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Cast Love Spells: A How To Guide

Cast Love Spells: A How To Guide

Love Spells Are A Powerful Way To Focus On a Desire To Make It Come True?

Love spells, if you strongly believe in them, really work, but the effects can be different depending on the affinity between you and the other person. Beyond magic, if we are dating a man or a woman with whom there is no real understanding, we will have an unsatisfactory relationship for both of us. Unsatisfactory relationships are almost always destined to break up.

Do you want to know how to cast love spells? The do-it-yourself love spells available are many, but before putting them into practice, it is good to understand how to correctly perform a magical ritual that aims to make a person fall in love.

How to Cast Love Spells

How to cast your own personalized love spells

Before any ritual, love or not, it’s good to take a hot bath. The hot water not only purifies us but also relaxes and relaxes our muscles allowing us to enter the right psycho-physical condition.

It is possible to add herbs or spices with particular scents to the water, possibly similar to the type of spell we have to cast. For love rituals, sweet fragrances such as caramel, chocolate, and vanilla should be preferred.

Then we dress up with clean clothes, but as clothing, it would be better to opt for a white tunic of very light linen (and nothing else, not even linen) specially consecrated for the rituals. Also, you should take off all the metal objects that you wear, so rings, piercings, etc.. and remain barefoot.

Usually, a magic circle is drawn if you do not have a permanent magic circle.

The circle can be drawn with chalk or sea salt, after which it should be consecrated with holy water by reciting a formula of protection or a joint prayer.

It is not essential to trace sophisticated magic circles, for example, those with cabalistic symbols found in ancient grimoires. Those are evocative circles. The important thing in love spells is to outline the operative space.

The circle must have a diameter of at least two meters, and in any case, it must be wide enough to allow us to lie inside it without the limbs coming out.

After Opening The Circle, The Actual Ritual Takes Place

Depending on the spell we are doing, we should recite different words and make different gestures, but it is good to remember specific basic rules.

Magic formulas should not be read, but should be recited from memory. When they are recited, you have to surround them with authority and try to spell the words well.

Not all love spells are the same, but there is one thing they have in common: the use of the voice. The voice to recite the formulas. The voice allows you to emit sounds, and, beyond the meanings of words, tones will enable you to assert your will. You will find later in this post a spell ready and also the terms to use.

You also need to be firmly convinced of the words that are spoken, even when you do not know the literal meaning of certain words.

When you are reciting a formula or making a particular gesture repeatedly, you have to stay focused on what you are doing without thinking about anything else.

You also need to intensely visualize the target of your desire through images in your mind.

If you recite a phrase like: “Mike from now on, you will love me, and he will be bound only to me”, you have to imagine the person in front of you in the flesh, believe him already with you, in the smallest details.

In love rituals, in particular, you have to try to align your thoughts to the sphere of love. The more voluptuous and sensual you are, the more effective the spell will be.

The like attracts the like. If you have negative thoughts during the ritual, you will attract only negative thoughts. During casting of love spells where you can think, visualize and imagine the love you desire and nothing else.

Usually, the last part of the ritual includes the elimination of the “witnesses” used during the ceremony itself.

In some cases, they are thrown into streams. They are kept in the house, and in others, are buried in specific places, like a particular home recipient of the love spell.

These instructions must be strictly adhered to, since each place has a different symbolic meaning and an unusual activity on the astral plane.

What Are Ancient Love Spells?

Ancient love spells date back to ancient times. Magic, witchcraft, has belonged, albeit in different eras, to each people. Today there are still realities that still practice rituals that date back centuries. History shows us essential evidence.

Over time important discoveries have brought to light Egyptian love spells dating back to 1300. The papyrus contained two images and a magic formula. It is still a mystery to decipher the meaning of the pictures, but since they are placed in front of each other, they indeed symbolize love. So here is the answer that even in very distant times, magic was the valid help to be together with the person one loved.

The ancient love spells almost always foresaw the use of something belonging to the loved one. In this way, the invocation was direct, and this allowed it to have an immediate effect. From the lock of hair to menstrual blood, the solutions practiced over time have been handed down.

It is essential to recognize how everything has been preserved, considering its effectiveness. Both in the mode of execution of ancient love spells and in the original formulas. It is a rarity to have in one’s hands an authentic manuscript with methods in Latin.

Even the number of times required to pronounce the formula has remained unchanged. This shows that if over time they have given a favorable answer, they will continue to provide it.

An ancient rite, if it continues to be performed, means that it is useful, so trust in serenity, and you will see the results.

What Is Saint Sara’s Love Spell?

Now I’ll show you how to cast your first simple love spell.

You’re gonna need it for this love spell:

Eight red candlesEight coinsEight sheets of paper (parchment if possible)A black marker

Place the eight red candles in a circle around the coins and light them one by one saying:

“I invoke St. Sara to you. So that you may help me as you helped St. Maximinus and St. Sidonius. Amen.”

With the black marker pen, write on the eight sheets of paper, your name, and date of birth, followed by the name and date of birth of the person you want to make fall in love.

Wrap each of the eight pieces of paper with each of the eight coins. Then let the candles wear out and keep the coins wrapped in the paper under your bed for eight nights.

On the ninth day, throw the coins into a stream one by one by reciting this formula:

“By the power of St. Sara. Trampling Dragons and Basilisks. Bridge between the rough sea and the mainland. Learn to love me (name) and begin to desire me.”

What Is A Indissoluble Love Spell?

You’ll need them for this love spell:

A garment of the person you want to make fall in love (unwashed).A garment of yours (unwashed).Needle and red thread.A handful of dried rose leaves.A handful of dried verbena leaves.A pencil.A piece of cardboard.A pair of scissors.One black marker.A shoelace from one of your shoes.A piece of red cloth.

With a pencil, draw a stylized human figure on the card and cut it out.

Use the figure you cut out as a pattern and cut out twice the fabric of the garment of the person you want to fall in love: one for the front of the fetish and one for the back. After cutting out the two parts of the doll, sew it together with a needle and red thread, leaving the head open so that it can be turned over and padded.

Fill the doll with the dried leaves of rose and verbena until it is well padded, then sew the head so that it can no longer be opened. Repeat the same operation using the fabric of your garment to create a second doll, the one that will represent you.

Customize the two dolls by writing their respective first names and dates of birth on top of each one with a permanent black felt-tip pen. Then take the two dolls and press them firmly against each other (belly against belly) legally together with the shoelace of one of your shoes.

Wrap the two dolls tied together with a red cloth and hide the bundle in your closet, possibly between your underwear. Keep the bundle in your closet until the person you want is at your feet.

In conclusion

The success of certain love spells must not conflict with the best way for you and the people you involve with the ritual. If what you want to do, if your intentions conflict with the well-being of yourself or others involved, then the results are not perfect, although in any case, you should notice specific changes.

That’s why you need to learn to analyze how the situation you care about evolves and how the “energies” develop and direct themselves, so that you can better understand the situation and act accordingly.

Then your intentions must be positive and not destructive.

Those who work in the destructive not only pay consequences sooner or later, but such work will not bring you the desired results, not because the work is not fair or ethical, but because it is not energetically possible in the long term. The results cannot, precisely because of the nature of ritualism, bring happiness.

I want to tell you that there is a difference between a love spell of rapprochement and a love ligament. A ligament presumes that love or emotional interest is already present. At the same time, the ceremonial of convergence is capable of stimulating the affections and attractions that once existed but are now dormant or diminished.

The love spell of rapprochement can also be used to stimulate one person’s interest in another; it works better if it exists, even on an unconscious level, physical attraction, or affective-sentimental interest in some way.

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