something that’s like a windstorm in its path. The turbulent wind is the one that creates a retrograde effect. Accordingly, this retrograde effect is translated in astrology as having a significant influence in our lives.

The Earth and the Stars

Astrology firmly believes in the phrase, “as above, so below.” The concept suggests that the movement of the heavenly bodies influences our lives on Earth. It says that the world of man is directly related to the universe. Our planet maintains a fractal relationship with the objects in the heavens, specifically with regards to the latter’s movements and orbit.

Understanding astrology in its totality requires a lifetime of commitment. Still, you at least have the chance to learn about the areas of your life that the planet Mercury and its retrograde periods can affect.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Life

Mercury has control over your life that involves communicating with others. It covers speaking, listening, reading, learning, and many others. The movement of the planet will influence any transaction that involves the purchase, sale, or negotiations for a property. It includes agreements and contracts, as well as legal documents like wills, deeds, and leases.

When Mercury retrogrades, it affects travel, shipping, and all means of transportation. You may want to focus on this because those areas are likely to put your safety at risk. Transport and travel could be adversely affected.

In astrology, a planet that retrogrades is on a calming or resting mode. When Mercury naps, the aspects of human life under it won’t enjoy the benefit of full function. In other words, you won’t be as efficient and productive as you’d expect when you do things during a Mercury retrograde. While you may not feel the adverse effect in some aspects of your life, there is a possibility of some things to go out of control.

Don’ts During Mercury Retrograde

The idea is to avoid making crucial decisions in life when Mercury is on a retrograde. If you’re buying or selling a property, don’t do it during this period. When you’re signing an agreement or contract, do it once the period is over.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where someone decides on your behalf. Even though you’re not the one who decides, the fact that it can affect you means that the Mercury retrograde will influence it. Retrograde periods are never an ideal time to do anything with regards to communications. So, if you’re planning to launch an advertising or marketing campaign for your business, then cancel it.

Avoid closing in on a deal to become partners in business or to merge your company. Don’t sign a lease, either. Since Mercury covers all aspects of communication, you cannot do both verbal and written agreements.

Know that this has nothing to do with the prospect of dealing with deceptive or fraudulent people. The retrograde is beyond anyone’s control. There is no way to predict what happens when you take the risk of doing something. For example, you may feel like you didn’t get the job because the company owner favored another applicant.

Maybe you failed in a business endeavor because your partner was dishonest. If you decided to buy a house during the retrograde, you might realize later that it is structurally compromised, thereby blaming the seller for the non-disclosure. These things fall within the misfortunes of making decisions during the Mercury retrograde.

Learning How to Thrive

You know by now that Mercury rules the aspect of communication in our lives. When it retrogrades, there’s a chance of it wreaking havoc to your life in the form of constant challenges, failures, conflict, and misunderstandings. Astrology is trying to picture out a scenario in which people tend to face difficulties if they choose to ignore or undermine the control that Mercury has over them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a firm believer of astrology or you’re merely a scholar who understands it – the truth is that you won’t lose anything if you follow the ways to thrive during and right after Mercury retrograde.

  • Slow Down – You’re one of those who won’t waste time to grab opportunities in life. But there’s no shame in slowing down. The best time to think things over is during the retrograde. Modern society exists and runs at a remarkable pace but taking a moment to decide on things will help you get through the Mercury retrograde unscathed. In other words, you can play it safe, at least for the period to lapse.
  • Get Organized – You should avoid making critical decisions in life during the retrograde, particularly those involving communications. However, that doesn’t stop you from becoming productive in other aspects of life. For one, you can get rid of clutter, start cleaning up your space and getting things organized. In Astrology, Mercury rules over Virgo, who in turn is the organizer of the zodiac. You can perform some cleaning and organization of your things while trying to avoid other endeavors that require correspondence with other people.
  • Unfinished Business – It is highly discouraged to decide on things like kick starting a project or launching a business marketing campaign. But there are no repercussions in completing unfinished projects. If you’ve been stuck at some point in a project at home or place of business, now is the time to get it done.
  • Reach Out – You probably have ignored a message or two from a friend or family member. Maybe you’ve been too busy as of late to reply, or you haven’t opened your email for a while. Since you’re in no hurry to decide on things like business, marketing, and real estate, now is an excellent time to reach out to the people you care. There is nothing wrong with the idea of rekindling relationships during the retrograde. The truth is that you’re making a meaningful effort out of your time.
  • Keep Calm – It’s always a smart idea to remain calm while Mercury retrogrades. Pressure could quickly build in your life, especially when you’re overwhelmed with a lot of impending decisions. There’s no need to rush things and to make hurried decisions could be your undoing. The retrograde may force you out of your comfort zone, but it doesn’t mean you give in to it. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that everything will eventually fall into place, even Mercury itself.

When the world officially gets a clear pass of Mercury retrograde, it’s time to focus on the shadow period. It is the moment when the planet realigns itself. There are some adjustments to make and learning more about your astrological chart will give you a clearer idea of the things you must do and those you still must avoid. Know that being in the shadow period does not necessarily mean that you are free from misfortunes. The best approach is to take it slow. The shadow period ends roughly a month after Mercury realigns and goes direct, so bring a positive attitude on your way.