Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Life is full of first opportunities, first loves, first times and first kisses, when we talk about the latter, the first kiss, is perhaps talking about a really unique experience in the life of any person, because it is assumed, and in many cases is so, that the first kiss is never forgotten.

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

The first kiss should be spontaneous, however, it doesn’t necessarily happen like so. Added to the inexperience, the anticipation and the circumstances, the first kiss can be either a beautiful memory or something regrettable.

There is no specific age to experience a first kiss. However, statistically speaking, the average age at which the first kiss is given is 14 years, during our adolescence, at the same time as the most important stage of our lives, because it is what will form us as adults.

Our future experiences, what we like and what we don’t like, what we are willing to accept and let go and whatever drives us away, might come from such an experience, but the realm of emotion is one complicated to navigate and fully understand.

Do Looks Come Before The First Kiss?

They say that the first kiss, is given with the look before the lips and in most cases it is so, that moment when time stops for just a moment when their eyes are crossed, that’s when the magic happens, that’s the real first kiss, and that moment very few manage to remember.

What makes a first kiss to be a first kiss, is that it will only happen at that moment and the feeling of tasting some lips for the first time, usually becomes a unique experience and at the same time is completely different with anyone.

A first kiss can translate into a sea of sensations, which depending on the age and maturity of those involved, may begin perhaps with a slight tingling on the lips when touched by another person that first time.

That tingling at the same time can go through your whole body with a feeling similar to static electricity that makes your skin bristle and your breath agitate.

Not everyone will experience fireworks in their first kiss, though. A first kiss, is usually not so unique, it also might not count as the first of your life really, because in your life you may have to give a few first kisses.

The first kiss can be the one you get by mistake during child’s play, it can also be the one you get for a challenge while playing truth or dare, for some more relevant than for others.

It will always depend on the context and why not? As for feelings, from a certain age there is a slight attraction between people and more than one has dreamed that the first kiss comes from that person.

When Did I Get My First Kiss?

In my case, that first playful and infantile kiss happened in preschool, when one is usually five or six years old and the attraction that you may feel cannot be catalogued as a strong feeling.

At this young age, you can get to like somebody for simply being kind with you or because he smiles pretty, or any other frivolity. That happened to me, a “little friend” of my same age I suppose, asked me to cover my eyes to play hide-and-seek while we waited for our respective parents to look for us at the exit of the school.

What happened next happened very quickly, so quickly that I almost forgot. I only remember that while I had my hands on my face and counted from one to ten thinking that he was going to hide, I felt his lips rest on mine, so fast that maybe a second is a long time.

What followed also happened very quickly, because we are children there is no affectionate reaction to such an act, it was a reaction of surprise, I took my hands off my eyes and told him he looked like a disgusting child, and I ran after him to punch him, disgusting, like almost all children who think that a kiss is nothing more than sharing saliva and is disgusting, nobody tells you that when you grow up it is a practice that you will love.

And that in many cases is a first kiss, a game, a prank, something that children see from adults and want to experience in their own flesh just to know what it feels like.

That experience is not usually the one that is told when someone asks you about your first kiss, and I would particularly say that the first kiss is not the first one, but the one that leaves the most traces, the one that you still remember and can feel as part of you moves to that instant in which time stops to relive everything in every thousandth of a second, the one that makes you remember an entire experience that even if it was short lived you can treasure in the trunk of your memories.

Is A First Kiss Usually Awkward?

The first kiss can sometimes be awkward, because your nerves can betray you, usually as happens in adolescence, you are fifteen years old and are more nervous, insecure and hormonal than a rational human being. When you are a teenager, you usually understand a little more about feelings, attraction and a kiss is no longer a game, in many cases it is something you want.

My second first kiss didn’t happen until I was fifteen, perhaps even at that age most of my classmates knew what kissing was, dating and even boyfriends, but I had never done it before because it wasn’t my highest priority, yet like any teenager who grew up in the company of Disney movies and fairy tales I dreamed of a perfect kiss. But just like fairy tales, the perfect first kiss doesn’t exist either, yes, there are exceptions, but in most cases it’s just another kiss that will stick in your memory. That kiss happened on my first date.

I can’t deny it, my first date was something fun, the guy invited me to a park where we walked, saw animals and there was a lot of distraction, however, the moment of the kiss is not something I was prepared for, maybe because the guy was much older and I had little experience but it is not something I treasure as a beautiful or perfect memory.

The first kiss is not for everyone a beautiful experience, worth remembering, we are not all lucky enough that the stars align in our favor and that destiny conspires to make our first kiss perfect and like something out of a tale of princesses and princes on horses.

How I Took My First Kiss

Perhaps in my adulthood the first kiss did become an overflow of sensations, but they came with age and experience, and boy, were there first kisses, but as always happens, there is always one that you never forget, that marks you and you do not know why, you do not know if it is the fault of physical attraction, hormones or if that is simply part of a connection that goes beyond.

Kissing is in many aspects similar to dancing, and like in dance, no matter how much you move, if you don’t have rhythm it won’t work,.But when you let yourself go and flow with the music, it can be like magic and like in dance, there are dancers who were born touched by muses; people who dance beautifully since they learn to walk and have rhythm in their blood, There are also good dancers, bad dancers and people who were simply born with two left feet, but just as in life, we can all learn to dance, it is simply a matter of practice and dedication.

That first kiss that seems to stand still in the time of my memories smells like a pleasant perfume and has the white noise of a movie I can’t remember exactly in the background.

What Are The Best First Kisses?

It has a warm and soft hand on my neck and the kiss itself is also soft, it is that kiss that for an instant makes the rest of the world disappear while it accelerates my breathing and my heartbeat.

It is that kiss that shakes, that gives a slight chill when remembering it, is the one that provokes a smile on both of your faces once it has happened and that in spite of lasting only an instant it manages to leave you breathless for a few minutes and with a slight sensation of floating, that in my memory can be translated into the best memory of my first kiss, just for the simple fact that trying to remember it, even though years have passed, translates into a special memory and experience.

The memory of the first kiss can be whatever you want it to be, in the end it doesn’t matter how many can go wrong, because you can have another first kiss and start over. That’s what life is all about, first times, first kisses and first loves.

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