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Companionship: Soulmate Hunger Explained

Companionship: Soulmate Hunger Explained

Companionship in love is a fundamental pillar for a stable marriage or couple to endure through time. The companionship in love is the mutual affective support between both members of the couple. At the beginning of a relationship, love and fascination for each other prevail. Although later it is the true companionship that sustains a couple and makes it solid through time.

Are You Hungering For Companionship?

A couple is composed of two individuals, who have their own personal problems, goals and aspirations. All of these circumstances are best experienced if you enjoy the pleasant companionship of your partner. We all need the emotional support that our partner can give us in difficult moments and also in important moments of our lives. We also need to be a good companion and a positive influence on our partner’s life.

Is This How Companionship Manifests Itself In Marriage?

Companionship manifests itself in a couple in multiple ways. The most important thing is that each member of the couple feels loved and emotionally understood.

Here are just a few examples.

-If one partner suffers from stress, the other calms him/her down by telling him/her that everything will be fine and that he/she will solve the problems in time.

-A good companionship is to support your partner when he is dieting. For example, you can start eating right and buying only healthy foods.

-You start an exercise routine with your partner because he/she doesn’t like to work out alone.

-You never talk to your partner about certain painful topics from his/her childhood, so that he/she doesn’t get sad.

-When he/she has a work project you support him/her unconditionally and tell him/her that he/she will achieve everything he/she sets out to do.

Is This How Companionship Is Built?

Companionship is something highly beneficial for the stability of a couple or marriage. Achieving it is not an easy task, since it represents a great challenge for both of us. We must stop thinking so much about ourselves and start thinking about our partner, who is with us in good and bad circumstances.

So, here are some good ideas that build companionship in the couple.

-There must be good communication in the couple from the beginning of the relationship. A good communication includes a sincere dialogue, a good physical connection and a deep emotional connection.

-We must learn the lessons of a fight with our partner. Behind every discussion there are hidden grudges that one day manifest themselves in the worst way. That is why we must know where conflicts originate in order to face them and overcome them.

-Having goals in common with our partner generates an immediate and lasting companionship. This means that together you will achieve something important.

-If we want to avoid boredom in a relationship we must surprise our partner anyway. This generates complicity, which strengthens the bond you already have.

-Try to be in a good mood. Laughter is good for the spirit, making the problems not perceived to be so difficult to solve. Sometimes it’s good not to take everything so seriously. Laughter and good humor improves the perspective of any complex situation.

What Are Attitudes That Destroy Companionship?

When you decide to form a stable couple you have to understand that from that moment on life will be shared with another person. Preserving one’s individuality within a relationship is something healthy and totally recommendable. The problem begins when individualism is transformed into selfishness. For that reason it is advisable to avoid certain behaviors if we want that our relationship lasts.

-One attitude that destroys companionship is to avoid talking about the conflicts a couple has. That attitude is very masculine, they hate to talk about these issues. That’s why it’s good to use good humor when facing problems. Although it may seem crazy, good humor is fundamental to relax and face any conflict with a good predisposition from the beginning.

-Lack of empathy for each other’s feelings is a very negative attitude that hurts our partner’s emotions. You have to know how to put yourself in the other’s shoes. What seems insignificant to one person may seem terrible to another. Never underestimate the feelings of others, that only generates discord.

-Never raise your voice, that’s very irritating and can create resentment. Everything you have to say to your partner should be in a moderate tone. If you find that very difficult, wait a few hours before facing your partner. Never talk to her if you feel angry. That’s why it’s best to wait before starting an argument. Never disrespect each other and never insult each other.

-Keep your manners. Even if you are an established couple, you must continue to treat each other with respect. You must continue to use the phrases

“Thank you,” “Please,” because that’s one way of considering the other.

-Never compete with each other. That’s a nefarious attitude and the furthest thing from companionship there is. Sometimes members of a couple compete with each other to prove how much they are worth.

That attitude is very negative. Each partner should sincerely rejoice in the accomplishments of the other. Not only that, they must encourage each other to achieve their goals. That’s true companionship.

Why Should There Be Companionship On Your Relationship?

The companionship in the couple is what gives strength to a relationship. When there is companionship, each partner feels supported in everything they do. Life presents us with challenges every day and these are easier to face if our partner is emotionally supportive.

Being in a relationship is a living experience that we must work on every day to make the bond work. When there is companionship in a relationship, each member of the couple can develop their full potential, in any area of life. There is nothing more beautiful than coming home after a long day of work and knowing that our partner is waiting for us to give the best of himself, in order to strengthen our bond. We must do the same, a couple is built by two.

Companionship as a couple: a project that can last a lifetime

When you get married or form a stable couple you want it to last forever. Then people ask, “How do I make my marriage last forever?” The answer is companionship. The benefits of this loving behavior positively influence all areas of life. We all want to feel supported in our goals and be comforted in difficult times. We should also support and comfort our partners. If we feel loved and respected in our relationship it is logical that we want to be with our partner forever. Marriages last because they love each other, are faithful and because there is companionship in their relationship.

Does Companionship Equal Respect?

Companionship is based on respect and consideration for the other. When two people decide to become a couple, they make a pact of fidelity and exclusivity. Although other more liberal types of ties are now in fashion, monogamy is still the dominant trend in the world.

When the fidelity pact is broken, so is the couple. That is why it is necessary to establish fidelity and exclusivity from the beginning of the relationship. That is the basis of love and companionship for a couple to last. Companionship cannot exist if there is no respect for something as important as fidelity. Remember that if you love someone you don’t want to hurt them.

Loyalty must always be respected if that is what two people agreed to when they joined their lives.


The project of getting married or establishing a serious partnership is a vibrant adventure that is lived in pairs. Every day we face difficult challenges and it is actually easier to face them if there is companionship in our couple. We all need that support in difficult times, when everything seems to fall apart.

The emotional support must be mutual so that there is balance in our relationship. There are very healthy and positive attitudes that we need to encourage in our partner for there to be companionship. One of the secrets of marriages that last for many years is to maintain a good mood and laugh as much as possible. Good humor and laughter predispose us in the best way to adversity.

Having common goals and supporting each other in personal projects are excellent strategies to ensure that your partner always has companionship. It is also very important to treat each other with kindness and courtesy. That makes the other person feel good.

Developing empathy within the couple is also companionship. You have to know how to listen carefully to the other person and put yourself in their place.

For companionship, we must avoid selfishness, since we must consider the other person all the time. Logically, we must preserve our individuality, but always support our partner.

If we want to preserve our bond we must avoid shouting. We should never argue if we are angry, it is better to wait until our nerves calm down.

Remember that companionship is the basis of a lasting marriage, because both members of the couple feel loved and taken care of.