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Your #1 Source Guide For Libra Compatibility

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Your #1 Source Guide For Libra Compatibility

Charismatic, tender and generous, Libras are always ready to help others and they wish to develop a romantic relationship. Outgoing, non-judgemental and caring by nature, being in a relationship with a Libra requires love and trust. They need to be loved, they usually leave themselves vulnerable to others and they can be a bit indecisive at times. So, which zodiac signs match best with a Libra?

Libra and Gemini

Those two air signs are usually brought together from the very start. Their mental connection and verbal understanding give them a good start and they are extremely compatible in the bedroom. They both wish to experiment in their sexual lives and their curiosity will never allow their sexual relationship to be boring or dull. When a Libra decides to develop a serious relationship with his partner, even if he has previously been hurt, they will surely believe in their words and actions. Trust is never an issue for a Libra and that satisfies the straightforward Gemini, as well.

In terms of communication, some issues may appear at first mainly because a Gemini is quite opinionated as a person. Libra, on the other hand, can be quite sensitive to any sort of criticism. The way a Libra lets his feelings develop matches the needs of a Gemini perfectly. Although neither sign is very emotional, they both feel a lot and they prefer to show their love with actions rather than words. They share a lot of common interests and when they fall in love, they wish to explore the world together. Overall, together those two will make a great couple, balanced and respectful.

Libra and Aquarius

Aquarius is known for its libertine and independent nature. That can really push their relationship with a Libra into a whole new direction. Surprises, adventures, and experiments are gonna be the main characteristics of such a relationship and their sexual life will be really liberating. Since they are both air signs, they will try to express their emotions from the very start and they will try hard to understand each other. Their righteous nature enables those two to leave aside their insecurities and trust each other.

Their communication may suffer a bit mainly because they view the world in a whole different way. A Libra cares about the opinion of others and they prefer to act nicely for everyone else. On the other hand, an Aquarius prefers to go in the opposite direction and they do not usually care about everyone else’s opinion.

Moreover, Aquarius values solitude very much and that can create some problems and quarrels when he tries to develop a serious relationship with an outgoing Libra. Thankfully, they both care for each other’s values and they will try to respect their somewhat different way of living.

Libra and Leo

Libra and Leo will come together and feel the connection from the very start. They will feel the passion that burns their relationship and they will soon discover how compatible they are in the bedroom. They inspire each other, they wish to learn new things and experiment a lot in their sexual life.

The strong and mutual connection they feel for each other will soon turn into something deeper as they struggle to understand each other. The different understanding of the Sun, since it rules Leo and falls in Libra may create some trust issues, but such a couple can easily overcome them when they feel secure and appreciated.

The elements of Fire and Air bond perfectly in terms of communication and enables those two to develop some serious or quite funny conversations depending on their spirit at the moment. Their love for each other is always truthful and serious and their relationship can definitely lead to a happy marriage in the future. The sensitive Libra values justice and Leo wants to have by his side a strong and proud individual. Overall, their relationship is based on mutual understanding and they develop each other side by side.

Libra and Saggitarius

The sexual relationship between those two will definitely be quite amazing. They share some common tastes in the bedroom and they are willing to explore more together. There will always be room for them to grow, develop and feel secure together and their primary goal is to make each other happy.

Their intellectual compatibility is great and so is their emotional nature. When they feel secure, they will both open up and develop a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Although they may not find a lot of shared interests, their tender nature will make both of them open to suggestions and ultimately, they will spend lots of time together in new activities. Most importantly, they respect each other and they are both loyal and fully committed to their relationship.

Libra and Libra

Libra compatibility with another Libra is quite complicated. Those two can actually form a strong and mutually beneficial relationship thanks to their common values and interests. They can talk about almost anything together, they love to be around other people and they can jump from one issue to another quickly and quite effortlessly. However, particularly during the first steps of their relationship, they may get trapped into their somewhat moderate expression of their feelings and emotions. Although they will talk about their needs quite freely, they will rarely have the confidence to experiment or try something different in the bedroom.

When two Libras get together, they will soon realize that they have quite a lot of trust issues. They are bot indecisive and uncertain and that can damage their relationship in the long run. Since they both share the same values, they will never judge each other and they can easily spend hours together without feeling bored or compromised.

Worst Matches for a Libra

Although the tender and romantic nature of a Libra seems to allow such a sign to develop some strong relationships easily, not every sign is suitable for them. So, what are the worst matches for a Libra?

Libra and Taurus

Two entirely different characters, with a different approach to life and almost nothing common to share, a relationship between a Libra and a Taurus will most commonly fail from the very start. Taurus is usually unchangeable, opinionated and quite demanding. On the other hand, the sensitive and indecisive Libra cannot feel comfortable around such a person and their trust issues will appear from the beginning. They will never express their true feelings to each other, and they will quarrel and fight over stupid things for no reason.

Although they can share some interests and activities, quickly enough they will feel bored with each other and that will lead them to distance themselves. A relationship between a Libra and a Taurus is a life lesson neither of them will ever forget, but in truth, there is no reason for them to suppress their true nature in order to get closer to each other.

Libra and Virgo

To start with, a sexual relationship between a Virgo and a Libra will never be satisfying for either of them. Libra is an air sign, ruled by Venus so he will never understand and accept the practicality and shy nature of a Virgo when it comes to sex. Since they cannot understand each other’s sexual nature, there will always be much tension between those two partners.

Their communication can be satisfying when they talk about serious or professional issues, but when emotions make their appearance, they will feel trapped and unable to communicate. There is now worse couple in terms of emotional contact than those two and the expectations they have of each other are entirely different. Their life pace will rarely get synchronized and even if it does, Libra’s indecisiveness will ultimately annoy his Virgo partner and new quarrels will start off.

Libra and Pisces

Air and Water, those two signs seem to have nothing in common. However, their connection to the sensual planet Venus may lead those two to establish a sexual relationship and feel mutual attraction at first. When they try to develop a strong and truthful relationship, however, problems will start to appear immediately. The childish, flirty and carefree nature of a Pisces will easily turn off a Libra and their trust issues will soon appear.

Their different view of the world, along with their difference in character makes those two unable to understand each other and their opposing needs. That will cause a series of problems and in their effort to try and change each other, they will distance themselves. They both value love and tenderness, but while Libra values stability and consistency hugely, Pisces is more prone to spontaneity. Overall, they have some unrealistic expectations from each other’s personalities and that will harm their relationship sooner or later.

Since Libra is an air sign, this zodiac sign is more compatible with other air signs. In each case, Libra is in need of a tender, loving and emotional partner who will really understand his character and most importantly, his values. Being in a relationship with a Libra will definitely be something unique and strong and it will quickly move past the first sexual attraction into something stronger and deeper.