What Can You Learn About Pisces Astrology?

What Can You Learn About Pisces Astrology?

This zodiac sign belongs, as it could not be otherwise, to the water element. As for its characteristic symbol, it could also be very obvious since it is identified as being two fish, each facing opposite directions. People who were born under this sign, are big dreamers, but also they can be really lazy. Be careful if you need to give some tasks to them, usually, they do not like to follow rules. They have their own way and rhythm to do things.

If you were born between February 19 and March 20 and want to know more about this sign, we invite you to continue reading and learn more about it.

What Are Pisces Characteristics?

If you know a Piscian, you may have noticed that he puts the feelings of others above his. They are very sensitive, they have a lot of patience and they are very calm. The truth is that you can see his kindness in his eyes, he always has a nice smile on his face but if you suffer, he will suffer by your side.

Their loving personality conquers any hard heart since they are loving and do not like to have problems with others. On the other hand, in times of personal problems, they find it difficult to take the first step to solve it, perhaps because they focus much more on other people’s problems than on their own.

They like freedom, they do not like to be rushed or to feel that someone wants to ‘catch’ them, therefore, it is often difficult for them to have a stable partner since they do not respect the rules of coexistence.

Since they do not like to argue, they prefer to retire earlier to get into their world where they can dream. They are very creative, their imagination can touch places that nobody can go since they like to get lost in solitude. This brings them problems not seeing their reality and that makes them weak.

Do Pisces Have a Gem that Characterizes Them in Astrology?

The amethyst makes the Pisces, like the ancient Egyptian soldiers, trust their powers to succeed in daily battles. It is a stone with a calming influence, so in cases of headache and insomnia, rub yourself with an amethyst at the temples and it will relieve you. It is a gem that can be used universally without any contraindication. Aquamarine and pearl are also valid to protect this sign as well as coral.

What are The Best Pisces’ Activities?

Due to its dreamy disposition, it is a sign inclined to art, to the spiritual world, to political ideals that promise a better world. Those who were born under this sign are associated in astrology with the world of ideas, with the art of music, poetry, mystical spiritual movements, glamor, fashion trends, political parties and even with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Among the activities of this sign, one can mention the artistic vocational faculties, inspiration, parapsychic and people with certain extrasensory powers, mediums, seers, card-makers, poets, musicians, politicians. It is an eminently creative sign for its great capacity to imagine what does not yet exist.

Among the professions that are best suited to them, would be those of writers, painters, singers, and artists in general, priests with a mystical character, men and women of faith and religious beliefs, gurus, fashion designers, designers of interiors, artistic photographers, politicians.

Personal Data that Characterize Pisces

Personal Relationships

Those who belong to this sign are not selfish in their personal relationships and tend to give more than they receive. They are loyal people and seek a union with the mind and spirit of their partner rather than a sexual union. They like home and family.


In medical astrology, Pisces governs the feet, and the psychic faculties of the people, the states of euphoria or depression, the psychic or denominated mental illnesses. In an astrological chart, if the diseases are related to this sign, the person may be prone and, according to each case, to suffer from bunions on the feet, calluses on the feet, unusual diseases and of a difficult diagnosis.

This sign is associated in astrology with alcoholism, drugs in general, and altered states of consciousness, in addition to diseases that require psychological or psychiatric support. A typical or common Pisces pathology would be, for example, suffering from physical ailments of a psychosomatic origin.


In matters of love, it could not be otherwise than pure romanticism. Although they usually have many platonic loves throughout their lives. But when they’re in a relationship, thanks to their imagination can make both of you fly.

As for the good and the bad of his personality in love, you will see his compassion, his understanding, he will like to listen to you to give you his opinion, and his joy will infect you. As for the bad, they are not usually trustworthy, they are lazy, and they will never tell you their secrets.


At work, they perform better if they work alone or in lower positions. They are usually not good managers because they lack sufficient security to do so. But are excellent secretaries, assistants or administrative. On the other hand, they also can become excellent lawyers, architects, travelers, artists, priests, employees in non-profit organizations (for their sense of solidarity), detectives (for their imagination).


It is a sign of immensity because it represents in astrology the limitlessness of the sea and the ocean whose horizon goes beyond our sight. Therefore, it is a sign that obeys patterns of wealth in its symbology, but on its negative side, it would represent the opposite such as economic depression, scams, or fraudulent and illegal economic activities.

What Are The Positive and Negative Side of Pisces?

How well do you know their personality? Understanding them will help you maintain and/or build a good relationship with those born under the sign. Take a look at these 5 positive and negative sides of this sign.

1.- Positive Side

  • Creative
  • Careful
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive
  • Disinterested

2.- Negative Side

  • Negative
  • They have humor jumps
  • Lazy
  • Idealistic
  • Lack of focus

What Is Pisces and Astrology All About?

Jupiter and Neptune are your ruling planets. Your sensitive and highly intuitive personality is sometimes inhibited and other times stimulated by your different emotional changes. Your receptivity makes you a sponge that sometimes has trouble protecting itself from the environment in which it develops. You understand others better than anyone, you are a very generous being but you also suffer from a lot of anxiety.

This house describes the source of your being that includes psychological problems that you repress. It is a healing house that can facilitate personal and spiritual growth, once you have made the effort to go further and face your reality.

In addition to your sun sign, your ascendant, your moon sign, your ruling planet and the phases of the Moon can help you get to know yourself better and take advantage of your potential.

How Will The Future Be Like For Pisces?


This year is destined for you to advance in your personal projects, work, and study. There will be no room for romance as you will feel very comfortable with your freedom. You will focus on creating work relationships but you will not feel that finding a partner is essential for you. If you are married there will be no changes.

Social Life

You will have a very busy year participating in group activities related to your work/study area. Your mind is focused on creating new contacts and thus, creating new working relationships whether you are independent or work for a company. Your sense of attraction to people with power and a high social status will make you set them as an example so that you can become like them and join their social activities.


For you, work is synonymous with triumph! Make the most of it as your goals will be gradually fulfilled. You will see how throughout the year, everything will flow in a very natural way but at the same time, with much enjoyment. You will feel relieved to know that everything will go as planned and you will feel proud to be able to tell how well you did at the end of the day. Your efforts will be rewarded and valued, thus being able to have a significant promotion.

You will stay with this success throughout the year, and maybe you will meet someone who wants to put sticks in your way but you will know how to handle it. Jealous people never are always walking around you and can’t bear to see you shine. You just have to follow your path and connect with those who appreciate you and with whom you can share your work ideas.

If your work is related to design or creative area, then you will shine even brighter. Your dreamy and innovative mind will open many doors and bring you a lot of work. If you don’t have a job, then you will find it very soon. Big companies will want to have you as part of their team.


Hand in hand with a successful working year comes to a very generous inflow of money. This year, it will be very prosperous and you will be able to have a much richer income than the previous year. Because everyone will want to work with you, you will be able to earn money, being able to even save for a special trip. Although, on the other hand, you may be tempted to spend that money on things you don’t need. Be careful, pay attention to your expenses and if you don’t know how to manage your finances, ask someone you trust for help. Spend wisely and if it is possible, save it for future investment.


There will be no changes in your family relationship. Luckily, for them, everything will also go very satisfactorily so you won’t have to worry or run away in case of an emergency. If you are married, your family will not have financial problems and if you are single and live with your parents, you want to give a new look to the home and decorate it with new colors.


This will be another thing to do not worry since you will be in very good health. Although you may catch a cold, it will not be anything serious. On the other hand, due to your movements, you may feel more tired than normal, so you should sleep a little more. The eclipses of June 21 and December 14 may have something to do with this tiredness, but you will recover quickly.

Also, you should pay attention to your feet as they are your weak point. Spend the time they deserve and massage them with an oil or moisturizer. Don’t let them cool down either and wear comfortable shoes.

Personal Evolution

Your spiritual life will come alive in your daily life. You will use your intuition and spirituality to focus on what you want and need. You will live it in a deeper way and let your intuition guide you on the right path. You will be able to know what you dream since you have the gift of interpreting those hidden messages. Maybe you will discover something in them. Your mental and spiritual balance will be able to feel the peace you were looking for. Take advantage of your gift.

You know that you have been able to have professional success thanks to the fact that you have let the laws of the universe enter your life. Focus to keep growing.


Your ambition will take you far. This year your efforts to earn good grades will be rewarded. You can advance your career and you will have the opportunity to study at a good university. The superiors will see your potential. Careers related to science, astrology, or religion may catch your attention. But if you still do not know what to study, do not be discouraged, you will soon find the answers to your questions.

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