What is a Psychic Empath?

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How To Understand Psychic Empaths

Have you ever been curious to understand more about psychic empaths and how they get their information? An empath can feel the emotion of someone or something else. The uniqueness of a psychic empath lies in their intuitive understanding of both others and the world, which goes deeper.

Some people are born as empaths, while others develop the skill with experience. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize they are psychic empaths until later in life. Once most people realize they are empaths, they often begin cursing their gift and suppressing it.

We have written this guide to help you understand more about psychic empaths. What is a psychic empath? How is a psychic empathy different from human empathy? How many types of empaths are there? And how is each type unique? How do you know if you are an empath? Read on

What is a Psychic Empath?

Human beings are dependent on interactions and emotional connections. We are all prone to feel empathy in different degrees. Therefore, feeling sad when something terrible happens to someone you love or care for doesn’t make you an empath. It makes you human.

A psychic empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions as strongly as they are feeling them. Sometimes, they feel too much that they can barely distinguish their feelings from someone else’s. Therefore, if you are unaware of your empathic abilities, you can experience abrupt physical or emotional issues that you may find confusing.

They can feel the emotions others are feeling, even if they don’t display them. So they unconsciously feel the moods, motives, and intentions of people around them. Therefore, a psychic empath can find it challenging to be in a crowd because they will be feeling the emotions of numerous people at once.

Is Psychic Empath Similar to Feeling Normal Human Empathy?

Empathy is a human emotion through which you can relate to someone else’s emotions. On the other hand, a psychic empath can feel more rooted and extensive emotions from someone else, other than the general feeling of happiness and sadness.

They can feel the natural world and the surrounding’s strong emotions. Some can feel the emotional impact coming from people, creatures, and even plants in the environment.

What Are The Different Types of Empaths?

There are different types of psychic empaths. Their differences come through the various ways through which they get information. Every kind of empath has different abilities. Let us look at the six types of psychic empaths;

1.Telepathic Empath

Telepathy is a type of communication from one mind to another. The information is shared between the mind of the sender and receiver without any verbal communication. These psychics can tell what others are thinking, including animals, trees, and plants.

2.Precognitive Empath

This type of psychic empaths can strongly feel an event or a situation bound to happen. They receive premonitions that come as dreams, physical, or emotional sensations. A precognitive empath can experience some sense of warning before something dreadful happens.

It is a skill which you can develop with regular practice. Developing the ability can be a useful type of intuition that you can use to make the right choices and avert potential disasters.

3.Claircognizant Empath

A Claircognizant empath can understand the true nature in any circumstance. Thus, they can know when someone is lying. They can also tell precisely what to do in any situation. Therefore, they are excellent people to whom you can turn to during a disaster.

4.Geomantic Empaths

They are finely accustomed to the environment and the energies of the world. Geomantic empaths can read signals or any energy transmissions from the air, water, soil, or even rocks.

Their skills are often used to detect any bad weather, underground water, or any potential natural disaster. Most animals have this skill. Hence they know when to run before a flash flood or a tsunami hits.

5.Psychometric Empath

Psychometry is a skill through which an empath can decode an impression from objects. They can perceive information from clothing, jewelry, and other objects. This information could be in the form of emotions, images, tastes, or sounds, etc.

A psychometric empath can simply understand more about an object by merely touching it. After contacting the object, he or she can get information on the owner, the owner’s life, or even some of the experiences the owner had when using or wearing the object.

6.Medium Empath

A medium empath can see the past, present, and even future events of someone else. They can see this information by tuning to the energy surrounding the person. These types of empaths can also consult spirits or other supernatural beings.

While it is a useful skill set, being a medium empath isn’t easy. They tend to be very sensitive to the environment. Therefore, they are prone to contact unexplained allergies or show inexplicable physical symptoms.

Despite their talent being significant, their gifts may not work to their best all the time. Meaning as willing as they may be to help, they may not be able to solve problems for everyone simultaneously. Sometimes, even their problems.

Can Anyone Be An Empath?

It is difficult to understand how psychic ability comes about. How it works, or why it exists remains a mystery. Someone could be an empath, while someone else cannot be one. Most people believe that psychic talent is genetically transferred since it is runs in families. However, it is just an assumption.

Could You Be a Psychic Empath?

Do you show any strong empathetic tendencies? If you can relate to any of the talents we have discussed under each type of psychic empath, chances are you may be one.

To be sure, you need to try to separate your emotions, senses, and thoughts, from those which you perceive from others. By distinguishing your feelings, you will be in a better position to determine if you are operating on an individual capacity or from the information you are receiving.

You then need to master the art of protecting yourself. Sometimes, perceiving information from people or the surrounding could be too much, and you may end up getting an overload. Luckily, with experience, psychic empathy is a gift that can do so much good to many.

If you are an empath, you need to realize that this is a gift you were born with. It is not a talent or skill you can control. Once you are sure you are a psychic empath, you will need some strategies to cope with your gift. While it can be stressful and draining mentally, with adequate practice and mentorship from other empaths, you will be in a better position to harness your gift.

How You Deal With Your Gift as a Psychic Empath

The ability to feel emotions be they good or bad from the surrounding, is difficult. There are empaths whose sensitivity is strong such that they feel the emotions of others or the surrounding more than their own. In such cases, empath abilities can cause a surge of emotions, which can manifest as erratic behavior or anxiety. Therefore, some empaths resort to using drugs to numb the extra feelings they get from others.

We wouldn’t want you going the wrong way. Here are effective options through which you can handle being an empath. These tips will help you treat your talent as a gift instead of cursing it.

•Visualize a shield- find a way to separate yourself when you begin having ill feelings or sensations when you are around people. We recommend having fluid protection, as opposed to a rigid one.

•Eat well- sensitive people easily get affected by everything, include their meals. When a sensitive person fails to eat a well-balanced diet, they may feel terrible. As an empath, you need all the nutrients to maintain an optimal state of both your mind and body.

•Meditation- having felt other people’s feelings, it is important to meditate or practice yoga to let go of these stresses. Others feelings could also stress you out. You can eliminate any stress, worries, or concerns by meditating.

•Focus on the positive- remember you didn’t ask for the gift you received. Therefore, you need to remind yourself of the good you are doing with the gift every time you feel overwhelmed or tired.

•Set aside some time to be alone- as much as you want to be there for others, you need to acknowledge that you should spare some time to yourself. Have some quiet alone time to do what you love doing. Being by yourself means you won’t have the energy of others interfering. Hence it will be a great time to recharge.

•Absorb positive energy- there is positive and negative energy. You need to absorb the positive and channel the negative. One way to absorb positive energy is by going for a nature walk. Nature is calming and restoring.

The above mechanisms are ideal for adult empaths. But what happens if a child is an empath? They don’t have the same coping mechanisms. Their psychic ability could make it hard for them, especially if they try to seek help from someone who doesn’t understand them. They might end up with the wrong diagnosis for mental or emotional disorders. Remember, children, too, can become psychic empaths.


You now understand who a psychic empath is and the different types of empaths that are there. Remember being empathetic makes you human, and doesn’t mean you are a psychic. Psychic empaths feel the empathy for others by a higher degree, sometimes even higher than how they perceive their emotions.

If you think you may be an empath, consider talking to other empaths. Also, practice our tips above to control your ability. Being an empath is a gift to be happy about; it’s not a curse!

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