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What Does The 2 of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

Can Tarot Predict Future Events?

Tarot is a deck of cards used to interpret and predict certain events. The consultant can also discover motivations, perceptions and patterns, both their own and those of others.

This deck is divided into major arcana, that describe the great areas and facts of life, and the minor arcana, that describe simple and everyday situations.

The tarot card we are going to study now is 2 of cups tarot, which is a minor arcane.

In general terms it can be said that this card indicates connections, associations and love between two people.

What Does The 2 of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

2 of cups tarot: interpretation of this image

In the image of this letter you can see a woman and a man exchanging drinks, looking into each other’s eyes and swearing to each other love. Above them is a lion, symbolizing a strong passion between them. You can also see an ancient symbol of commercial exchange: the Caduceus of Hermes, as this card can also have a commercial interpretation.

2 of cups tarot: the meaning

When this card appears on a tarot roll it indicates good omens for love. The 2-cup tarot card announces the beginning of a romantic relationship where there is a great physical attraction and a great emotional connection.

This relationship will be very healthy psychologically, since each member of the couple will want the best for the other. There will be a great understanding between them in all aspects of life.

When they are together, the virtues of each will be enhanced, reaching a level of success never imagined, in any area of interest.

Each member of the couple will support the other in any project and will work together to make it happen.

The 2 cup tarot card can also indicate commitment and marriage if this newly initiated relationship is consolidated and everything goes well.

As we said, this card also has a meaning of trade. When the 2 of cups appears in a tarot print, it indicates a future commercial association with a person who will be very compatible with the consultant.

This business association will be very prosperous, since both members share the same vision about business. They will agree on very important issues such as money management, distribution of tasks and strategies to apply to succeed in the business area they have chosen.

This happens because these two people complement each other perfectly. For example, one can be very talented in money management and the other is very good for the public relations of the brand.

In summary, if the consultant has doubts about starting a business with someone, the 2-cup tarot card indicates that definitely encourage him/her to start that business relationship because it will go very well.

2 of cups tarot: inverted meaning

If a tarot roll comes out with an inverted 2-cup card, it may indicate a love break. The physical and emotional connection they had at the beginning of the relationship was broken and neither of them knows how to fix it.

When you are together you no longer feel comfortable and you get bored with each other. In this couple there is a lack of mutual trust and there is no longer complicity between them. Communication in the couple is failing because there is a lack of fluidity when they are together.

As for the commercial meaning of this card, if it is reversed in a tarot roll, it also indicates the breakdown of a business partnership. This card means that they no longer share the same vision of the business they have, so they prefer to separate and continue on their own path.

When the consultant hears this interpretation, he should not be alarmed, because he should know that this situation can change in his favor. For that he must open his heart and say openly what is happening to him internally.

The flow of energy between two people remains restricted but if they want they can recover the link, it is a matter of rethinking the relationship and that each has the willingness to talk openly about the problems they have and leave the resentment behind.

2 of cups tarot: a valuable message message for you

Tarot card 2 of cups brings another very special meaning: you must love yourself, when that happens, that person comes into your life that reflects the same love you feel for yourself.

Remember that for someone to love you, you must first love yourself. If that does not happen, it is impossible for another person to really love you. You must love and respect yourself, then the outside world will reflect that love and respect you feel for yourself.

If on the contrary, you do not love or respect you, others will not either. You will be exposed to people who will take advantage of your good faith. That’s why you must first work on your self-esteem, and then build healthy relationships.

2 of cups tarot: its influence in the most important areas of life

Money: this tarot card announces that your finances will be balanced and under control. You won’t have money to spare, but you won’t be short of it either. This is not the time to make important investments, but it is a good time to study strategies that will make you earn more money, to apply them in the coming months.

If this tarot card comes out inverted, it means that there is an imbalance in your domestic economy and you must postpone all economic decisions.

Work: this tarot card is very conducive to work, as it indicates that you will feel very comfortable in your job. Your boss and co-workers will appreciate your talent and ability. This is the ideal time for you to develop your skills of good teamwork, public relations and confidence in collective effort, in pursuit of common goals.

If this tarot card comes out inverted, it indicates that at this time you are not comfortable in your job, since relationships with your co-workers and your boss do not go through a good time. It is not to be alarmed, because this feeling of discomfort is temporary and in a few months you will feel at ease as before.

Spirituality: This letter is very conducive to work, as it indicates that you will feel very comfortable in your job. Your boss and co-workers will appreciate your talent and ability. This is the ideal time for you to develop your skills of good teamwork, public relations and confidence in collective effort, in pursuit of common goals.

If this tarot card comes out inverted, right now you feel a great introspection and it’s time for you to take a positive attitude. This discomfort is temporary and you will soon feel full of energy again.

-Health: this tarot card refers to the consultant’s emotional health. It would be good for you to discuss your internal conflicts with a well-trained psychologist. He will guide you to find the answer you need, which is within you.

Conversely, this tarot card indicates that you are closed on yourself, but it is transient, you should let yourself be helped by your friends.


2 of cups tarot card symbolizes love for oneself and love of the other.

In a tarot run he announces the arrival of love. It is a couple who will be an incredibly positive influence in our lives and we will also be a positive influence on the life of our loved one. Virtues will be enhanced and loving understanding will be absolute.

It can also be said that this card of tarot announces commitment and marriage. As long as everything is going well in the couple from the beginning, until they know each other deeply. If in a tarot run this card is reversed it means breakage of a couple or commercial society.

This tarot card is basically a card that talks about the couple and business relationships, but it also influences all areas of life. If it’s money, it indicates financial balance.

At work, it indicates good relationships with the environment. When it comes to health, it talks about the need for good psychological treatment. As for spirituality, it speaks of the union of our spirit in perfect conjunction with the universe.

If the 2 of cups tarot card is reversed it means a problem with balance in any area. This indicates a moment of introspection and to leave the most important decisions for later.

Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to wait and be patient when circumstances are unfavourable. The hasty decisions could only make it worse.

The 2 of cups tarot card brings a beautiful message: to love yourself so that others do too. A rule of the universe states that the outside world is a faithful reflection of our inner world.

Since it’s inside, it’s outside. Therefore, if we want to have a happy couple, we must first love and respect ourselves. Then it is totally safe that the right person will come into our lives. We can give you the best of ourselves, which will be reciprocal.