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Taurus Compatibility: Best Matched Zodiac Signs

Taurus Compatibility: Best Matched Zodiac Signs

Taurus, the headstrong, impatient and stubborn.

Born between April 20th-May 20th, they are considered to be strong, physically and mentally. They love beautiful things with a distinct taste for material possessions.

They are great at handling their finances because they also love spending it on the things they love most. They are good-natured but tend to be impatient. Taurus does not enjoy waiting. We know Taurus to be straightforward, that when they don’t agree with something, they won’t hesitate in telling you about it. Just don’t take it personally because they are just that way, frank and direct.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best For Taurus Compatibility?

Taurus Compatibility

There are 4 zodiac signs compatible with Taurus (besides the Taurus), and they are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Capricorn.

Taurus and Capricorn

Both zodiacs believe in hard work and perseverance. They are very well matched because of their sensitive nature. These two value relationships, as well as commitment, and have high regard for home and family. They both believe that to make a relationship lasts, one has to work hard for it. These beliefs also make them secure with each other. They are firm believers of marriage and long-term commitment.

Taurus understands the need of the Capricorn for reassurance, and Capricorn understands where the possessiveness of a Taurus must come from. Although both have identical views with finances, family, and parenting, they too, have their issues to overcome. Capricorn is secretive and usually hides their feelings, Taurus finds this a new thing since Taurus is straightforward and truthful with their partner.

With both of them loving work and success, they work too hard leaving relaxation out of the picture. But this is also the strength of this partnership because, with their careers, they both believe in being successful and making sure they always reach their goal.

With family time, this partnership has a very strong agreement. That family should come first and the party came only second. Both would rather cook dinner at home and have a quiet conversation with the whole family.

These two have a slightly pessimistic outlook, they think that something might go wrong, but they use it to their advantage that if it ever happens, they are both ready.

Both are compatible with intimacy, they are sensual and loves to get some action inside the bedroom. They tend to take their time in their lovemaking, they believe that they can show what they feel through lovemaking and it works for both of them.

Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces are very passionate, caring and romantic. They both believe in loyalty, commitment, and trust. These two complement each other. Where one might be lacking, the other would be supporting, and vice-versa. Taurus being protective of the Pisces can be a very special trait that a Pisces would love and cherish. Pisces, on the other hand, attract Taurus with their selfless and freely giving nature.

Taurus seems to look at it from a positive perspective. The Taurus being frank may sometimes hurt the Pisces because of the sensitive nature of this zodiac sign, but this is where these two will have to settle by understanding, and complementing each other. Both dislike confrontation, and would likely avoid it at all costs. These zodiacs resist change and would like to have stability in their lives.

They disagree with the financial aspect because of the materialistic character of a Taurus when Pisceans are not in any way materialistic, these two should be able to overcome this incompatibility so they will have a smooth relationship throughout.

These two zodiac signs complement each other inside the bedroom, they are a great match both wanting deep emotional and physical connection. These two take sex seriously and are not afraid to show it in private. The Pisces wanting only a deep and meaningful connection that a Taurus can easily provide. This partnership is very sensual and romantic since both bring out the best in each other. Overall, this partnership is very meaningful because of how they show their love and loyalty to each other. They have their way of showing care for their partner differently but it works for these two zodiacs.

Taurus and Cancer

This is a very compatible partnership. Both love home, family, and believe in working hard for financial security. Both can enjoy in each other’s stability with lots of affection and nurturing to give. Taurus will admire the very loyal Cancer and its loving nature.

Cancer can sense the need of a Taurus, and will provide that need in every way they can. Taurus cherishes this trait of Cancer being that Taurus loves having the emotional support they need. With these two believing in the sacredness of the family, both will attempt to have a fun, loving and peaceful home. Since both are family-oriented they are keen on just staying home and cherishing the family times together. Taurus and Cancer do not love going out to party, but would rather stay home to enjoy and relax with their family.

What these two should overcome is their being jealous and possessive. They must continue to show loyalty and affection to each other to overcome the negativity in their relationship. With both being stubborn and wanting to control the relationship, they must try to compromise and just complement each other.

These two are very affectionate and sensual in the bedroom. Taurus being confident in bed will keep Cancer in tune with their lovemaking because Taurus can easily keep the flame burning in the bedroom. The Cancer partner will love the considerate way of Taurus’ lovemaking. Both are very touchy, but the Taurus being erotic will keep the Cancer coming back for more.

Taurus and Scorpio.

Both zodiacs are very loyal. Taurus’ stubbornness and Scorpio’s jealous streak will sometimes come to a clash, there will be some misunderstanding but they can both compromise and will learn to appreciate each other. Scorpio can easily sense other people’s character sometimes showing their intuitive side, but this is what the Taurus will come to admire.

Scorpio can also be secretive, but soon as Scorpio starts trusting Taurus there will be no more issues along the way. Both of them have a knack for investing and can be thrifty if they want to but there are times as well that the extravagant nature of Taurus shows its ugly head. Taurus will just need to curve the urge to be extravagant. They are two loyal people that expect nothing less from each other. Both are very ambitious, as well as determined, believing that hard work always pays off.

There are some bumps during the relationship with both of these two zodiacs showing their stubbornness and not wanting to lose in any argument. This will show bad temper from both zodiacs. What they need to do is to be more understanding of each other, and adapt to each other’s individuality. In the long run, these issues will be resolved, and the relationship will be for keeps.

With these two being very passionate in bed and having strong sexual chemistry, it will not be boring in the confines of the bedroom. Both relish in slow lovemaking, cherishing the exciting moment and loving the sensuality in every move. They bring out the best in each other in and out of the bedroom.

Taurus and Taurus

Considered being a solid match. Both being practical, sensible, and believes in being responsible. They won’t let each other down because they both believe in dependability. They crave security and loyalty, which both can find in each other. They are family-oriented and love the comforts of home. Since both are very loyal to their relationship, their connection will stand the test of time. These two believe in working hard to get what they want in life, that to enjoy finer things one has to work for it.

Both love beautiful things bordering to being materialistic, but it is just how they reward themselves for their hard work. Both would rather stay at home than enjoy the outside world and will always choose family every time.

Both are sentimental. Both of them believe in tradition, loves taking care of their possession and will always follow a routine.

There are some minor issues that both should overcome, with both being stubborn that sometimes one wants to win the argument over the other. They argue over trivial things and tend to keep the struggle between them. They have to hold on to the love and learn to compromise, give in to the other to make the relationship work and succeed.

Both are very erotic, sensual and love slow lovemaking. They love enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the moment. The sexual chemistry is high for these two as both love to indulge in lovemaking. They are stubborn outside of the bedroom but aim to please when in the confines of it. They can tell each other what they want from the lovemaking, and both will just be cooperative, just so they will enjoy the moment to the fullest and will try to make it last if they can.