What Is Unrequited Love?

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Is Love A Beautiful Thing?

Love is really a beautiful feeling. It is very gratifying to feel love; but things are not so nice when the feeling is not mutual, and it becomes an unrequited love. This unrequited love will make us go through sudden changes, from depression to euphoria.

What Is Unrequited Love?

When this happens they begin to awaken emotions in a very intense way. Frustration, anger, obsession and sadness can turn this experience of love into a very painful one to live. We will feel helpless for not being able to change our luck.

But this is a reality, agreeing with someone else in the same feeling, is literally lucky and sometimes is not what we expect.

It is normal that you feel frustration or go through a painful moment, ow else can we feel if the person we want so much, rejected us?

Is Love The Same as Falling in Love?

You must know this gap between one state and another, in order to identify the situation you are in.

Falling in love is an initial attraction that makes us idealize a person and desire him in a deep and passionate way, but we must take into account that falling in love can be something temporary and temporary but we do not want to detach ourselves.

We can fall in love with a person for their physical appearance or also for their internal part, which are their feelings or way of thinking.

Possible rejection when you are in a crushing stage can completely fill you with fear and start a painful emotional process, but it will be an experience that you could quickly reverse if you make the right decisions.

In infatuation it is difficult to accept that they do not correspond to us, but it will be the most sensible thing if we do not want to extend this emotional load for too long. You will need to make quick decisions and stay away from this person.

We must also take into account that it is very likely that the person we are in love with does not want to harm us, and that their rejection is a fact that you may never be able to reverse. What you can change yourself, is the perspective with which you decide to see this experience.

What Is Mature and Unrequited Love?

In deeper love we can see notoriously more traumatic experiences. Feeling love and that the loved one does not correspond can become an experience that we will never forget.

We speak of people who have known each other better than perhaps what happens in a stage of infatuation since in mature love people know each other more and in a certain way the person they love is internally convinced of what the other person is.

It can happen in couples that have been together for long years and where, for example, the wife really loves her husband and he despises or mistreats her; becoming an unrequited love for women.

The same can happen in the opposite case, where the man claims to love the woman, but she is with him to obtain an economic benefit and ends up rejecting him in love and noticing how it does not correspond to his feelings; becoming an unrequited love for man.

We can also talk about cases in which a couple who has shown love for a long time, at one point one of them experiences falling in love with a third person, and decides to leave their relationship behind; which leaves the person abandoned with an experience that marks his life emotionally.

When we talk about this type of love, we mention a situation in which people have already passed the infatuation stage and their union in one way or another has left an impact on the lives of both people.

However, it is possible that the couple has never united as such and they are very close, best friends for example, where the one who loves has not been able to distance himself from his unrequited love.

In these cases, those who do not love sometimes try in the wrong way to take care of the feelings of the person they love, without recognizing that their closeness to this person is what really aggravates the problem; for it is simply feeding the feelings of someone to whom it cannot correspond.

When Insistence Perseveres With Unrequited Love

There are those who prefer to live with the feeling of loving despite not being reciprocated, in the idea of ​​pursuing a dream that is unlikely to come true.

This is a position that does not favor at all when the person we want has told us that he does not feel the same. Wanting to change someone else is perhaps the most difficult task that exists and while we try, our life is happening to us.

An action that I can advise you is to accept the facts, this is the only thing that we have and from them we must continue our life. Accepting is giving yourself permission to heal and to pass through emotional grief, in order to take action on a new perspective of what has happened to you.

Have you fallen in love with a person who does not correspond to you?

This could be the most important question. The truth is that you need to analyze yourself thoroughly and find the reason why you have wrapped yourself in unrequited love.

What fear do you have that does not allow you to continue? Remember if this is really the first time that you fall in love with someone who rejects you or has happened to you before but perhaps in smaller dimensions than now.

You might be afraid of loneliness, a part of yourself or somehow feeling rejection at some point alleviates a part of you. This you must discover yourself and investigate within yourself enough to find the reason.

Remember that the most important person in all of this is you and nothing will change if you don’t do it or if you don’t find a way out. It is about you becoming a more stable person, who is responsible for their emotions and who overcomes their fears.

Beyond your fears there is an unexplored world for you, because you have not allowed yourself to overcome rejection. There are many people who could correspond with you and with whom you could really have the love you dream of with that person today, just remember that this person really does not like you.

How to Recognize Unrequited Love

There comes a time when you recognize that you are in unrequited love, but despite this you do not give up.

A relationship cannot be built with one person, it is always two. Staying and trying to make things work can seem brave and it means that you trust a lot in the love you feel; but it is still a mistake.

The truth is that it is not even convenient for you to try to be loved as you are looking for, because in a certain way you will have to invent a way to make someone else feel happy in your life, and nobody wakes up one day and feels happy with someone who does not love.

You Have to Forget?

There is no other option than deciding for you and in this case it involves forgetting and doing whatever it takes to help you go about your life on your own. Getaway and find yourself.

One of the wisest tips you can get is this. Do not miss people who could be the ones indicated by looking back.

This will be the hardest stage that you will live in this unrequited love and your maximum test will be to maintain this decision.

Your feelings will not change overnight, but definitely stopping seeing this person will allow you to make the changes you need in yourself. Think about the love you feel but do it knowing that it cannot be and do not stray.

How To Eliminate Everything That Keeps Love Alive

Remember that love dies when it is not fed, like everything. Your decision must be very firm, just like your thoughts.

Any situation that feeds your feelings must be erased if you do not want to anchor yourself in a situation that may be difficult or impossible to achieve.

You must accept that any kind of stimulation you receive from the person you love can be lethal to you because you will find yourself constantly trying to capture these situations that feed your feelings.

Not only will you seek these stimuli in any way, but they will be reasons for which you will cling to continue idealizing this person and this cycle will have no end.

Is It Time to Think About Yourself?

If you have already decided to get away from your unrequited love but this has happened to you several times, it is time for you to spend a little time finding answers to questions that can get you to the bottom of the problem.

That is the reason why I always look for people who do not fall in love with me?

You must be clear if deep down you are afraid of a situation of intimacy with the other person, or if what you really enjoy is the process of falling in love, intense emotions or o those feelings that produce unrequited love give you a certain personal enjoyment?

Getting out of this cycle will be immensely rewarding today and in the future.

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