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Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility is One of a Kind

The attraction that exists between both signs is irresistible. It is a union that can be successful because they are both passionate, dreamers and loyal.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility is One of a Kind

With Mars and the inquisitor Pluto as the main rulers, they protect their loved ones and want to dive into the depths of love. Jupiter and Neptune also intervene to create valance in the relationship, although with ups and downs that with patience and wisdom, they will be able to solve anything that gets in their way.

However, the flexible Pisces should not be thought of as fragile or delicate compared to the Scorpio armored shell. It is his adaptability that gives Pisces his strength and makes him driven by a strong determination that is beyond the reach of other mortals. Fish swim above, below, or around any obstacle.

Let’s know more about these both signs’ compatibility!

Scorpio and Pisces Meet Through Pluto

The Scorpio can be compared to a Comics superhero who protects those he loves at incredible speeds. It should be considered lucky if a Pisces engages with him. With the lucky Jupiter as a guide, some of that fortune could rub off on him. Scorpio, in turn, can be a shield that protects the sensitive Pisces from a world that is sometimes too much for him. Pisces have the gift of bringing out the tender side of Scorpio, a side that others rarely see.

The Scorpion is well-known for being pure energy. For good or bad, he needs to be constantly channeled to create a flow.

Some channel it through sport, but most do it through sex. Why? The reason is very simple. As their ruling planet is Pluto, the god of the dead and the underworld in Roman mythology, they fear death more than anyone. Therefore, in their eagerness to get away from it, they frenzy in every manifestation of life. And the part of the body that governs this sign is the sexual organs.

He is clear about what is love and what is sex, they know how to surrender themselves without contempt to lust. They may not become sexually obsessed, but surely they will always be on a conquest or hunting plan looking for where to stick their stinger.

Of course, when they are committed they are serious and you do not have to play with their feelings because they are jealous, possessive and revengeful. In this plan, they are not satisfied with stinging once, but they do it repeatedly until they are tired.

However, the attractive Scorpio can start stalking to the independent Pisces. The natures of both are prone in different ways. Life in common could go down an indulgent path unless they manage to clear up as individuals and as a couple.

You should keep in mind that it will not be easy to try to make Scorpio change and the Pisces’ evasive behavior can keep them out of the way. Both are reserved by nature. If both refuse to face the problems, they will be just around the corner. On the other hand, if they confront them, there will be nothing they cannot solve if they are together.

Scorpio and Pisces Flow Like Water

For their hunting spirit, for which no challenge is impossible, it is very likely that scorpions dedicate themselves to seducing and courting impossible loves. When they establish a relationship they will feel as if they were crashing into a vehicle head-on against a wall. And battered will return to their wanderings. No one can’t help it, it’s in his nature. But this one has a surprise in store if it crosses a Piscean on his way.

Scorpio is a provider of emotions and Pisces is in search of them. Both are signs of flowing water. The first protects the second from the bites of reality with his armor. The second, in exchange, will offer him unconditional love and will create a universe of romanticism and ideal love for the couple. Of course, they must be careful, since both are prone to vices.

The sensuality of the Pisceans and the lust of the scorpions connect immediately. And they can give free rein if they put imagination and mischief into the matter. They could also function as lovers, since both have something of libertines and they will feel comfortable with clandestine relationships, furtive encounters, etc. Or they could be a couple and recreate them or launch into a swinger practice.

For those who practice this or on the contrary, they decide for a more traditional relationship, they do very well. But when something breaks between these two signs, the Piscean always carries those to lose while the scorpion goes away, with its stinger up, looking for a new conquest.

In Search of Balance

As we mentioned earlier, both belong to the water element, so they flow naturally when they are together. They look for a common objective, that is why they support each other. Their connection is so intense that only a glance is enough to understand each other. Also, they both can interpret their dreams. Thanks to this gift, they can discover hidden messages about what can happen in their future or answers from their past.

However, you should make sure that you are not just flowing, enjoying the union, without actually going anywhere. A little bit of Earth and Fire in your life will ensure a stable and inspiring relationship. Without this balance, they could both drift away with escapism and fantasy.

Scorpio will have devotion to his imaginative lover and, in return, the Pisces style will bring a spark to the life of Scorpio. This union has everything from sensual eroticism to the deeply spiritual. Intimate and durable, it is a perfect combination for this relationship.

Communication will be necessary to make the union work, so the mutual understanding of Scorpio and Pisces will be so strong that it will be easy for both of us to make it work.

Why Pisces Likes Scorpio?

Pisces is intrigued by the mystery and fantasy of the secret world of Scorpio. At first, Pisces may feel Scorpio as someone far away and with hidden life.

The process of conquest between both signs is simply to know that hidden side of Scorpio and to fall in love more and more with its true essence, an essence that Scorpio instinctively usually hides to avoid feeling hurt when someone really interests him.

Both are very creative which is very attractive to Pisces so this is a relationship that is going to have many great stories and episodes of romance that will be unforgettable. It will be impossible for them to be bored together, and if that happens, boredom does not usually last long and if it does last a long time, it is an alarm that something serious may be going on that affects the relationship.

What Attracts Scorpio of Pisces?

Scorpio generally thinks about sex all day and when you meet a Pisces that will change as it happens on a deeper and spiritual level. When Scorpio falls in love with Pisces, he can take the reins of the sexual part but it will be Pisces who will lead the relationship towards mystical spiritual love.

It will be a process of mutual learning that will make Scorpio fall more and more in love with the new vision of love that Pisces can bring him.

Scorpio is deeply attracted by the dreamers, passionate and creative that Pisces can become and by their intuitive powers that generate a lot of intrigue and mystery, which is something that strikes Scorpio because he has a lot of mystery in his own astral essence.

Fights and Differences

Despite the fact that the connection between both signs is full of cosmic magic, they must still be vigilant to preserve that magic and that it does not fade. Both of them could easily feel overwhelmed by this flood of emotions that come and go and that can cause confusion.

In addition to this, we have two personalities that are easily hurt if the other makes them angry. When this happens, Pisces will withdraw and isolate itself but eventually, it will calm down and return to the usual rhythm. Scorpio, on the other hand, cannot forgive so quickly, especially if his allegiance has been betrayed.

Jealousy and Obsessive Love

These signs have some fundamental differences that have managed to end the odd romance between these two. Scorpio is jealous and territorial and can sometimes reach the point of obsession. The scorpion is the one that is going to tend to be the more jealous of the two and the one that is going to want to control the different situations by the very essence of his character.

Pisces is going to need freedom and space to grow as it is more wandering and has little patience for an obsessive partner. That is why problems can arise in this paradise when the scorpion wants to tie Pisces and it is not ready for such loss of space and freedom.

In some cases, even Pisces would rather lose Scorpio than have someone to control it, even though the loss is painful. On the other hand, Pisces can also develop an unhealthy tendency, mainly in the sexual sphere.

This union can be beautiful but it can also be one where extreme happiness becomes an obsession for the other and if this is not controlled, it can be a time bomb for the relationship, making it even a toxic relationship.

How to Make This Relationship Work?

The compatibility between both signs is so powerful that to continue together, more than advice, they simply need to be carried away by love and intuition. They have a significant amount of karmic connection that will help and guide them through this relationship.

But when there are problems, they both feel devastated as if the world is ending. However, they both have a bond that can become unbreakable, and even if they break up, they will almost always find their way back to each other.

In order to avoid falling into a crisis that deteriorates the relationship, Scorpio has to control his jealousy and learn and accept that Pisces needs freedom, give him his spaces but without leaving him so isolated and feeling abandoned. At the same time, Pisces needs to remember how easily the Scorpio gets angry and hurt.

Pisces has to spend time and energy to make Scorpio feel safe, and also, must strive to serve as a base of support or comfort when Scorpio needs it. If commitment is what Scorpio expects from this relationship, Pisces better do everything. Because he always has the thought that maybe he should be given an opportunity to meet someone who may be better than his current partner, but the truth is that it is very difficult for Pisces to have someone better than a Scorpio.

Both should strive to be there for each other, prioritizing their partner when necessary. If both of you are willing to make an effort to retain your karmic magic, this love compatibility has it all to be one of the most intense and happiest in the entire zodiac.

Final Thoughts

The sweetness of Pisces can make Scorpio open its armor and reveal, over time, what is hidden inside. On the other hand, Scorpio will do it very carefully since he distrusts the freedom of Pisces. If he wants to have a relationship with Scorpio, he will also have to be careful and see if he can control the beast from his anger.

Enjoy the flow of love and let both worlds discover each other.