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Celebrity Medium: The Best Of The Best Here

Celebrity Medium: The Best Of The Best Here

What Is Someone That Has Telepathic Power Called?

Someone who has telepathic power or who is also called a clairvoyant and helps those who have celebrity status. Also known as Hollywood Medium.

One very well known medium is Tyler Henry. A 24-year-old known clairvoyant who has a show on TV entitled Hollywood Medium. The show fascinated many of its viewers because of Henry’s readings with celebrities. He is so much-in-demand in his field. What he does is to connect celebrities with their deceased friends and loved ones, he was said to also predict some of these celebrities’ future.

What is a Celebrity Medium?

Tyler can see visions about the person wanting interpretation. Most of these people want a medium reading, which is them wanting to connect with their loved ones who already passed away. Tyler can also see interesting things such as medical issues of the person and even the future that the person has in store.

Tyler’s ability is primarily a mix of clairvoyance with a trace of medical intuition that inclines to psychic abilities. He can tell the person’s future because of the visions he sees about the person’s relationships, career pattern and if that person will be successful in their future venture. He said that the thing that comes off easily to him is his ability to connect people to their dead loved ones.

When Did His Abilities Appear?

Tyler’s ability started according to him when he was just 10 years old when he predicted that his grandmother will pass away. His grandmother has been battling cancer for years. And true to his prediction, he and his mother got a call about the bad news that same night. Clearly, he can’t explain how these predictions happen, but he said that it was like a memory that hasn’t happened yet. Henry would be anywhere and there will be flashing of visions that he can’t fully comprehend but with patience and research, he finally understands what all the visions meant.

How He Developed His Abilities

It was an all-new experience for Tyler at first. The experience was quite confusing, but what he did was practice and he tried to use all his senses like physically hearing, smelling and such. Besides getting first-hand information visually, he needs to use all his senses to complete the vision that he sees.

How Did He Start Being a Hollywood Celebrity Medium?

Tyler started by helping people from his small town. He would completely envision things that he would say to the person needing help right at the same time they are face to face, so Tyler is not prepared and will just get vision during the sessions.

Then his reach got further when people across town and from different localities started calling him and requesting medium readings. Then he became known for doing such until he has reached his celebrity status. He believed that they gave him this gift for a reason, and he has a purpose in his life by helping others who experienced such a loss.

Henry wanted to help these people to cope with the loss by helping them have closure with their loved ones. Some of these celebrities have loved ones who passed away so suddenly, some died violently, so he’s just there to assist them to attain peace.

How He Conducts His Readings For The Celebrities?

He doesn’t like to know first hand who he will do readings for, or who among the celebrities he will help. He wanted to have a clean slate so that not anyone can say that he is biased with his readings. Henry also doesn’t believe in asking too many questions from the said person.

What he does is to say what he sees immediately before he asks a question. With the celebrities he has helped so far, he would delve on information that is not of public knowledge but mostly personal, specific details, and special memories by the clients. No one can know these things but the client himself.

Henry doesn’t get bothered with the celebrity status of the client and he just conducts his readings as simple as possible. He always sees to it that he gets to the point, he will usually start the show with him telling tidbits about the celebrity without the celebrity saying anything at all.

Tyler will be the one furnishing information at first. Questions will be asked onwards. From there, the discussion will continue to the point that the dialogue veers towards the solution. According to him, it is a heady feeling knowing that the client has achieved closure, and he supported them in that aspect.

How Do You Tackle Readings That Are Leaning More to Dark, Serious Cases?

With readings that is ought to be too sensitive for the client, Tyler still relays it to the client. He doesn’t control what he sees in his visions and even though it is something serious for the client, he still has to tell them. Tyler made it in a way that the client will understand the message and can help the person heal. Although, it is a sensitive issue, and sometimes it isn’t what they want to hear, but it is a way for them to achieve the healing process.

How Does He Deal With Skeptics or Those Who Do Not Believe His Authenticity?

Tyler understands the skepticism, and it just challenges him to do well. Many of his clients used to be skeptics at first, not believing he can perform. Clients that are almost always on the defense. Some clients according to him can be difficult at first. But as he begins giving information to the client, sensitive and important pieces of information, the client will listen before the session. Soon enough, his clients will wait for every word he will be saying.

Predictions He Has Made

He has somewhat made a warning to the American actor, Alan Thicke, during a session. He informed Alan that he needs to watch out for his blood pressure because it is a common issue most especially with men. Three months later, Alan Thicke passed away because of heart problems.

Tyler informed Kristin Cavallari, an American fashion designer, and an actress whose brother committed suicide, that her brother has no intention of ending his life. The knowledge made Kristin realize that finally, they can move on knowing that important information.

Tyler also made some shocking revelations to Khloe Kardashian, whose father passed away in 2003. Tyler mentioned to Khloe that her father talked about not wanting Khloe to be there when he was passing away because he doesn’t want it to be in Khloe’s memory. Upon hearing of said sensitive information, Khloe validated that it is, in fact, the truth because they were not present when her father died.

No one has the privilege of knowing said information only Khloe, and her family.He also helped the actor Chad Michael Murray with the missing information about his grandmother’s death. One reading he made also was to NBA star Rick Fox. Tyler told him of the news that there will be a loved one who will soon pass away.

Tyler doesn’t have any inclination again on who will be on his show, but again he correctly predicts what will happen soon to his client. Rick’s dad was ill, and he was grateful for the heads up so he will make amends and make peace with his dad.

Tyler also conducted a session with the actress Megan Fox and he targeted the topic about Megan’s husband Brian Austin Green as he kept repeating the word green, at the same time asking Megan what it means to her. Tyler talked about recovery and healing when it comes to a personal relationship with Megan.

That she needs to find herself again so she can heal and finally move on. His vision with Chrissy Metz (American actress and a singer), was up to a point. Tyler confirmed details of Chrissy’s friend who died tragically. Chrissy’s friend even told of his death, who was around when he died, and that justice has not been fully served yet for him, all due to Tyler’s help.

Tyler also made some confirmation to the model-actress Amber Rose that she will soon meet someone with a T initial in his name. Amber just recently broke up with her then-boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa. Soon after, she met a basketball player whose name starts with a letter T.

Tom Arnold an American actor and a comedian also had a reading with Tyler as he was thinking about having another child, but with his fertility issue, he’s not sure if that will be realized. Tyler confirmed on the show that Tom and his wife will soon have another child. What do you know? After that show, Tom informed Tyler that there is another baby on the way.

These people got the help they need when they need it the most. By Tyler’s ability, he could reach out and support these people to have closure and move on with their lives. If not for his ability these people might still be burdened with the issues they have with their loved ones who passed away, most especially if it will stay unresolved.