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What Happens If Your Soulmate is Married?

What is a Soulmate?

A person with whom you share feelings of deep affinity. This feeling comes so naturally, leaning on similarity in many ways. A person whom you feel deeply connected with and whom you feel so much love, trust, and respect.

How to Know If He/She is Your Soulmate?

There are ways to tell if that person is considered your soulmate.

A person will know deep inside if they have found their soulmate. Because they cannot express nor describe how strong the emotions they are feeling for that person. You just feel that the person understands you and seems to know how you feel when you feel unhappy or joyful.

They just know how to make it right for you.There seems to be a deja vu that something has happened between the two of you in the past. There is a lingering feeling that you already know that person and you have seen them somewhere. That the meeting already took place.

There seems to be a familiarity with the said person that you cannot comprehend.You seem to accept the person for what they are and what they are not. You just seem to accept that the person is more important than any flaw they might have and that you cannot live without them in your life. You see them at their best and understand their weakness.

You are ready to be their strength when they are feeling inadequate.The relationship with the person is so intense, that you focus on how you can be together even in bad times. You both understand each other and will be there even in good times or bad. They will take on any hardships that their relationship will cause, thinking that you have each other’s back.

You both learn how to compromise and understand each other despite all the hardships you are facing. They seem to have a connection that they think about each other at the same time. Even though they are apart, there seems to be something that connects them even from a distance. They feel secure with each other.

There just seems to be no one or nothing to get between them. They feel protected in each other. There is no question about the relationship because they don’t have any insecurities that makes them question it. You both can’t live without each other.

There is just no way you will separate because you can’t seem to breathe without each other. You need each other’s presence to complete you, for, without them, you will feel alone and empty.

Your eyes speak to each other. Just by staring into each other’s eyes, you seem to look at the soul of that person. You understand how they feel and you seem to get comfort by looking into each other’s eyes.

What If Your Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else?

You may have met by accident. You didn’t mean to fall in love with a married person, but you did. You never felt the same intensity as anyone else and never had the same connection.

You will start to think about what their marriage must be like, was it a happy marriage you will wonder? Many thoughts will cross your mind. You will ask if that person will give up the marriage or if they’re just playing the field. Is this person looking for some fun, just wanting some diversion because of the monotonous life they’re having with marriage?

You will have a sense of regret and sadness about why such a thing happens. You think the universe might be playing a trick on you, on both of you. You would then question if you have done anything unforgivable, for you to be punished this way.

You will also ask, why do you have to meet now and not when that person is not married yet. What would you do then, now that you have met your soulmate, but that person is married?

You can choose between having an affair now, wait for that person to have a divorce later, or you can just hope that someday you will find each other again and to just continue with the life that you each have right now.

If you had an affair with that person, this will not end well. You are just investing more emotions as it is, but you don’t have any security if you will ever be together as a married couple. Even if that person left their marriage, you still don’t have any idea how long will that take, if that will ever take place.

Being that other person in a married man or woman’s life may be the only chance you have of being together. You cannot take their word that they will leave their marriage for you and that all you have to do is wait, they might not be telling you the truth and all you can do is hope.

If ever you will have an affair, you need to be very sure first of how the other person is feeling and how much that person will invest in the relationship. Ask that person what kind of relationship they have with their partner. You also need to be sure that the other person knows you are also their soulmate, that you two are on the same understanding, and not just you alone.

You cannot enter any affair if you are not sure what is in store for you in the long run, if you will just be an accessory in their marriage better to not get into any relationship with that person. That person should sacrifice as well if you two feel that you are soulmates.

That person should start being honest so you will start your relationship with a clean slate. Both of you should work for it. You should not only think of the happiness that the future may hold for the two of you but the unhappiness that the future may bring as well if anything goes wrong.

Another thing you can do is to wait for that person without getting involved with that person romantically or physically. Just don’t. Never make yourself available for that person because that will just prolong the agony and they cannot make decisions.

If that person is married and you two are also romantically linked, that person may not leave the marriage at all because there is no reason to. What you can only do is wait till the marriage that person has is finished and that the marriage didn’t work out, that is only the time you can agree to any relationship with that person.

Best to have that person realize whatever is missing in their life, without you getting that person’s head muddled up because of your presence in their life. You should know when to put the breaks and just go on full stop. If you two are soulmates, that person will do everything in their power as well so you can be together.

This will keep you from asking yourself why did the Divine Almighty bring you someone that is already married, and let you meet your soulmate a little too late. This may seem too confusing to you but sometimes it may be because you are being made to grow to be a whole person, knowing what is right and what is wrong and making you think of your self-worth. You may think it must be a cruel joke.

But it is a learning experience for you and that other person. For you to know your value and for that other person to assess their life if they are happy with the marriage and if not, they should follow their heart and do what is right. You will have your time together for sure because you are considered soulmates.

The other option for you to take is to just let go of that person. Even if you have found your soulmate it is just not meant to happen right at that moment. You may let that person live his life and keep his peace with the married life.

You, on the other hand, can live your life the way you want to. You can meet another person who can also care for you, and love you the way you want to be love. It may not be as life-changing, not as intense and powerful as the love of a soulmate. But it is just the risk you have to take. That is a choice you have to make. It is a tough choice to make, yes, but it will make you a better person.

If you believe that you two are soulmates, eventually you will meet each other again, and be able to love freely with no restriction. It is just the fate that will bring you together. You just have to have faith. If you are soulmates you two will meet again, if not in this lifetime maybe the next.