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Are Cute Couples Truly in Love?

Are Cute Couples Really in Love?

What shows us that cute couples are truly sincere in their relationships?

How do you know that what you are doing is right?

Here are some criteria that cute couples can be considered pairs who love each other. Check this out!

  1. You and Your Partner Will Not Accidentally Make Each Other Jealous (don’t feel jealous of each other)

It’s true, jealousy is a sign of love. When jealous, you are actually afraid of losing. But this jealous behavior has its limits. If it’s too often, especially for things that are actually trivial, your relationship might not have enough trust. If you deliberately make your partner jealous, it means you still doubt each other’s affection for the other.

If you and your boyfriend really sincerely love, you will feel enough with the attention and affection that has been given. You don’t need to “bully” your boyfriend to feel jealous and make you feel confident. Simple attention and every time spent together is enough to prove that affection is still there and will not go anywhere.

Are Cute Couples Making Each Other Jealous?

  1. When There Is Something You Need To Say, You Will Be Honest To Say It (Not afraid to speak honestly)

Dating for those of you who love each other is not just to share love, attention, and other romantic things. Dating is also an opportunity to develop oneself into a stronger person. You dare to be honest with each other, even though it is in the form of criticism that your boyfriend does not want to hear.

You dare to criticize the lazy nature of your girlfriend who is often a hindrance to her activities every day. Your girlfriend also doesn’t hesitate to be honest about your spoiled nature that often troubles many people. There is no fear of hurting your girlfriend because you both already know that every criticism and honesty expressed, all for your better self.

Are Cute Couples Will Be Honestly to Say?

  1. Although no one forbids you, you refrain from the temptation to check the cell phone (Give him privacy)

Couples who truly love each other must also respect and respect each other, especially regarding privacy. According to you, checking your boyfriend’s cellphone or even asking for his social media account password is completely unnecessary. You know that it is a private area that you have no right to enter, no matter how close the relationship you have.

Dating does not mean having to always know who he is sending instant messages with, who is calling him, or what he is thinking about. You understand that that is privacy, which does not need to be shared. You let the privacy room remain, respect its existence, and feel enough with attention, affection, to everyday stories that you never forget to share.

Are Cute Couples Give Privacy Each Other?

  1. Although You Appreciate Time Together, You Also Have a ‘Slot’ Time for Yourself (Have your own time)

The longer you are in a relationship, the more you understand that dating doesn’t have to be together all the time. Better yet, you also understand to maintain independence and enjoy each of your lives. You like watching Korean drama series, your girlfriend likes to play DoTA. The two can’t be done together, because your boyfriend doesn’t like watching dramas and you don’t understand playing DoTA either. But by giving time and understanding that you need personal time, you can still do what you like even if not together and in different places.

On the other hand, having personal time can also make you to stay who you are. You still know what you like, what your life goals are. With him you will not lose direction and yourself, but rather know who you are and where your life will be.

  1. You Recognize Each Weakness, And Let Each Partner Fill It

Establish a relationship that is so close and long, surely you already know each other’s strengths and weaknesses with each other. You are patient and forgetful, while he is ignorant but has a strong memory. Maybe you often feel tired with the ignorant nature. But with patience, you can understand that nature. On the other hand, your girlfriend is also often annoyed with you who often forget your own obligations. However, he tries to help tie you up with his pretty good memory skills.

Someone who loves sincerely will not take advantage of the weaknesses of their partners to feel themselves in a higher position. Instead, he will think hard how he and his partner can go hand in hand together. There is no higher or more in control. You two are equal, controlling relations with two heads. All weaknesses can be covered up because you strengthen each other.

  1. Even if there is something of him that you don’t understand, you still let him act as he does (Let him be)

It’s impossible if you really like everything your boyfriend has. Surely there are still one or two things that you don’t like about him. Maybe it’s a quiet nature, often brings an awkward atmosphere between you two. Or appearance that does not follow trends, makes it look shabby and unsightly. But of all his shortcomings, never the slightest you want to change it.

You remember that you fell in love because you felt comfortable and safe with each other. The nature and the natural attitude he has, is enough for you to always want to be by his side. There is no need to change because it will reduce the comfort that has made you fall in love. All that is needed is a sense of mutual understanding and peace with their shortcomings, without forgetting the obligation to keep trying to be the best for each other.

  1. You and He Don’t Compete Each Other, But Work Together and Compromise (Look for colleagues who can work with)

Rarely does there seem to be a relationship that always runs romantic and calm. Although rare, quarrels or differences of opinion must have occurred in a relationship, however happy it may seem. But for couples who love each other, fighting or differences of opinion is not a competition to determine who is right and wrong, but a way to compromise with each other.

Arguing during arguments is inevitable. But you know, this is not a match in sports, where there must be winners and losers. You accept each other’s arguments and find the best solution; which can provide relief and a smile afterwards.

  1. You’re Liberating Each Other, Not Imprisonment (Give each other freedom)

Couples who love each other know that giving boundaries will only make the relationship “walk in place” and cause a sense of compulsion. Therefore, they do not hesitate to give each other freedom as long as it is still within the limits of reasonableness.

For example, you do allow your boyfriend to go with anyone and at any hour. But on the other hand, he also needs to give you news and make sure that he can take good care of himself. You also give your girlfriend the freedom to do the things she wants in her life. You realize that it is needed by him as self-development. But besides supporting her, you also don’t forget to remind your girlfriend to take responsibility for what she will do later and ensure that what she does has good benefits for herself.

  1. For You, Comparing What You and Other Spouses Feel is Haram (Don’t date if it’s only because of love!)

Between one relationship and another relationship can never be compared. Each relationship has its own special value, which is almost certainly different from other relationships. Long-distance couples really enjoy the moment where they finally meet, couples of different religions are very grateful for the time when they are finally given their blessing. Maybe the feelings of pleasure felt are almost the same, but they still have their respective struggles that cannot be compared.

Couples who truly love each other understand that there is no point in comparing their relationships with others. What they have and through will never be the same and rather than comparing, they prefer to be grateful for the relationship that is being lived.

  1. There Is No Fear to Leave, Because You Know Nothing Will Leave (partner is not right)

The main key to a relationship is trust. By giving trust, you will feel a calm relationship. A calm relationship like this is lived by a couple who love each other.

You do not hesitate to give trust to your partner, you also do not enter the privacy space that should not. Trust is always held fast and finally you can make peace with the jealousy that once hit. You have also committed to respecting each other and respecting the trust that is given to one another. No more fear will be left because you know that no one will leave.

Those are things that are always done by couples who love each other. Are cute couples included?