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Are You On Your Own Spiritual Journey?

Your Own Spiritual Journey

Spirituality is defined as the state in which we find connection with the things in life more than what they literally are. It can be in such way that a pen is more than just a pen. Like in my life, pens symbolize my love for writing in which I try to exercise as much as possible.

I am a person who loves talking and communicating with others but sometimes, spoken words do not convey much of what I really want to say. There are times when I cannot say things directly.

Are You On Your Own Spiritual Journey?

Hence, I have to express them through writing in which sometimes I do not write about my feelings literally but add some flair to them and express them creatively like through poetry and figurative language. But generally, spirituality is giving meaning to things beyond what they are.

It is looking at the world through your own lens in which no one else but you can. It is about widening your perspective and having your journey to get to know who you are and who you want to be and establishing the direction or the path that you wish to pursue in this life.

When and Why You Must Go On A Spiritual Journey?

A spiritual journey is the time we spend for ourselves with ourselves to take on life at a different note. We take a step back from earthly things and engage the world with a wider perspective and we give a deeper meaning to things. When should we go on a spiritual journey? And why should we do it? Here are the answers to those questions:

When We Feel Disconnected. Embarking on a spiritual journey is tough. There are times when we feel disconnected to the world and we feel like we don’t really need one because we are already contented with where we are and what we are doing and we already feel okay so what more reason should there be for us to embark on a spiritual journey? However, my dearest, that is exactly the reason.

Most times in our lives we do not feel sad but that does not mean that we feel happy at all. We just feel neutral and detached. We feel okay. Just okay. We are not stimulated by the things that happen to us. We do not feel motivated or inspired by the things that we like or love. We cannot feel any strong emotions at all.

It is as if at one point, we are there occupying a certain space in time but we are just there breathing and existing. We are not doing anything purposeful. It may be that at that point we do not even know what are purpose is. We may have lost or ways and we don’t even know it.

When We Don’t Know Which Way To Go. There are even times when we feel confused in life. We are at a crossroads wherein there are so possible choices that lead to different destinations.

We want something but we also want another. Or maybe we want none of the choices at all but we still have to choose or else we’ll be stuck or something else or maybe even fate will end up choosing for us. The clock is ticking and time is running out.

We have to make a decision and fast. We are at a tough spot and we do not know what to do about it and we are afraid because some time in the future, we don’t want to feel regret for the choice that we make.

When We Are Faced With Challenges. We all face problems in life. Sometimes there are these small problems that we can easily solve but other times there are these big ones.

There are also times when we are faced with multiple problems and they just keep coming at us like a meteor shower or like those machines which shoot tennis balls at you. They keep coming and coming and we feel restless. After facing one problem there comes another and the series does not seem to stop.

A month feels like it has been a year because it is that eventful. Lucky are those who have people to turn to and listen but there are times when people don’t seem to care about you at all and it feels like you have no one.

When We Fail. Sometimes we feel like we have things all figured out or we have this great plan but then it fails. Or there are times when everything seems to be going out smoothly and suddenly they don’t.

We work so hard for something but in end we still come short. In the end we are still faced with an outcome far different from what we hoped for. Things still don’t go our way and we ask ourselves why. We try to retrace the path that we took and the decisions that we made wondering where we went wrong and how we can make things right.

When We Feel Lost. There are times when we do not know where to go. We feel like we suddenly are at one point in life and we take a 360 degree turn we question what we see. We are at some point when we don’t know what we want anymore. Our childhood dreams remain as childhood dreams as we tread on endeavors that do not lead us to these dreams and we take on a different direction entirely.

Others. We don’t have to be tired, struggling, nor sad to engage in a spiritual journey. It may be that we simply want to get to know ourselves better and we want to reflect in our lives. It may be that we want to take a step back from all the things that have been happening in our lives, take a breather, establish our goals for the next year, track where we’ve been and how far we’ve gone, or just appreciate the things around us that make us happy.

We go on spiritual journeys because we want to give our lives more meaning. It is an essential activity to do or to engage in because there are times when we feel like we know ourselves perfectly but we actually don’t. We feel like we already understand the world when our understanding is still insufficient.

Taking on a spiritual journey enables us to see the world in a different light in which we get to discover things about life and ourselves that we don’t know yet. Through this, we are also able to dig deeper to the things we already know and see them through the perspectives of other people.

We may become the best versions of ourselves, we may unravel hopes and dreams that we do not know exist, we may have deeper understanding of our relationships with other people, with nature, and with God, and we may also be smarter and kinder people in the process.

How to Have Your Own Spiritual Journey

Having a spiritual journey comes in different ways. There is no one way to do it. For some people, it may take a lot of courage and determination, while for others it may be very simple. For some, it could take months but it can also be a simple five-minute meditation after a long day. But here are some tips on how to do it if you are not sure how.

List Down Your Goals. What do you want to do this year? What have you accomplished so far? Make a list of things you want to do and choose which ones to prioritize. There are times when we feel overwhelmed of all the things we want to do that we actually end up not achieving any of them. Therefore, you have to clear up your mind and decide.

Which ones are actually the most dear to you and closest to your heart? Which ones are feasible? Which ones do you actually want to do and are not product of other people’s expectations or are just there on your list just because Aunt Shelly told you to do it or because it seems trendy on social media?

This helps us to be the best versions of ourselves and the person we really want to become and not the person other people think we should be. This way, we get to look at ourselves and establish goals for ourselves.

Remind Yourself Of The Things You Are Thankful For. In a day, there are so many things to complain about. But remind yourself of the wonderful things that surround you that you should be thankful for. It can be as simple as food, shelter, or a special someone or as complex and special as an event which happens only once in a lifetime.

Talk To Someone. Remember that your spiritual journey is yours and yours alone but talking to other people helps too. It may be a friend, a mentor, a parent, or even a specialist or a doctor. This is cliché but no man is an island. Sometimes, you have to share your thoughts with other people and not just keep them there buried in your heart.

Have Time For Yourself. Enjoy life. You want to do something new that you haven’t done yet? Do it! Take pottery classes. Learn a new language. Cook. Go on a blind date. Learn how to play an instrument.

It can also be as simple as cleaning your room, writing in your journal, watching a movie, going for a walk, exercising and many others. You have to have time for yourself and attend to your needs too. You might be too consumed on other people and on tasks that you have to do that you are forgetting to take care of yourself.

Rest And Meditate. Take some time to appreciate yourself and to rest. Take a nap. You might be too tired from all the emotional stress and all the noise of the world. Take some time off. Stop thinking of that report tomorrow for a little while. Reflect on your life and your day. Take a breather. If you work continuously, that would be bad for your health. So take a rest.

There are also other ways to do this. Some people go on actual journeys—traveling and going places, moving homes, quitting their jobs, moving schools, getting out of toxic relationships. Your spiritual journey may be as simple and easy as saying a quiet prayer or it may be difficult and big as making a life-changing decision. Always think things through before you decide. If you make mistakes, forgive yourself for them and allow yourself to learn and grow.

What Is My Own Spiritual Journey?

Just last year, during the first semester of my second year in college, we have Theology class which tackles the topic of spirituality. It was a tough time for me as I was struggling to maintain my good grades, I was in a failing relationship, and I was also facing problems in organizations that I am part of and that I spearhead.

I was trying to juggle so much. I have too much on my plate and while I was doing all of it, tiring myself out, I feel okay. But having my spiritual journey through Spirituality class helped a lot.

We meditated, we prayed, we watched movies, we talked to one another about our problems, plus we have a mentor whom we all trust who actually cares about us and how we feel. He helps us, gives us wonderful advice, and even makes us do activities that are worthwhile and we can learn from.

I really enjoyed it. There are even times when I find myself crying in front of everyone as I share my struggles. But the people who surround me listen. It was also my outlet where I can burst out crying and share my experiences and pray to the Lord for guidance.

It was also my sanctuary wherein I can be myself and no one judges me. That has been a great part of my spiritual journey because I got time off my tasks, I got to reflect on life, and I even got to talk to people about things that are bothering me.

And I got stuff off my chest and I got a clearer view of what I actually want out of life. It made a great impact on me. This is my testimony on how a spiritual journey actually works and why people must take part in it.