What is Past Life Regression?

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression (from Latin «regression» – backward movement) is access to past incarnations. Regression is a special technique based on hypnosis that helps to move consciousness to the memory of the alleged reincarnations to adjust and harmonize life in the present.

Regression therapy is a relatively new practice that combines understanding and application of philosophical ideas and knowledge from many fields including modern science, psychology, psychotherapy, and healing. Past life therapy (PLT) practices have become the subject of serious research but are considered unscientific by medical associations and discredited.

What Are The Concepts of Past Life Regression?

Regression therapy works with past memories of the current life and the previous incarnations. Regression therapy uses meditative, trance, and hypnotic techniques. It is based on the philosophical concept of reincarnation.

The human personality lives in the material world several times. People change their physical forms or bodies like actors change their roles. The role can be brilliant or ends as a complete failure. Alleged negative situations in the past may link and influence the present life. Past life therapy aims to solve negative situations happened in the previous incarnations.

Regressive hypnosis is a method working with the subconscious mind through a trance state that recalls memories of past lives. Past life regression is considered to be the key to self-knowledge and solving internal conflicts and problems.

Practitioners are convinced that our soul lives and reincarnates dozens of times, from the moment of its appearance to the present moment, it accumulates a significant amount of information like a flash drive. And it stores everything: knowledge, life experience, skills, joy, pain, trauma, hatred, all the good and bad that happened to a person during his life.

This data is stored and rewritten time after time, forming a permanent information record. And this flash drive also has limits of safety, it can break or be hit with a system virus (bug) — negative memory, which will eventually strengthen and begin to influence new incarnations. Normal life programs will also start to fail.

The virus or genetic memory may become apparent over a longer period of life. The symptoms of negative memory are:

  • birthmarks, scars;
  • spontaneous neuroses without any reason;
  • panic attacks;
  • nightmares.

The list is much bigger and each of these phenomena can occur as a result of the tragedies of the past. Regressive hypnosis works with such problems.

What Can Therapy Help With Past Life Regression

Areas where regressive hypnosis helps (there are more of them, but these are the most frequent):

  • Diseases of internal organs;
  • Systems of personality;
  • Almost all phobias;
  • Neurosis, neurasthenia, anxiety;
  • Pernicious habits;
  • Dependences;
  • Problems in personal life;
  • Personal conflicts and life difficulties.

Past life regression is always used for specific purposes; it is not done out of curiosity. And many people are concerned about how the procedure affects their health and life in general.

In the course of regression, you mentally experience negative emotions and find psychosomatic causes of diseases, problems in relationships, etc. And since any disease is a sign that you need to change something or understand in your life, then after realizing the cause, your health begins to improve. The same applies to any painful, negative situation.

Overview of Regressive Hypnosis Techniques

The Dolores Cannon Method

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) a regressionist and soul researcher, was born in St. Louis on April 15, 1931. Dolores Cannon encountered reincarnation in 1968, through regressive hypnosis: “It started when I was observing regression experiments conducted by my husband, a hypnotist. He used traditional methods of hypnosis and realized that he was working with reincarnation completely by accident, putting into a trance a woman who wanted to lose weight.”

In 1979, Dolores and her family moved to Arkansas, where Cannon began a career as a writer. Her articles were published successfully in newspapers and magazines. Later, she became interested in reincarnation again and studied various techniques of regressive hypnosis.

Starting in 1979, Dolores developed her own method of hypnosis, which allowed her to extract useful information from the patient’s past life, as well as a lot of new historical and scientific knowledge from the human subconscious, lost by our civilization.

Dolores Cannon’s technique was a significant success, healing people’s emotional and psychological traumas. Dolores wrote many useful books based on information extracted from the subconscious of people, thereby confirming the phenomenon of reincarnation and the existence of lives between lives ( “Between life and death”, “Jesus and the Essenes”).

The Dolores Cannon method works with the human subconscious when the client is immersed in a somnambulistic level of trance-theta level: “The person is constantly immersed in one of the four states of altered consciousness. Beta level-wakefulness or when the subject thinks they are awake. In fact, when you close your eyes, you are already in an altered state.

The alpha level is usually used by hypnotists for meditation. The deepest level of trance is theta — somnambulistic. At this level, I hold the patient and work with them, between the alpha and delta levels. Delta level-sleep state.” The concept of the method consists in the predominance of rational-synaesthetic thinking (synaesthetic thinking – the ratio of conscious and unconscious in the process of knowledge) over rational.

Hypnology, during a state of a deep trance of a client, gives him instructions to the second explored the past life experience that was integrated into his subconscious in the course of individual evolution. The client prepares for the session in advance, defining questions to the subconscious, thus they are manifested during the therapy itself.

This method of regressive hypnosis technique successfully and effectively affects the health of the human subconscious, restoring its mental balance. Dolores Cannon argued that in hypnotic practice, the term “subconscious” is not analogous to the ” Freudian ” concept of the subconscious, which is practiced in psychiatry. The regressionist was convinced that it was something deeper, a superconsciousness.

What Is Michael Newton’s Method?

Michael Newton (1931-2016) — certified hypnotherapy specialist, first President of the Society for Spiritual Regression from 2002 to 2005, member of the American Association of consulting psychologists and doctor of Psychological Counseling, doctor of philosophy. Founded the Michael Newton Institute for life-between-Lives Hypnotherapy. Dr. Newton devoted his private practice of hypnotherapy for more than 50 years to correcting various behavioral abnormalities and helping clients discover their higher spiritual Selves.

In 1998, Michael Newton was awarded by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists for “the most unique contribution of a hypnotherapist”. Dr. Newton has spent years researching the memory of the soul and life after death.

In the process of developing his own method of age regression, Dr. Newton discovered the phenomenon of an immortal soul existing in the space between physical incarnations. Michael Newton’s method of regressive hypnosis placed subjects in intermediate periods of their memories between past lives, it was called LBL-regression (LifeBetweenLives). Thanks to hypnotic regression, the hypnologist was able to describe the possibility of life after death-spiritual life.

Michael Newton could learn what was happening in the spirit world through his clients, who were in a state of deep hypnosis and visualized their journey. The LBL-regression method was aimed at helping people find themselves, their goal in life, to know themselves by turning to superconsciousness.

Michael Newton wrote 3 bestsellers on the subject of his discoveries: “The Journey of the soul”, “the Purpose of the soul” and “Life between lives”.

What Is the technique of hypnotic trance in regression?

The aim of the regression therapy is to bring the subject into a state of altered consciousness (trance state ready for hypnotherapy). This requires preliminary preparation for the session.

During the practice, the subject goes through the following stages:

  1. He answers a number of questions that reveal the negative memory of the facts that created a problem query. The hypnotist uses an alpha level to bring the subject into a trance state. This is the moment when the subconscious mind is between sleeping and waking. The process of immersion is carried out using relaxation methods.
  2. The subject begins to plunge into the very depths of his inner world, completely disconnects thoughts and stops the endless dialogue with himself.
  3. While the subject begins to feel and understand himself in the past life, as if he is plunging into the unconscious of his previous incarnation, reliving his experience, he begins to tell everything he sees and feels.
  4. Then there is an immersion in the theta state during the transition to space between the two incarnations. At this stage, the subject can ask any questions and get answers from his subconscious. He is able to correct the situation in the past incarnation and edit its image in the subconscious
  5. At the end of the session, the person is returned to the beta state, the usual active wakefulness. The subject returns to the point of reality.
  6. The patient discusses the procedure and its results with a hypnotist (psychotherapist or another specialist), to indicate further actions.

The altered state of consciousness activates the hidden mechanisms of the brain, and the subjects can remember things that have never been recorded in present lives. Critics and skeptics do not believe this.

Experts regard these memories of past lives as delusions or fantasies of the subject. Psychologies assume that the inner mind willingly picks up the “game of past lives”, showing us a number of incarnations in the form of “movies in the head”, which only justify the events and situations that happen to us in our current life.

They convinced that realizing the reasons for the current situation, supposedly hidden in past lives, will not change the situation in the present. While advocates of Past life regression provide successful examples from their practice and explore new methods of therapy.

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