What Is a Love Triangle?

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Love Triangle?

Being in a love triangle is a very controversial subject. Many people who have been involved in one whether short term or long term have both positive and negative things to say about their experience.

The basic definition of a love triangle is a relationship between two people who are romantically involved with a third person, meaning that the third person indirectly or directly has some form of relationship to the two,

While a love triangle is usually between 3 people, there are also instances of one involving more people as a group interconnectedly.

Here are a few instances of the social, emotional and psychological dynamic involved with love triangles as well as how relationships have evolved over the years.

What Is a Love Triangle?

What Is School & The Love Triangle?

Most people can trace their first serious experience with a love triangle to high school. High school is usually where people get their first real relationship, being a small dating field where the options are usually very limited. While you are interested in a girl or guy, you will come to a shocking surprise when you find out that your best friend also has eyes on the same girl.

The transition to college is no different, only a larger playing field. As a person becomes more adept at socializing, it isn’t hard to pick up on the cue that someone is interested in on campus is interested in them so they decide to befriend and date two or more people simultaneously.

What Is Age & The Love Triangle?

Among the older generation who were raised in an era unlike today’s “millennials”, where everyone is emotionally, romantically and sexually liberated and see things differently.

Generation X who advocate for exclusivity, sweeping off your feet approach, love triangle as taboo almost and frown as to why someone must have two sexual partners why should a boy/girl have 2 or more significant other(s), saying it is contrary to the way of love and romance.

Double Standards & The Love Triangle

Among men we mostly admire and view a man as Alpha when he has two women by his side as his lovers, it’s almost like an instant social approval or sign of high status.

Up until recently, the narrative and belief for women has been the opposite. Society expects women to be in a committed relationship

with one man with no exceptions, all of which leaves the with the insatiable desire to break free from all gender roles and preconceived notions about their lives.

Is Ignorance Bliss?

The fact remains whether one is unaware of the other person or has two other significant others that they’re constantly alternating between is often always an open ended discussion.

There are rare instances where a love triangle is actually agreed upon because all three people involved are afraid of commitment, being alone and have built an interdependent relationship where they all depend on one another for physical, emotion, financial and sexual fulfillment.

There are secret love triangles where one is under the impression that they are exclusive with set person and not aware of the other person involved and are completely left in the dark.

Three Is a Crowd : You Vs The Other

Three really does make a crowd! There’s almost a sense of competition within love triangles! Its impossible not to think to yourself “who’s the better lover?” “who is more sensual?” “whose touch is more gentle?” “who is the better kisser?” “who is more caring?”. It is almost hard to feel a sense of security when you know there’s someone else in the picture, which is why many see hookups flings and love triangles as the death of love and romance, and to be honest when your love isn’t exclusive or one-on-one, it’s so hard to feel truly loved and desired.

No Breakup, No Goodbye, Just On Hold

Whether a love triangle consists of unapologetically dating two people simultaneously or unhealthy one of alternating between one and the other people in intervals of time, one thing is for sure, there’s no break up, no goodbye, just the uncertainty of waiting while he or she is taking a short break somewhere with someone you may or may not know or approve of. Truth is, love triangles are not for people with the faintest of hearts, and can often detrimental to ones mental and emotional well-being and reach the level of toxic sometimes.

Jealousy, Anger & Resentment

Can you imagine seeing the person you love with another person? for this very reason love triangles breed jealousy and envy especially when a partner who is used to intimate one-on-one relationships suddenly has to share their lover with someone else.

It is a very rare occasion that all three people involved are in the same place at the same time and coexist harmoniously there is always so much tension in the air, a toxic atmosphere almost, and it’s as if at any moment a verbal or physical altercation is about to unfold —

Secret Desire Of Toxicity And Pain

There are instances of people who grow up in broken families of violence and abuse and crave the back and forth, push and pull, endless gut wrenching limbo that comes with a love triangle. They enjoy seeing their partner with someone else because the feeling of being unworthy and abandoned is a feeling they have grown to accept and expect. These unfortunately is a downward spiral that leads to a never ending cycle of physically and verbal abuse.

What Is Complete Acceptance Oneself?

As aforementioned, there’s quite a lot of pain and heartache that comes with being in an unstable relationship, talk less of being in one with two people who consider themselves independent from you. Before a person can be in any form of relationship they have to first completely accept themselves without expecting the other person(s) to fill some void or yearning within themselves.

Online Relationships and Group Dating?

Does social media really count as being in a love triangle? There are people who feel that physical touch feel and communication are not the defining qualities of a relationship, and that the internet is enough validation of their love.

While it is easier to connect to people via the web and in turn establish multiple interconnected relationships, it is often out of boredom and short lived.

 Hooking up really isn’t a big deal in today’s society anyway, right? We have Tinder Clover and a handful of different dating apps these apps, and with just a few swipes at a screen love and affection is almost easily accessible which seems to encourage people to hang out in groups which also goes to suggest that double dating, tandems and trios are the absolute norm

Never underestimate the power of social media as a platform for people to blog about relationships, seek relationship advice, post matching outfits there seems to be an vast number of followers, fans and supporters around a relationship, when in reality said trio only exist as a publicity tool to please their internet.

The Ex That Keeps Coming Back

Some ex’s thrive on the gossip and drama that comes with a love triangle because everyone is constantly talking about them, their internal conflict, what their failed relationship, and they seem to get a sixth sense for the moment their old partner has moved on to another lover all of which adds fuel to the fire, so they always come back for more attention and strong emotional reactions to gauge to see if they’re still somewhat of importance.

Are Love Triangles Is More Beneficial For Celebrities?

Many celebrities however have built their entire careers on the scandalous power that love triangles present, especially when all 3 involved are entertainers who operate in different genres and niches, all this works in their favor and can help each artist involved gain more fans and tremendously increase streaming revenue and album sales.

A love triangle has become a direct reflection of their self image and brand is not about love anymore is not about a relationship anymore it’s about being I’m selling a product successfully. It often just business also!

What Is The Third Wheel and Friends With Benefits?

They’ve also been cases where someone is third wheeling and ended become friends with benefits with both and gradually move on to develop strong feeling & emotions thereby leading to an interdependent relationship between them. Feelings always seem to creep up out of nowhere and are hard to control, being friends with benefits is almost impossible and it all seems like fun and games at first, but somebody always gets the short end of the stick eventually.

How Does It All End?

In my honest opinion, it all depends on the emotional and mental maturity level of the people involved . While there are examples of a clean and mutually beneficial breakup, I have rarely seen instances where a love triangle ends up on a positive note just like friends with benefits, love triangles always ends with one person’s emotions being hurt or left bitter for a very long time.

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