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Is Holding Hands Appropriate in Public?

Whether your love language is physical touch or not, holding hands is a normal thing to do. Especially as a relationship progresses, you’d want to hold the hand of your significant other all the time.

Is Holding Hands Appropriate in Public?

It’s not being needy, but it’s a simple act love. It’s a way of letting them know that you love them, that you’re theirs, and they’re there for you through whatever. A simple act, but it means the world for two people in a relationship. To answer the question above, yes, holding hands is definitely appropriate.

Although, this varies for each couple. Some couples may choose not to hold hands when they’re in public as they don’t want a physical display of affection. For some, it’s a completely normal thing to do.

In fact, some people yearn for their significant other to hold their hand in public places. Whether in the movies, or simply having a walk outside, they’d want their significant other to hold their hand.

It’s a big step for the relationship, when you share an act of holding hands in public. After all, why would you hold the hand of someone you don’t at least adore in the first place?

Why some people don’t prefer holding hands in public?

Everyone has different love languages, and it may seem awkward to some if they hold hands with their partner in public. When someone isn’t used to public displays of affection in relationships, it can be hard to grasp the concept of doing that in public.

When they try, it seems forced and unnatural to them. It can also stem from a need for independence and space, and these people don’t want to seem clingy and attached to their partners. It’s a given fact that holding hands increases the level of comfort and intimacy in a relationship. The first time you hold hands of your partner, it closes the gap of comfort you feel with your partner.

During the first few dates, it’s normal to hold back holding their hand in public, especially as you’d want not to feel attached. If you find yourself falling for them, though, it’s all the more challenging to resist showing them that kind of affection. The more you get to know someone, the more you feel comfortable with spending time with them- and you’d want to be more intimate with them physically.

This means that you’d want to be affectionate towards them, such as a kiss, or holding their hand. However, as mentioned above, this doesn’t apply to everyone. People who tends to be more guarded and independent are very careful with their actions, especially with being affectionate with someone. This is why for some, they don’t understand the concept of the need to hold your partner’s hand.

People also want to take their time in crossing that important barrier with someone. People can be so guarded, and this comes with the holding hands aspect. With people such as these, patience is really important virtue so they don’t feel pressured and tense.

Holding hands comes natural to some people, as this is how they show love. However, to people that don’t prefer to physically touch someone- not even a hug- holding hands can seem like a really big step to them. You should be very patient and understanding with these people, and not to take it personally, at all. It’s just in their nature to show love in a different manner. After all, we all have different manners of expressing love.

Is Holding Hands A Love Language?

When you hold hands with your partner, this is under the ‘physical touch’ category of love language. It’s more than just an act, but it’s how you show your partner than you adore them and you love them.

When you hold their hand in public, it’s your way of showing your partner off to the world. It’s a way of showing everyone that you have someone by your side, who loves you and makes your heart feel happy and peaceful. It’s letting them know you plan to take care of them, and you want to protect them from getting their heart broke.

When you hold their hand as you cross the street, it’s as if you’re reminding them to stay safe. When they hold your hand in a movie, it’s a way of letting them know that you’re thinking of them. When you hold hands in public, it’s a declaration of love to both the relationship and to everyone else. It’s sharing an act of affection and intimacy, even when you’re in a public place with them.

In the relationship and dating aspect, holding hands is the first step you take to let them know you want to take the relationship further. It’s to let them know that they’re significant in your life and you really adore them for who they are.

When you cross the touch barrier, holding hands is normally the primary step to first. In public, holding hands is also an act of exclusivity. It’s letting everyone know that you’re dating this remarkable person- and only them, nobody else. It’s letting yourself share an act of intimacy with the person you adore, even when no words are being exchanged.

Holding hands in public can also be an act of comfort, especially when you know something’s bothering their mind, but they don’t want to talk about it.

By holding their hand, you’re saying that you’re there for them, even if they’re not ready to talk about it. Holding hands is the most underrated yet romantic gesture that you can share with your significant other.

In fact, to an extent, holding hands is an even purer act rather than kissing itself. Holding hands, unlike kissing, gives off no added agenda to follow. Holding hands is simply that- a simple act of an ‘I love you‘ or ‘I like you’ behind it.

If you’re dating someone you like, it takes a certain type of courage to hold their hand first. You don’t want to take things too fast, yet you want to feel connected with them.

If you do it in public, it’s similar to letting them know that you really want things to work out between the two of you. However, if you aren’t ready to do so, it’s okay if you don’t hold their hand in public. These things aren’t to be rushed, and you should only ever hold their hand in public if you think you’re ready, and that’s what you really want.

What Is Holding Hands In Public Versus Kissing?

Without a doubt, a kiss is a very intimate act of affection. It’s far more serious and intimate than holding hands with them in public. However, as mentioned above, kissing normally leads to something more. Kissing is the basic step that leads to sexual intimacy, while holding hands doesn’t have that kind of hidden agency.

It’s for this reason that hold hands is a much more genuine and pure gesture, especially if you don’t want to rush things in the relationship. By holding their hand in public, you’re not giving a hidden agenda of an intention such as sexual intimacy.

A kiss may be much more intimate, but to some, holding hands is definitely much purer. When you’re courting someone, it’s a much better idea to hold their hand first rather than to kiss them. Kissing is jumping the step and they may not want to be kissed first, whereas when you hold their hand, most people prefer this to anything beyond that.

Holding hands take the least effort, in all public displays of affection. It’s an innocent and low-maintenance act, and you don’t have to try so hard in holding their hand.

Holding Hands In Public Allows You To Express Yourself

When you share this act of affection with someone you care about, you could be doing your own separate things and it would still feel amazing. Holding your partner’s hand in public would never get old, not as your relationship progresses and not even if you’re already married.

Holding hands with your partner should feel like instinct and should feel natural, just like kissing them before they go to work. It should feel as natural as that- even more natural, in fact.

Even when you’re lost in your own worlds and doing your own hobbies, holding their hand still feels as meaningful as it should. It should never lose its meaning in the relationship, especially if your love language is physical touch.

In conclusion, holding hands with your partner, especially in public, is a very beautiful and genuine act. It’s one of the beautiful things when you’re dating or in a relationship with someone. Holding hands makes you feel that comfort and security that doesn’t have to be an assurance of words, but with actions.

When you hold hands with that person, you’re telling them everything that can’t just be said with words. So, should you hold the hand of the person you’re dating or the person you love in public? Most definitely, the answer to that is yes.