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Soulmates: A Definitive Biblical Guide

Soulmates: A Definitive Biblical Guide

How The Bible Sees Soulmates

In the Bible, the soul mate relationship is not clearly shown. Though the soul mate is believed to take place after two persons are intimate with one another. The Bible does not mention a man and woman meeting by chance. Though Christians believe that the soul mate exists, most of them find themselves disappointed at the end.

Were There Any Soulmates in The Bible?

God created each individual with his or her destiny, and therefore it is hard to determine where one is a soul mate or not. It is clear that in the Bible, the word soul mate does not exist, despite the Bibles emphasis more on intimate and love between the spouses. And in this regard, the scripture teaches us on having faith in only God rather than the soul mate.

In the bible, the wife and husband are seen as the closest soulmate due to intimacy shown among the two. The issue of the soul mate confuses many and delays many of the singles from marrying, and also, the soul mate makes provide a room for giving an excuse that married couples cannot divorce.

Many argue that the soul mate makes one complete. Contrary to this, no human being is meant to make one complete. Instead, the essence of the soul mate is the companionship.

The first case of the soulmates in the bible is shown in the book of genesis, in the garden of Eden God created a helpmate to the Adam this if after God saw it is not suitable for Adam to be alone, the primary purpose of the helpmate was to offer companion.

Were Jonathan And David Soulmates?

These are the verses showing to supplement information about soul mates in the bible. 1 Samuel 18: 1 which state that “And it came to pass when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his soul.”

In this case, the soul mate is used to describe close friends regardless of gender. David and Jonathan loved one another to an extent they were ready to risk their lives for the sake of others. Jonathan, the son of King Saul, deceived his father, intending to save David.

The story of David and Jonathan shows a strong friendship, which could be termed as the “soul mate.” True soul mates are ready to go beyond their comfort and ready to take risks for the well-being of the other.

Another scenario showing soul mate in the bible is in the book of Deuteronomy 13:6 – which states, “…thy friend, which is as thine own soul.” The text says that husband and wife become one when they reach a certain level of intimacy. Despite this, no all soul mate can lead to marriage, sometimes personality matches and a friendship which is firmly bonded is formed.

Do Soulmate Personalities Vary?

However, personality, strengths, and weakness among individuals may vary. Despite all these variations, the bond remains intact, and the connection is entirely deep on the soul level.

Additionally, Song of Solomon 3:4 also poses that” I have found the one whom my soul love” this phrase is commonly used in the romantic phenomenon. This verse indicates that an individual may be more attracted to one person than the other.

Though this does not clear, show the bond varies or breaks with time. For instance, in the case of a love story between King Solomon and Shulamite, the two show the evidence of the soul mate. Ironically, King Solomon married other more wives who bring about confusion concerning how one perceives soul mate. Therefore, the bible to demonstrate soul mate differently, contrary to what people understand this concept “as finding one.”

Marriage is solely termed as a long term convent, and in this regard, the spouse is said to be the soul mate. When Jesus was talking to the Pharisees, he mentioned that a man has to leave his parents for a wife where they become one flesh. In the book of Mark 10:5-9, it poses that marriage joins together two different fleshes – a man and a woman to form one flesh. Therefore, the one flesh is what is referred to as soul mate.

The biblical soul mate should not be mistaken that spouses cannot make an unwise decision, such as asking for a divorce. Although, divorce is not biblical recommended, as stated in the book of 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. It is believed that instead of divorce as a result of minor weakness, it is good to have faith in God. Since he can save the sinner the same, He can transform a marriage.

The Story of Abraham And Sarai

Additionally, in the book of Genesis, 15-17 demonstrates the story of Abram and his wife-Sarai. Sarai was barren for a long time and was determined to bear a baby to her husband. Sarah showed true love by getting Abraham a lady by the name Hagar who bearer the firstborn- Ishmael to Abraham. Sarah went beyond her comfort and sacrificed herself for the seek Abraham.

Sarah knew she was barren, and hopefully, she could not bear a child, and on the other hand, Abraham was getting older, and therefore she allowed Abraham to sleep with Hangar. On the other hand, Abraham was patient and waited. Finally, he managed to get a baby with Sarah. Abraham trusted in God, and Sarah believed despite their old age. Sarah got a baby, Isaac.

Also the concept of soulmates in the bible is shown by the Jacob, Rachael and Leah love triangle. This story of love is also found in the book of Genesis 29. This is the most sticky soul mate story, Leah and Rachael were sisters, and Laban was their father.

Also, Laban was an uncle to Jacob. Jacob, while working in his uncle’s home he feels in love with the younger daughter of Laban, Rachael. He proposed to Rachael and worked for seven-year t5o own her and shockingly, during hand on Laban, brought Leah, his elder daughter. According to Laban’s culture, the last born could not be married before the firstborn. Due to love that Jacob had toward Rachael, he forced to work for an extra seven to get a girl of his dream. This demonstrates a lot of sacrifices shown by Jacob, working for fourteen years.

Were Hannah And Elkanah Soulmates?

Furthermore, another sample of biblical soul mate is demonstrated by the story of Hannah and Elkanah. Elkanah had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. Unlike Penninah, Hannah was not able to bear a baby to Elkanah, and for this reason, she was mocked by Penninah. Despite having the closed womb, Elkanah loved her unconditionally, and he believes she one day get a baby.

The love between Elkanah and Hannah is seen as extraordinary because during their era having children was highly treasured. Despite all this, their love remained strong before and after Hannah was blessed with a son named Samuel.

From the new statement, the concept of the soul mate is shown by the story of Joseph and Mary. Mary was engaged, ready to be married the joseph. Virgin Mary, through Holy Spirit, conceived and got pregnant. Mary carried the pregnancy of the baby Jesus. Both Mary and Joseph believed in God, despite that the pregnancy was through holy, Joseph keeps trust and faith in God. The case of Joseph and Mary shows an excellent example to soul mate in the bible.

Were Pricilla And Aquilla Soulmates?

Furthermore, Pricilla and Aquilla, as mentioned in the new statement, we close friends. Through their friendship, they managed to establish the early church. The personality match, and in this regard, they were able to achieve their common goal- church establishment.

The two were co-workers of Paul, and they even risked their lives for the seek of Jesus Christ. Their marriage is seen as Christ-centered, and therefore, this is a perfect example of bible soul mates.

Ruth and Boaz depict an excellent example of a bible soulmates in the bible. Ruth was a widow who was a caregiver to her mother in law Naomi, a foreigner she lost everything and became hopeless. Despite, all this Boaz rescued her and purchase her family. Boaz took Ruth as his wife, and they lived happily.

The soul mate in the bible is shown in the story of David and Michal. Michal was King Saul’s daughter and the first wife to David. After David killing the philistines’ giant goliath, Michal was in love with David.

King Saul noticed that her daughter was in love with David, and this made Saul more worried. David acted as a threat king Saul and therefore plotted to kill him. In this regard, he requested David to kill two hundred philistines, which was to work as bride price.

Later, David accomplished the mission, and on the same note, Kind Saul was annoyed by this because his intention was David to be killed in the battle. Due to this, King later sends men to kill David. It is during this time the Michal rescued David by helping him escape through the window. Michal reached to the extent of deceiving his father that David threatened to kill her. Michal risked her life to ensuring her soul mate- David was safe.