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Spiritual Awakening: #1 Definitive Guide Online

Spiritual Awakening: #1 Definitive Guide Online

What is Spiritual Awakening?

It is a time in your life where your soul matures spiritually. It is like an eye-opening experience for you because the material world that enslaves you before doesn’t hold any meaning to you now. You are suddenly seeing the world in a new light, that life has a different meaning, a deeper significance and you hold a purpose now.

Why Does It Happen?

No one can fully answer this question because spiritual awakening can be triggered by different circumstances in your life. It can suddenly happen when you are faced with a tragic and traumatic experience. When you suddenly lose a loved one, when you are so dispirited in your life that you just don’t know how to face your daily living. Sometimes, spiritual awakening just happens and no one knows when.

How do you know if you are having a spiritual awakening? What are the signs?

You suddenly feel as if you’re living a life full of pretensions.

This is when you have a perception like you are just a puppet in a movie as if you are someone else acting out your life. A life that you don’t want to live the way you are presently living it.

You Suddenly Ask Yourself, What is Your Purpose?

You have a feeling that there is more to your life that what it is. You crave for a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose. You believe that you are not supposed to stay as is but should make a difference.

Some questions keep popping up in your mind. You are suddenly looking for answers to your questions. You can now look around you and notice the suffering of others. You are looking for answers to why you exist and if you will just die doing nothing. Questions that you can’t seem to find the answers to.

Is There A Feeling Of Loneliness?

Even if you are surrounded by your friends and family, there seems to be a point as though you are alone and lost. You tried to connect with the usual people that you used to connect with, but it is not making any sense anymore. This is a sign that you are maturing. That shallow relationship with other people no longer interests you.

Suddenly you see the mask of society, the illusions, and materialism.

What was important to you previously holds no meaning now. You finally see how shallow your ambitions are, the success that you worked hard to achieve, money and profit seems so superficial at this point. You now understand the call of material things will not make you happy nor give you inner satisfaction.

Do You See Unhappiness Around You?

Your eyes finally open up to the suffering of others. You are not just focused on yourself. You suddenly realized that there is so much pain in the world and that many people are unhappy. It means your inner self is being awakened with the realities of life and you are not indifferent to it.

You feel that you need to cleanse and eradicate any negativity in your life.

You are at the point in your life where you consider as if it is hopeless and nothing is happening. Nothing good can come out of your life you think. So, you will start to remove people that only bring you negativity. You just want to live life simply or to start a new life minus the dramas, and issues.

You are beginning to be more emphatic and you feel more compassion towards others.

Here, you are seeing the trials that other people are living. How they are faced with so many difficulties in their lives. There are just myriads of emotions you are feeling for the plight of others. The compassionate spirit that you have has now emerged.

Do You Feel Happier About Being Alone?

Where before you crave companionship and the loud sound of laughter, now you want some silence. You now enjoy the beauty of nature. You are now more open to meditating and enjoying the solitude. You further acknowledge that you live in a world that is full of discord that you sometimes see yourself getting lost in the noise. Now, that is all in the past for you.

Do You Suddenly Want To Lose The Entrapment Of Having A Job?

The job that you worked hard to have doesn’t appeal to you anymore. You just feel empty every day that you go to work and there is no satisfaction in it any longer. You feel deep inside that there are greater things in store for you and it is just waiting to be discovered.

You are now after truthfulness, you are feeling bothered with lies and insincerity.

You have evolved to become a person wanting honesty, you don’t want to cover yourself with a mask to hide your true feelings. You want authenticity and believe in being true to yourself. You also stay away from conversations that don’t hold any true meaning, small talks no longer interest you.

Are Your Eyes Are Now Open To Your Old Destructive Self?

You suddenly realized the old you that is full of flaws and bad habits. You now want to be a better person and to start over, changing your bad characteristic to a positive one. You don’t consider yourself now as wanting perfection, to look good in the eyes of others. You are just wanting inner peace and a sense of completeness is what you are after.

Are You Now More Sensitive To The Energy Around You?

Your empathic characteristic emerges with your sensitivity to the feelings of others. You are now more attuned to the suffering of other people around you, as well as tuned-in to their emotions. You are more observant of your surroundings and nature. You now have a keen interest in animals than you were before.

Do You Wish You Could Make A Difference In The World?

You are now more interested in giving back to the world. To do something good that will impact many people. You are now thinking about how you can help other people and finally finding your purpose. Since now, you understand the different plights of men and see a deeper meaning in lending out a helping hand, that is what you are wanting to achieve, to give back and help as many people as you can.

Are You Now More Intuitive?

There is a feeling of someone guiding you as you follow this guiding voice within. You are sure of your decisions because of the guidance being given to you.

You are now more aware of the wonder that surrounds you.

Before, you take things for granted, that everything is just available for you not minding the beauty and simplicity of your surroundings. But now you are more appreciative. You see good in everything and you see the wonder in little things, you believe that no matter how trivial it needs to be appreciated. You continue to be amazed by the small details and are feeling grateful for having such wonderful things that are available to be savored.

Are You Learning To Love Without Conditions And No Limitations?

You now understand the meaning of loving unconditionally without asking for anything in return. You don’t wait for your love to be reciprocated because you are higher than these petty feelings. You finally have removed the selfish character that you have before your awakening. You don’t like feelings of hatred and are only after caring for and understanding others. You are after peace and you don’t like the feeling of unhappiness not just to yourself but to others as well.

Do You Finally Understand That We Exist As A Whole?

You finally have a realization that we are here in this world as one. That all of us are connected. What we do every day has a bearing on other people. You now have a higher understanding of how the world works. That every thought, feelings whether it is positive or negative will have its consequences, that it influences the world that we live in.

Spiritual awakening is not experienced by everyone. Some are lucky to finally experience it. It just means they are willing and open to changes in their lives. It also means they are ready to leave their old life behind which is full of material gratification. They are now set to embark on a new chapter, a new beginning.

Being spiritually awakened takes a lot of courage and the spiritual strength to go through the changes along the way. With the negativity in the world we live in, one who has been awakened spiritually must be full of love within himself so he can share that love with others, to live with compassion and understanding for others who may not have any notion of what spiritual awakening is all about.

Spiritual awakening can make you experience so many things, it may confuse you at first and throw you off balance, but what matters is you learn to accept that it is a step by step process and should be taken one day at a time.